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Fitness & My Curves: Should I Be Concerned?


So in case you haven’t heard about the latest controversial buzz to hit the internet, a young lady by the name of Jen Caron (a writer for popular opinion-based web portal xoJane.com) has ruffled quite a few feathers with a recent post entitled “It Happened To Me: There Are No Black People In My Yoga Class and I’m Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable With It“. Read & digest it if you haven’t already.

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Red Carpet Countdown: 2014 Grammy’s Best Dressed


Last night’s 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet was quite interesting. There were some major looks from unexpected guests, a bit of suspense (as heavy hitters like Beyonce didn’t walk the carpet) but most of all overwhelmingly beautiful head to toe outfits. I was impressed this season, this year’s Red Carpet rundown features all my favorite looks. Check them out:

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4 Ways Healthy Living Enhances Your Beauty

Editor’s Note: To help us all stay within our fitness goals and resolutions for 2014, I’ve enlisted the help of our first-ever fitness/nutrition guest blogger Teena Cathey! I’m super excited to offer Teena the opportunity to talk to LBS readers about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Check out her first piece below and show her some love:

Enhance BeautyImage Source

There are tons of beauty products on the market that help you enhance your eyes, skin, and hair. I’m all for enhancing your best assets, especially without surgery. Which is why I love leg day. Doing exercises that naturally lift and tone my butt is heaven. No injections or booty pop needed. But this post is not about my butt. (Stay tuned for another post about that.)

Enhancing is great, but did you know that living a healthy lifestyle enhances your attributes? Oh yes girl. I’ll break it down in an equation for you. Don’t worry, there are no numbers involved:

Equation 1: Poor Diet + Alcohol x No Sleep + Toxic Relationships = Acne, Weight Gain, Depression + Premature Aging.

Equation 2: Healthy Eating + Exercise x Water + Healthy Relationships = Clear Skin, Healthy Hair, Happiness + Longevity.

Which equation would you prefer? I’m sure you chose the latter. Now let me break down how this healthy living helps you look and feel more beautiful from the inside out…

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3 Ways to Rock It: Capes

3 Ways Capes - CollageElegance, glamour and spunk were inherent in the 1920’s. It was fused with the closets of dapper women who were concerned with their image and their comfort. Capes met both needs. The cape is a fashion staple that emerges on the catwalk every few seasons. Offered in an array of textures, hues and prints, capes are cozy alternatives to coats. The lack of structure makes capes an ideal piece for layering, especially for pregnant women like Christina, who looked amazing in a tweed cape.

Donning a cape injects grandeur into a casual outfit, but it is also the epitome of glam. We’ve tapped Tanesha Awasthi of Girl with Curves, Ms. Sole of Love, Life, Pearls and Krystin Hargrove of Be Loud Be You to highlight how we can all wear capes that are authentic to our fashion sensibilities.


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Are We Obsessed With Perfection? Lupita Nyongo Vanity Fair Controversy



This morning I woke up to my Facebook timeline ablaze with images of actress Lupita Nyong’o. We’ve professed our love for Lupita on LoveBrownSugar before so of course I was excited to see that my girl Lupes (that’s what I call her as my BFF in my head) is still on the circuit. She is heavy on the tip of everyone’s tongue after her grandiose and utterly beautiful red carpet debut at the Golden Globes this past weekend.


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To my disappointment though, my timeline was not filled with big-ups and congratulations for Lupita but instead with rage and anger over what I’m sure will be the first of many “scandals” surrounding Lupita’s skin color. According to sources like Huffington Post, elite fashion publication Vanity Fair released a sneak peek picture of Lupita being featured in an upcoming editorial yesterday evening, and fans are in uproar because it appears as if her skin has been lightened. Welp, sad to say but I was waiting for this tragic moment to happen.

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[VIDEO] Quick Update: My Pregnancy (Third Trimester)


Hey guys! Taking a quick break from the fashion & beauty reporting to give you guys a check-in about how things are going on the homefront. I’m officially on modified “maternity leave” meaning that the baby’s arrival will be any day now so things will be slowing down a bit for me workwise. LoveBrownSugar.com will still be up & running, so never fear! Thankfully I have an awesome team that will help keep the wheels moving around here while I have my hands full with #babybrownsugar.

Here’s a quick video recap on how I’m doing:

Thank you all for your support throughout this entire pregnancy! You don’t know how great it feels to get emails, tweets, IG comments and more, encouraging me and congratulating me about the little bundle of joy on the way.

Click HERE to check out my baby blog BabyBrownSugar.com for further updates!

Red Carpet Countdown: Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet

golden-globes-red-carpet-2014Last night’s 2014 Golden Globe Awards brought out the A-listers in film & TV rocking some of the best (and worst) ensembles I’ve seen in a good while. Overall, I have to say I was underwhelmed by the red carpet. There were, however, a few standouts that I have to mention,and a few mishaps that should never happen again (sigh).

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Here are my top 10 best & worst looks from the Golden Globes. Let’s start with the good stuff:

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