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LBS Healthy Living: My Year of 28 Fitness Goal


One of the reasons I started this blog was because I realized the importance and impact of the statement “When you look good, you feel good.” So much of what we adorn on the outside is deeply connected to how we feel about ourselves on the inside. So it only follows that you are way more motivated and hyped to step out the door when you’re wearing something that makes you look great.
Well, that doesn’t just stop at your corporate suits or chic summer festival frocks. It also applies to your workout gear. You’re almost always more motivated to go on that run around the block when you have a shiny new pair of workout sneaks to flaunt. Or that matching pink sweatsuit you can’t wait to run the treadmill in at the gym the morning after you’ve purchased it.

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LBS Chic: Year of 28


It’s finally here! Yes, your girl is celebrating her 28th birthday today and I couldn’t be more excited. I feel so blessed and honored to have lived another year. God has been really good to me and I’m so grateful for my life and all the wonderful people in it including you guys, my wonderful readers.

BDAY_13 copy

There have been times, in years’ past, when I felt utterly unfulfilled or even upset that it was my birthday. Whether it was because I was going through a tough time or feeling less accomplished than I should have, I can definitely remember years when my birthday wasn’t such a joyous occasion for me. Even though I was smiling, deep down I might have been anxious or disappointed or just sad about life.

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5 Tips For Long Term Protective Styling

protective styling

Protective styling is a form of styling that allows you to maintain your hair with minimal manipulation and use of styling tools. This methods helps to retain length, minimize breakage and stimulate hair growth if done properly. If done incorrectly, you may actually cause harm to your scalp and irreversible damage to your hair. There are various protective styling options that you may enjoy from braids, twists, weaves and wigs. Choose a style that works best for your personal taste and lifestyle. In this post we are sharing 5 tips for long term protective styling.

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On the Market: Target Ava and Viv

On the Market Ava and Viv Collage 4

With the launch of the highly anticipated, Altuzarra for Target came an open letter. Chastity Garner of Garner Style described what felt to her like a “slap in the face” at discovering that the line only came in “standard” sizes and courageously stressed the sentiment many plus-sized girls across the nation have been holding on to season after season. This sparked a dynamic and desperately necessary conversation amongst the fashion community. Blog post after blog post went up, giving a voice to women who felt that the designer collaborations from Target didn’t necessarily seem aimed to target them. Our very own Christina Brown, founder and Editor-in-Chief of LoveBrownSugar.com wrote about her life “on the cusp” of being a plus-sized woman and the trials that come along with being a (gorgeously) curvy, girl wondering aloud “Am I plus-sized or nah?”

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Red Carpet Countdown: SAG Awards 2015 Red Carpet

sag awards red carpet

If you didn’t watch the SAG Awards 2015 Red Carpet last night, you certainly missed out on some great style! These ladies were giving me life in their stunning gowns, flawless hair and makeup. Usually Hollywood goes all out for the Oscars and the SAG Awards Red Carpet doesn’t get much love. I’m so glad the ladies stepped their game up this year. Of course, there were some not-so-hot looks–you can check out my Twitter timeline for the tea. Keep reading for details on the best Red Carpet looks!

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LBS Chic: Empire State of Mind


So I’m officially obsessed with Fox’s new primetime drama “Empire”. The day it premiered I wrote this 3 Reasons To Watch Empire post highlighting why I thought it was really a series to watch. Since watching the show I’ve become obsessed with the costume design. Whoever is handling wardrobe for main character “Cookie” (Taraji P. Henson) is doing a damn good job. So much so that I broke out this jacket with faux fur collar inspired by one of Cookie’s show outfits:


Cookie is super sassy, blunt and in-your-face. For short, she just doesn’t give a damn. She’s served time, she’s a street hustler and she’s incredibly raw. Even though her character is a far departure from mine, I relate to her somehow. She just wants what she believes she deserves. Isn’t that what every woman wants? Safe to say, I’m rooting for her on the show.


Mimicking your favorite TV characters’ style choices in real life can be so much fun. I mean “Olivia Pope chic” became a thing after ABC’s Scandal premiered right? For this look I paired a faux fur jacket with denim jeggings and my favorite booties.


A true “Cookie” fashion moment isn’t complete without a little bit of animal print. I accessorized with this fun Two Tone Safari clutch ($20) sent to me by Chic by Choice. I love that it folds over – very versatile.


Taking my fierce to the next level, I topped it off with this Iman Global Chic Platinum Rock the Runway Genuine Haircalf Iconic Necklace($89.99) from her HSN collection.


For makeup, I stuck with neutral eyes and a deep red lipstick. I’ve been obsessed with the Fashion Fair Cosmetics Fall/Winter line (check out my full review here!) and so I picked their Lipstick in Bordeaux ($17.50).


This coat is from Steve Madden’s collection and is about two seasons old. I couldn’t wear it last winter because my pregnant belly refused to fit inside the straps. Finally I’ve had a chance to break it out the closet. The color and the cape sleeves had me at hello. See below for a few similar faux fur collar jacket options.

