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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Plus-Size Transitional Outwear

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While we would all love to leap into crop tops and bathing suits right away there’s a whole season of style before summer arrives. Thankfully there’s plenty of stylish plus-size transitional outwear that’s cute enough to make the wait worth it.

With the birds chirping and the buds blooming a floral print can seem sort of obvious for early spring. Work it into your wardrobe with this printed bomber from Forever 21 ($24.90). The soft print is balanced by the athletic cut of the jacket giving off a vibrant and youthful vibe. At such a low price point this trendy piece is an easy way to give a boost to your closet staples.

 floral bomber

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10 Under $100: Spring Handbags

Spring handbags with text

Just because this spring was ushered in with snow doesn’t mean you should stop looking forward to the summer season.  Stop seething with jealously at your friends enjoying their spring vacations and incorporate some color into your clothing with spring handbags that you don’t have to wait for warmer weather to rock at under $100 each.

The texture of snake print takes spring to a whole new level. Pick up a rainbow hued backpack or a less daring envelope clutch because this pattern can elevate any attire from a pair of dark denim to a sleek cocktail dress.

Snake Print

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Check out more great spring handbag options below.

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My New Role: Contributor at The Outfit by People StyleWatch


I am SO excited about my most recent career move. I’ve been given some really and truly amazing opportunities since starting there here blog in 2009 and this is definitely one of those proud moments. I was hand-selected by the team at People StyleWatch to be an official Contributor to their new influencer community The Outfit.


When I first heard that People Style Watch would be curating their first fashion hub for real girls like me, I thought it was so amazing. So much of MY personal inspiration these days comes directly from people like you.


I follow fellow bloggers and even you guys as my readers on Instagram and Pinterest and all over the internet to see what you’re wearing, what trends you’re into and what’s new on the street. Inspiration comes from so many places and I’m so honored and humbled that The Outfit considers me one of those people who inspires.


Above all that, I’m so incredibly honored that a girl who looks like me – brown skin, curly hair, curves and all – can be seen on such an expansive platform. Digital platforms like The Outfit are helping to redefine what beauty is.


They see value in real girls with flaws and differences and quirks that make us unique and beautiful. I could not have asked for a better way to start off the spring season.


I would love your support! Please head over to my first post at The Outfit about “Choosing The Right Cape” and leave me a comment! I would really appreciate it.

The cool thing about The Outfit is that YOU can submit content as well. Head to the site and create your own profile! Also feel free to upload photos and keep up with everything we’re curating on The Outfit’s social media pages:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Photos by Lydia Hudgens | Hair by Seto Mccoy

How To Choose An Anti-Aging Cream

With time the skin naturally starts to lose its elasticity regardless of your skin tone or ethnic background. Anti-aging creams are something that we all should consider when we start to notice signs of premature aging. The first sign is usually around the eyes since the skin in that area is extremely delicate. Fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles can be treated, but it takes time and it’s best to start treatment early on.

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Keep reading for 6 tips to help you choose an anti-aging cream that’s right for you!

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Spring Wardrobe Essentials: 4 Things You Need

spring wardrobe essentials

Spring is finally here! Although the weather is still chilly here on the East Coast, the warm weather will be here sooner than you know it. In the mean time, we’ve been preparing for sunnier days by stocking our Spring Wardrobe with all the essentials. It’s easy to buy everything you see at this time of year, because all the skirts, dresses, and sandals are a breath of fresh air from coats and boots. But, the best way to do Spring shopping is to get the essentials first, then add on from there. Keep reading for the items you need in your closet this season!

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LBS Beauty: How To Get Rid Of Dark Blemishes


Dealing with dark spots and blemishes can be tough. Acne breakouts can leave ugly scars behind for weeks at a time. The best way to eliminate breakouts starts with a nutritious diet of leafy green vegetables, lots of fruits and plenty of water. However, even with a proper diet sometimes we can still suffer from stubborn breakouts that can leave dark spots behind. In this post we are going to share a few tips with you on how to get rid of dark blemishes once and for all!

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Get Like Me: Actress Andrea Lewis


Editor’s Note: I am so incredibly excited to bring this series back to LoveBrownSugar! When I started the “Get Like Me” series way back in 2010, I created it to empower and inspire you all to dream big. This was a space dedicated to the amazing men and women of the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries who were doing big things in their careers and had real advice to share. I encourage you to scroll back into the “Get Like Me” archives and get to know some of these incredible figures. Thanks to Andrea Lewis for being apart of the relaunch.

You guys may remember her as “Hazel” from the famous Canada-based TV phenomenon Degrassi. Since her former days co-starring alongside the likes of Drake in the popular teen drama, actress Andrea Lewis has gone on to pave her own path in the entertainment industry as an actress of color. The Toronto-born talent has gone from living and working in LA post-Degrassi to now calling Brooklyn, New York her home as the creator and producer of new web series “Black Actress”. I sat down with Andrea to chat with her about her likes, her loves and what it really takes to make it in Hollywood:

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LBS Chic: Swimsuits For All GabiFresh Swim Sexy Collection


So you guys know I’m a huge fan of showing off my curves in a swimsuit. With all the options there are on the market these days for curvy girls, even in my post-baby body, I have no shame. I full embrace my lack of thigh gap and I think every girl should be comfortable in her beautiful body, regardless of shape. Someone who shares this philosophy is my girl Gabifresh who co-created this amazing Gabifresh x Swim Sexy collection with swimwear brand Swimsuits For All.

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LBS Feature: Black Enterprise and Style Influencers Group


Growing up I went through a few different phases discovering what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. For the longest, I just knew I wanted to make babies feel better and be a pediatrician. I liked the idea of making people feel better. Then, I thought I wanted to be an entertainer. I loved dancing and singing in the children’s choir, so I assumed fame and my name in big lights were the way for me.


As I grew and developed my interests and started getting actively involved in school activities, I realized I really liked to lead. I was bossy but I knew how to do it in a nice way hah! After contemplating the life I wanted to live as an adult, I discovered that business and entrepreneurship is what I really wanted in life. If I could just create something that helped people, that tapped into my business mind and my creative mind, and made me feel amazing everyday – I’d be happy. So I went off to study business at The Wharton School at UPENN and I graduated with a mission of creating something for myself, that would help people, provide for my family and make a difference.


After years and years of struggling with fitting my circle self into a square peg, I’m finally at a place where I feel like I’ve tapped into my calling. I LOVE writing and creating for you all here on LoveBrownSugar.com and for my chic moms over at BabyBrownSugar.com. But what I love most about my career and my day to day is connecting dope people with other equally dope people. I unconsciously have been doing it for years. And now, instead of sitting on that talent, I’m channeling it into a business that I co-founded with my good friends and colleagues Jessica Andrews and Lexi Felder.


Last week our business Style Influencers Group (also the powerhouse behind the #WeAreBlackHistory project) was featured in what I consider to be the holy grail of business journals for me – Black Enterprise. Writer Essence Gant interviewed the three of us on the creation of Style Influencers Group and I am just so humbled and honored that they see promise in us and in our business.

Click here to check out our feature at Black Enterprise!

P.S. If you’re a blogger/vlogger or social media guru yourself, click on over to our site Style Influencers Group and drop us a line. We’d love to work with you!