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Introducing BabyBrownSugar


Hey guys! It’s Christina, checking in with an update on everything going on with me. I’m sure you guys are wondering why I haven’t posted to the blog in a while (shoutout to my lovely contributors for keeping things afloat through NYFW and beyond) but it’s because I have had my hands full with my new little princess! Her name is Cadence and she was born on February 4th at 12:24am.


She is my world. I can’t stop kissing her squishy little face. As I’m getting into the swing of new mommyhood, I’ll be back in action come March with regular posts on LoveBrownSugar.com. In the interim though, feel free to head over to my new site BabyBrownSugar.com and check out Cadence’s birth story. I’ll be sharing tons of updates about the baby and my journey as a new mom over there.

Lots of love to you all for your patience while I readjust my life for the little one. And thanks always for your continuous support of my blog – means so much to me, especially now that my family has grown by one!


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4 Fit Ways To Prepare Legs For Shorts

Editor’s Note: There was such a great response from our first-ever fitness/nutrition guest blogger Teena Cathey in her post about “4 Ways Healthy Living Enhances Your Beauty“, that I invited her to chat with us about prepping for the spring/summer season.

Source: Crystal Style Magazine

Spring is just a month away, beginning on March 20th! You probably can’t see it, because that seven foot tall snow bank is blocking your view, but it’s time to go shopping to find a pair of shorts you will look great in. Doesn’t matter what type of shorts you decide to rock this season: bermudas, high waisted, or booty shorts, here are four ways to get your legs ready for shorts this summer:

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5 Reasons We Love Gwynnie Bee

5 Reasons Gwynnie Bee - CollageShopping is an expensive habit, especially for fashionistas who continuously stock their wardrobes with essentials and trend pieces. The arrival of subscription services, like Rent the Runway, have erased some of the costs for women attending cocktail parties and other formal events. But women in need of a blouse or dress for a simple affair haven’t had the option to rent casual attire … until now.

Gwynnie Bee, an online retailer, has launched a monthly subscription service for the ladies in need of a quick wardrobe change. For a small fee, Gwynnie Bee sends subscribers as many clothing options as they can fit in their virtual closet. Gwynnie Bee is a new option, but among fashion bloggers and writers, including Lesley Kinzel of XOJane, it is a major hit. I’m also smitten with the service for these five simple, but important reasons.

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3 Ways to Rock It: Overalls

3Ways - Overalls CollageOveralls are the newest “it” item, appearing in Phillip Lim, MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela and Isabel Marant’s spring collections. The resurgence of 1990’s style, from flannel shirts to plaid, provided space for the re-emergence of overalls, and we’re all taking full advantage. There’s no telling how long overalls will be considered fashionable, so we’ve turned to three amazing bloggers – Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty, Margie Ashcroft of Margie Plus and Melissa Bennett of La Vie à Mon Avis – to give us three ways to style overalls. more this way

LBS Opinion: Is It Time for Transgender Models?


It was a remarkable feat when Isis King – a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model – became the first transgender participant on the series. Though she didn’t earn the top prize on the show, King’s presence on television and in subsequent glossies (like Seventeen) was nothing short of incredible because it was rare for transgender models to achieve mainstream success. A focus on their bodies and genitalia instead of their stories, their beauty and their resilient spirits often exile transgender individuals from the modeling world.

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LBS Beauty: Surviving the Winter 101


Beauty 101

Dry hair, ashy skin, peeling chapped lips – those are only a few from the laundry list of cold weather horrors we involuntarily succumb to every year. As winter up North shows no signs of winding down anytime soon, here are a few of our favorite products for battling the bitter cold & still maintaining your beauty regimen:

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LBS Runway Report: LaQuan Smith Fall/Winter 2014

LaQuan-Smith-Fall-2014-CollageManhattan’s Lincoln Center is considered the absolute center of New York Fashion Week. It is abuzz with fashion editors and bloggers decked in their trendiest digs, celebrities seeking inspiration for red carpets and a mixture of vendors, coordinators and other couture enthusiasts. Yet, we’re in a fashion season where Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, and a series of other elite designers defected from Lincoln Center in favor of intimate venues in several boroughs, including Brooklyn.

Enter LaQuan Smith. more this way