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LBS Beauty: Top 10 Curling Shampoos

It can be very difficult to care for curly hair and there can be so many intricate steps and variables to consider. The last thing us naturalistas need is to be confused about which shampoo to use. While shampoo is generally supposed to cleanse hair some can strip hair of the much needed moisture that we curly girls need. So we have compiled a mega list of curl friendly shampoos that will effectively cleanse hair while making sure to nurture each strand. The bonus is that every single curly shampoo on this list will make your curls and waves pop so you can be your curly best!

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1. Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo: This shampoo boasts not one but two super ingredients that are curly girl friendly- both jojoba and coconut oils. These sealing oils are known for being able to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver a power punch of moisture that curly strands need.

Curly Wurly

 2. Pantene Pro-V Curl Perfection Shampoo: Antioxidants and Pantene’s exclusive Pro-V formula define curls even in highly humid climates.

Pantene pro v curly hair series

3. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curls and Waves Shampoo: This products curl defining properties actually activate once naturalistas are in humid conditions! How awesome-sauce is that? So we never have to worry about sweltering conditions because curls stay bouncy and buoyant.

 Herbal Essences

 4. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo: All natural ingredients make this poo a kitchenistas dream! No need to mix and measure ingredients because Shea Moisture does it for you. Uber humectant shea butter wraps and protects each strand.

Shea Moisture Use

5. Dr. Miracle Curl Care Rehydrating Shampoo: Dr. Miracle delivers with pampering ingredients that are perfect for damaged or transitioning hair. Vitamins A and E enrich hair and help to gently cater to curls.

Dr Miracles2

6. Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Moisturizing Shampoo: Beautiful Textures is one of the only shampoo’s that helps to elongate the curl pattern of any and all curl types. It will help to stretch out curls and ward off dreaded shrinkage while making hair easier to comb or brush through.

Beautiful Textures

7. Janelle Beauty’s My Natural Curl, Curl Cleanse Shampoo: It can be very difficult to make a clarifying shampoo that thoroughly cleanses while being gentle to strands but Curl Cleanse manages to do so. Organic ingredients like lemon juice effectively break down products while aloe vera juice hydrates and replenishes.


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 8. Curls Unleashed Lavish In Lather Shampoo: Organic Root Stimulator utilizes elements like Rosemary and hops to prompt hair grown while boosting curls.

Curls Unleashed

 9. Aveda Be Curly Shampoo: Wheat protein infuses tresses with much needed strength while offering a power punch against frizz.

10. Ouidad Playcurl Curl Amplifying Shampoo: Hydrolyzed protein babies locks and optimizes curl care.

Ouidad Shampoo

What are some of your favorite shampoos for defining your natural texture? 

Written by: Guest Contributor Otaymah Bonds

10 Under $100: Affordable Summer Sandals

summer sandalsAlthough we love a great pair of boots or flats, letting your toes out for the summer is the best part of this season’s style! It’s finally warm enough for sandals and we couldn’t wait to re-vamp our wardrobes with some great new pairs. You don’t have to break the bank to keep your shoe game on point either. Get into these 10 pairs of affordable summer sandals that you can get for less than $100.

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Kickin’ It: TriBeCa Film Festival with Lincoln Black Label Series


Last week I got the opportunity to experience quite a few new things thanks to Lincoln Motor Company. Lincoln and its partner brand Ford are friends of the LoveBrownSugar family. You might recall that I attended my very first BET Awards back in 2012 courtesy of Ford and that I attended this year’s Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon for the very first time as a guest of Lincoln.


Well last week, they gave me the pleasure of attending my very first TriBeca Film Festival! Growing up in NYC, I’d always heard about the festival and that it often brings out a myriad of celebrities including musicians, actors and actresses that are featured in these independent films.



I’m not a huge film buff but I can always appreciate works of art that people put their hearts and souls into. There’s something very special about film and I appreciate the storytelling aspect of it because I consider myself a visual and written storyteller as well.

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My Hairstory with Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection


I still remember running around my house as a 6-year-old with a t-shirt over my head, pretending to have long flowing hair like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” or Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”. Those were my favorite Disney characters but my tightly curled hair was a far departure from theirs.


Fast-forward a few years to third grade, and finally my mom gave me a relaxer. It was an at-home relaxer kit for kids and she did it right at our kitchen sink. I felt like such a boss at school the next day with my flowing straight hair. No more painful styling sessions. I was relaxed and you couldn’t tell me anything!

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LBS Beauty: Maintaining Extensions with Dove Quench Absolute


A few weeks ago, the Dove Hair team invited the LoveBrownSugar team out to a Salon Day at the Vu Hair Salon in NYC, hosted by their celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez. The purpose of this special salon day was for the LBS team to try out their newest collection for textured curls called the Dove Quench Absolute Collection.


Dove’s new #LoveYourCurls campaign is all about embracing curly hair textures and learning how to maintain curls and feel confident. They sent me a really cute video featuring the campaign and I absolutely fell in love with it. It features little girls explaining their curly hair struggles and it’s so touching.  See the video at the bottom of this post.

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LBS Beauty: Get Flawless Curls Using Perm Rods

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Styling your hair in a perm rod set is a great way to add extra curls and definition to your natural texture. This style works great on both natural hair and relaxed hair. This is also a great way to transition if you are just starting your natural hair journey. When I was transitioning from heat damage I found that perm rods were a great way to blend the two textures of my hair without doing protective styles. If you are interested in learning how to do this quick and easy style keep reading!

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LBS Beauty: 4 Ways To Spice Up Your TWA

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Having a TWA can be a gift and a curse at times. I recently big chopped from shoulder length hair to a tapered TWA. Although I’ve been enjoying the change, I find that styling my hair comes with a completely new set of challenges now. When my hair was longer I had the option of rocking “protective styles” like two flat twists or a low bun on bad hair days. With shorter hair there is no such thing as a bun. The good thing about a dilemma is that it forces you to get creative at times. If you have a TWA or a tapered cut keep reading for 4 easy ways to spice up your hair!

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Get Like Me: Singer Tiffany Evans

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Appearing on the scene at the tender age of nine singer Tiffany Evans is now a young music industry veteran who traded in her “Promise Ring” for the titles of C.E.O, wife and mother. Currently running an accessories line and preparing for the release of her new E.P., she carved out some time for us to discuss business, family, and why it’s never too late to learn.

Name: Tiffany Evans
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Personal Style in 3 words: Sexy, Laid-back, and Cool.
Favorite Designer(s): I respect fashion but I just wear whatever I feel it could be Givenchy or from Target.
Must Have Accessories: I love bucket hats and my company Eye Hunee recently started selling ours. I always have to wear them everywhere. I’ve always loved hats. I always find myself carrying one and a pair of shades.

You’re a solo artist how does teamwork play a role in your day to day?

Teamwork is very important. Anybody working towards a goal whether you’re an artist or dancer, actress, whatever, you’re going to need people on your team to help you put it all together. I really believe there’s no such thing as doing it all by yourself. Someone out there believes in what you’re doing and has to help you bring it all to life and that’s what my team does for me.

How has marriage and motherhood affected your career?

Having my husband around, involved in what I’m doing, is great. He creative directed my video for the song “Baby Don’t Go”. My daughter goes everywhere with me. She’s seeing a lot and she’s learning a lot. It’s made the whole journey even more beautiful and just worth all of the pain and the hard work and the struggle. You’re doing it not only for yourself but for your family. You don’t feel alone at all because you have a family that’s looking out for you and they’re there every step of the way.

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