LBS Beauty: Maintaining Extensions with Dove Quench Absolute


A few weeks ago, the Dove Hair team invited the LoveBrownSugar team out to a Salon Day at the Vu Hair Salon in NYC, hosted by their celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez. The purpose of this special salon day was for the LBS team to try out their newest collection for textured curls called the Dove Quench Absolute Collection.


Dove’s new #LoveYourCurls campaign is all about embracing curly hair textures and learning how to maintain curls and feel confident. They sent me a really cute video featuring the campaign and I absolutely fell in love with it. It features little girls explaining their curly hair struggles and it’s so touching.  See the video at the bottom of this post.

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LBS Beauty: Get Flawless Curls Using Perm Rods

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Styling your hair in a perm rod set is a great way to add extra curls and definition to your natural texture. This style works great on both natural hair and relaxed hair. This is also a great way to transition if you are just starting your natural hair journey. When I was transitioning from heat damage I found that perm rods were a great way to blend the two textures of my hair without doing protective styles. If you are interested in learning how to do this quick and easy style keep reading!

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LBS Beauty: 4 Ways To Spice Up Your TWA

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Having a TWA can be a gift and a curse at times. I recently big chopped from shoulder length hair to a tapered TWA. Although I’ve been enjoying the change, I find that styling my hair comes with a completely new set of challenges now. When my hair was longer I had the option of rocking “protective styles” like two flat twists or a low bun on bad hair days. With shorter hair there is no such thing as a bun. The good thing about a dilemma is that it forces you to get creative at times. If you have a TWA or a tapered cut keep reading for 4 easy ways to spice up your hair!

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Get Like Me: Singer Tiffany Evans

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Appearing on the scene at the tender age of nine singer Tiffany Evans is now a young music industry veteran who traded in her “Promise Ring” for the titles of C.E.O, wife and mother. Currently running an accessories line and preparing for the release of her new E.P., she carved out some time for us to discuss business, family, and why it’s never too late to learn.

Name: Tiffany Evans
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Personal Style in 3 words: Sexy, Laid-back, and Cool.
Favorite Designer(s): I respect fashion but I just wear whatever I feel it could be Givenchy or from Target.
Must Have Accessories: I love bucket hats and my company Eye Hunee recently started selling ours. I always have to wear them everywhere. I’ve always loved hats. I always find myself carrying one and a pair of shades.

You’re a solo artist how does teamwork play a role in your day to day?

Teamwork is very important. Anybody working towards a goal whether you’re an artist or dancer, actress, whatever, you’re going to need people on your team to help you put it all together. I really believe there’s no such thing as doing it all by yourself. Someone out there believes in what you’re doing and has to help you bring it all to life and that’s what my team does for me.

How has marriage and motherhood affected your career?

Having my husband around, involved in what I’m doing, is great. He creative directed my video for the song “Baby Don’t Go”. My daughter goes everywhere with me. She’s seeing a lot and she’s learning a lot. It’s made the whole journey even more beautiful and just worth all of the pain and the hard work and the struggle. You’re doing it not only for yourself but for your family. You don’t feel alone at all because you have a family that’s looking out for you and they’re there every step of the way.

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LBS Chic: Jump Into Spring


Another look from my Spring 2015 lookbook, this week I’m obsessing over this Fashion To Figure Safari Print Jumpsuit ($35.00). One thing that makes me excited for the change in season are the pieces I can now break out of the closet. I love wearing fun printed jumpsuits for spring.


Wanna know a secret? I love a good dress but jumpsuits are like my secret lovers. I don’t wear them all the time but when I do, it’s magic!

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On the Market: Charlotte Russe Plus Sizes

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There was a time when I was in high school that it was all about Charlotte Russe. I would ride the number 70 bus with my friend Hannah no less than once a week to get a shirt that proclaimed “your boyfriend wants me” or that shopping was, and frankly still is, my therapy. But I always knew there were things my beloved Charlotte Russe just could not provide, like well fitting jeans and dresses that didn’t require me to remove a rib. This is why I am happy to announce that this retailer has just launched Charlotte Russe Plus Sizes.

This line is the stuff of young full figured women’s dreams containing the latest trends at a reasonable cost. Charlotte Russe Plus Sizes boasts comfortable denim, fringe kimonos, cute rompers, and more.

This black chiffon option would be a great whimsical choice for a music festival. The material and cut providing effortless style with the dark color keeping the look practical because let’s face it music festivals involve a lot of sitting in the dirt.


Check out more of the collection below.

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LBS Opinion: Should We Drop The Plus?


Written by Keyaira N. Boone

Plus. Extended. Womens. No matter what you call the section of a store that caters to size 12 and above, it’s separate.

And when I walk into the Mall at Short Hills with a slim friend I know I’m preparing for a separate but not so equal shopping experience. As we enter * insert the name of your favorite department store here* the escalator will foreshadow our fates as she is led to the area for “ladies” and I’m left to languish in the limited offerings of whatever is on the sales floor for the full-figured and fashionable.

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