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LBS Chic: Graphic Sweatshirts and Where To Buy Them


So I’ve pretty much become obsessed with wearing Graphic Sweatshirts on my casual days during the week. I’m not the only one. It seems to be a growing trend. I mean, why not? They’re cute. They’re comfortable. They make a statement. And you can easily dress them up or down.

I took this picture while I was shooting a feature for Spice TV which I’m super excited to eventually see when it releases. I had like 5 minutes to throw a cute outfit together so I opted for this sweatshirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans and heels. Easy, simple and chic.

Here are a few websites I’ve found that have amazing graphic sweatshirts to choose from:




This is a no-brainer. They literally have hundreds of them. A simple search for “sweatshirts” in their search tab should yield you some quick results. I actually just bought the “Full Time Fashion Blogger” one pictured above (thanks Jessica for putting me on). Don’t have time to comb through them all? See below for some of my personal faves:




When I stumbled onto this shop on Instagram I immediately doubled over in laughter then proceeded to make myself a shopping cart. This site has a quirky mix of your favorite social media memes. Everything from “Girl bye!” to “Bye Felicia.” I mean I love them. So amaze.

Click here to shop CushTees



The fast fashion retailer with all things chic also sells sweatshirts. I imagine they’re great quality since the price point is a bit higher. They have really cute ones. I particularly love this Bambi in the City one above. See below for some more of my faves:




Super cheap and gets the job done, Forever 21 has an extensive collection of affordable sweatshirts for both straight size and plus size fashionistas. In fact, that’s where I snagged this “Maniac” sweatshirt in the Forever 21 Plus section. Though this one is currently sold out, you can shop some of my faves below:

Photo by Paul Akinrinlola

The Ultimate Purple Lipstick Guide for Brown Girls


Fall is finally here ! The cooler months of the year are the perfect time to swap out old makeup looks for new fresh trends. One beauty trend that we love at LBS is purple lipsticks for brown skin! From orchid to plum, purple is a color that can look great on every skin tone, if it’s done properly. The key is finding the right hue for your complexion. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our favorite purple lipsticks and a few tips to help you pull off this fabulous beauty trend with confidence.

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Monday Motivation: Setting Higher Standards


I’ve spoken to you guys before about my belief in the power of your thoughts and your mind. It’s one of the reasons my Vision Board Series has been so successful and why many of you have found great success by creating them. There are so many layers to the overall idea of “I think, therefore I am”. This week’s motivation is about setting higher standards.

You get only what you believe you deserve.

It’s a powerful statement and an emotional one. It should make you think. It should make you a little angry. But it should also inspire you to dream bigger. The idea that the things we attract – whether it’s a great spouse or a promotion on the job – have alot to do with our minds and what we think about ourselves is a scary thing. It puts alot of control in your hands, which should scare you but should also empower you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the belief (personally) that God guides and directs all things in my life. But He can only do wonderful things for me if I’m mentally prepared for them.


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So I’m vowing today to open up my mind and my heart to receive blessings beyond what I could ever imagine. And I’m setting my life standards incredibly high because I know I deserve it and because I don’t want to attract anything less.

What about you? Are you standards at their highest? Have you ever felt like you settled and you could do better? Soundoff below!

6 Ways to Wear Winter Hats With Natural Hair


Winter is slowly approaching and for most of us that means boots, cozy sweaters and hats. During this time of year hats are crucial to staying warm. However, having a huge fro can sometimes get in the way of that. Although we’d all love to look fabulous and stay warm, doing so can be a  real challenge for many of us naturals. Keep reading to learn six ways to wear winter hats with natural hair!

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Lisa Price Discusses Carol’s Daughter L’Oreal Acquisition


As someone who has been a huge fan and supporter of Carol’s Daughter for years now, I was elated when I heard the news that the beauty brand would be joining the L’Oreal family. As a business major in college, one of my very first high-profile interviews at the time was with Lisa Price. Carol’s Daughter was still a budding brand that was rapidly expanding to include a storefront in Harlem and a slew of new product lines. I was enamored by Lisa Price’s business acumen and her sensibility. It is NOT easy to take a brand that you started in your kitchen to the level that Lisa Price has grown Carol’s Daughter. From there, I developed a great relationship with the brand and I’ve been a supporter ever since.


But with a big move like this, obviously comes controversy and conflict. Some loyal Carol’s Daughter fans are concerned about whether the products will change or discontinue. Some critics are worried that the brand will lose some of its authenticity as a result of the Carol’s Daughter L’Oreal acquisition. Well I had the privilege of speaking one-on-one with Lisa Price about her decision to partner with L’Oreal and what will change at Carol’s Daughter as a result.

Here’s what she had to tell me:

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LBS Feature: Refinery 29 x Lane Bryant Denim Photoshoot

image1Happy Friday guys! I’m super excited to announce my latest photoshoot with Refinery 29 for Lane Bryant. The folks at Refinery 29 asked me to style a few pairs of Lane Bryant’s fall denim selections for an editorial about cool ways to wear denim this season. As someone who is a huge fan of the site, I was really honored to be part of this.

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On The Market: ShoeDazzle Fall 2014 Collection

ShoeDazzle Collage

Calling all shoe lovers! Shoedazzle has done it again, with the newest release of their Shoedazzle Fall 2014 collection. I can hardly wait to restock my shoe closet. Chief stylist, Rachel Zoe literally left no fashion stone unturned with this launch, and didn’t forget about those who crave budget friendly high-fashion. She notes that, “Affordable luxury and fashion is something I wish I had more of when I was coming up in this business and just craving style.” Finally someone gets it! Zoe and her team have included some of the season HOTTEST trends with a strong focus on lasercut leather, decadent colors like bordeaux and orchid, prints, and so much more! Enough talking, let’s get to the shoes…



Named Jonetta – this heel with sass is serving just enough attitude and color to turn heads! The buckled detailing paired with the peep-toe platform are definitely made for the diva who craves a little more spice. If you follow @LoveBrownSugar on Instagram, you know Christina has this pair in army green.

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