Shop Faux Fur Collar Jackets:


Jacket: Steve Madden | Jeggings: Forever 21 | Shoes: Kelsi Dagger: | Clutch c/o Chic by Choice | Necklace c/o Iman Global Chic at HSN

Hair by Seto Mccoy/Photos by Lydia Hudgens


3 Ways to Rock It: Winter White

Winter White Collage Draft 4From mixing prints to going monochromatic fashion girls are rebelling against outdated rules left and right. One of the ways they’re doing this is wearing white at any time of the year. White brings a crisp shine to stormy weather and these three stylish bloggers modern looks are winter ready.

Gabi Fresh embraced contrast with this crisp New Year’s look she posted on her blog Gabifresh.com. The celebrated blogger, columnist, and swimsuit designer paired a fuzzy cropped sweater from SimplyBe with a white tulle midi skirt for a look full of romantic glamour.

fuzzy-top-tulle-skirt resize

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Sisi Nike Pro Beauty Makeup Workshop


I’ve known self-taught makeup artist Sisi Nike for years now and so I was delighted when I heard she would be hosting her very own Pro Beauty Makeup Workshop here in NYC. Only bummer? It was on the same day as my #ShopLoveBrownSugar event! As bummed as I was, I still got a taste of this amazing event as my good friend Amber Peterson attended and covered it on behalf of LoveBrownSugar. Amber learned so much at this workshop, she was able to go home and actually use some of these tips to perfect her natural beauty look! Read on for a recap of the event and to see how Amber used Sisi’s tips to perfect her makeup look.

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How To Make Clip Ins For Natural Hair


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I got my natural curls blown out for a length check and also because I traditionally heat-style my hair for the Holiday season. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I am SO pleased with how my hair has grown and flourished since going natural back in 2010. The only thing that frustrates me about straightening my natural hair is that because I have really fine hair, I can never achieve the volume I want. I’m very happy with my length at this point (my hair is about 12 inches) but with longer length comes less volume for me.

So this year I opted to make clip ins for natural hair using some Afro Kinky extensions I was gifted by True Indian Hair. I’ve been familiar with True Indian Hair for quite a while now. I filmed a video tutorial with them for Vibe Vixen a few years ago and the owner Karen Mitchell is very sweet and super knowledgeable about the hair extensions industry. I loved using their Indian Afro Kinky texture in 14″ for this look.



What You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Weaving Thread
  • Wig Clips (2-3 per track)
  • Afro Kinky textured extensions (14 inch – I used just one bundle for this look)
  • Blowdryer
  • Shampoo, conditioner & styling products

Step 1: Measure & cut extensions


Cut the extensions to your desired length by measuring around your head. Be sure to leave space around the peripheral of your head for some of your own natural hair to cover up the tracks.

2. Sew Wig Clips to Hair


 You want to set aside at least 2-3 wig clips for each of the extensions you’re using to make a clip-in.


I used traditional weaving thread. You’ll need this for attaching the wig clips.


Make sure you sew them on securely! The last thing you want is for your clips to slip off. (Ain’t nobody got time for that)

3. Wash & Blowdry the Hair


This step can actually be done first, but I opted to wash my hair after the clips were sewn on there. Washing them in individual pieces as opposed to in the bundle is actually easier for me. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner. The hair will need to be damp so you can blow-dry it.


Next step (for me) was blow-drying my clip-ins so that they would blend with my pressed natural hair. If you’re planning to wear your clip ins curly, feel free to skip this step altogether.


Once you’re done blow-drying, the hair should be straight but still have volume. That’s the beauty of afro kinky extensions, they don’t get bone straight so they blend really well with your hair if you have Type 4 curls.

4. Section Hair & Install Clip Ins


I used duck-bill clips to section my hair and installed the clip-ins (I made three total) into my hair from the bottom, working my way up.


They blended in really well. and gave my hair just the right amount of volume. I styled the hair in soft curls using my curling wand and heat protectant (I really like Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil – wrote about it here). Here were my results and a before/after comparison so you can see the difference.


This is a snapshot of my hair before. Same length but definitely not as much volume.


Here’s what it looked like after. Really full and voluminous but still natural!


If you want to try this hair, head over to True Indian Hair and use the code LOVEBROWNSUGAR for 10% OFF until 1/20/14! I used their Indian Afro Kinky texture and mixed it with my curls to achieve this look.

lbs readers 2

Anyone else out there with natural hair that’s fine in texture? Would you consider using clip-ins? Have you? Soundoff below.

5 Ways To Prevent Heat Damage

heat damage

Heat damage is inevitable if you are a fan of sleek straight hair. However, with a few small changes you can decrease your risk of permanently damaging your hair . Using heat styling tools like flat irons, blow dryers and curling wands can lead to severe damage if used too frequently and improperly.


“I’ve personally dealt with heat damage on my own natural hair journey on more than one occasion. Back in 2010 I had to big chop my 100% chemical free hair due to heat damage. My curls were very dry, lifeless and had no curl definition from months of blow drying & flat ironing my hair several times per month. Now that I know better I do better. However, I still struggle with heat damage in certain areas of my head. I rarely straighten my hair now but, when I do I take the necessary steps to help prevent heat damage.” For more info check out this video on Fatima’s Youtube Channel.

Keep reading if you are interested in learning 5 ways to prevent & recover from heat damage.

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