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Why I Created #BrownGirlsLovePower Day


Photos by Alexandra Wolf | Makeup by Sisi Nike | Nails by The Editorial Nail

I know I’ve been a little MIA here on the blog recently but I promise it’s for good reason. Amidst the craziness of the holiday season, I’ve also been very hard at work pulling together details for the very first event of its type I have EVER produced – BrownGirlsLove POWER Day. Earlier this year (around February 2015), the LoveBrownSugar team and I embarked on the creation of a brand new community called BrownGirlsLove.

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7 Decorative Tips for Bringing in the New Year At Home

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It’s nearing the close of another holiday season and that means one of two things, quite possibly both: You’ve had guests over for big, extravagant meals and/or you’ve spent the last month attending all those holiday parties, taking full advantage of the break from work. And now, you’re out for the count and not really up for bringing in the New Year on your feet at another never-ending party.

Let’s face it: Getting dressed and going out is not the safest plan on a night like this one. Some of us opt to spend the night in intimate settings, counting down the seconds before the clock strikes 12. So, here’s a list of small but significant decorative tips for closing out 2015 in an epic but subtle way below.

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Dash on A Dime: How to Plan Your Winter Getaway


One down and one more to go! New Year’s Eve is right on the heels of Christmas and soon we’ll be welcoming a new year. The clock ‘til 2016 is dwindling down. With each New Year, we reevaluate where we are in our lives, revisit our goals for the upcoming year and plans for the future we’ve already set in motion.


What’s with all the work and no downtime? There are after Christmas sales, vacations to plan and a whole summer to prepare for (it’ll be here sooner than you think). But after all the spending for the holidays I bet your financial security is a priority as well. Don’t fret. You can get money back for splurging on winter getaway deals when you use Splender. Book your next vacation, baecation, or even staycation with the new, online cash back shopping site now through Dec. 31 and get the largest extra cash return of the holiday season.

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4 Stylish Plus Size Outfits for New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is a time to stand out but it’s not so easy to do that when you’ve waited until the last minute! We’ve rounded up four shoppable outfits for New Year’s Eve that work for anywhere you might be celebrating 2016 from the VIP to the loveseat so get ready to take advantage of the miracle of 24 hour shipping!

The second I saw this dress I thought “New Year’s Eve”. The navy blue number has delicate beading that invokes flapper style without being too costumey. Take advantage of the warm temperatures by completing the look with a silver sandal from Sam Edelman.

NightclubIdeal NYE 1

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Super Stylish Gift Ideas From StyleWatch


Hey loves! Ok so as you know, I’m a contributor for People StyleWatch’s The Outfit and what I love most about being part of the StyleWatch family is that we help break down the hottest & newest trends and make it easy for the everyday girl to incorporate those trends into her wardrobe. For example, I’m featured in the December/January issue of People StyleWatch breaking down some holiday season trends and how to easily incorporate them into your personal style and also how to gift stylishly!


So when StyleWatch told me they wanted to partner with me to present some really dope style and beauty trends from their holiday box, I knew you guys would appreciate it. Not only so YOU can put in your requests for some of these items for the holidays, but also so you know what exactly to pick up for your style-savvy friends who are up on the latest new, hot trends for the season.

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4 Ways to Rock Ornate Hair Accessories

4 Ways To Rock Ornate Hair Accessories

Hair accessories were created to add a little extra spice to hairstyles. I haven’t dabbled much in hair accessories because many of them aren’t as elevated as I would like. However, lately, I’ve been seeing some super cute options on the market. This is the perfect time of year to experiment with hair brooches, clips & headbands,  don’t be surprised if you fall in love and start rocking them with every look!

Get a closer look at my choices below.

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Stylish Stocking Stuffers


The days are dwindling down, but that does not mean it is too late to purchase gifts. Stocking stuffers are quick and simple ways to give gifts without breaking your pockets. Whether it’s for a co-worker or your best friend, you can never go wrong with stocking stuffers! Check out 10 amazingly stylish stocking stuffers everyone will wish they had.

1. Bag Charm



Bag charms are definitely an IT factor this season. Whether you choose a tassel, pom pom, or even the persons initial, this simple accessory can change the look of an entire bag. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you may end up snagging one for yourself.

2. Fanm Djanm Headwrap



Every woman should own at least one head wrap. Why not be that person to give someone their first, second or even fifth head wrap. The Fanm Djanm head wrap is a simple, stylish and effective stocking stuffer that no one will deny!

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Home Decor Buffs

PicMonkey Collage hd with textEveryone has a niche for something, a natural talent or an obsession too good to stray away from. And for every family, or circle of friends, theirs an exceptional dancer, a group therapist and sensational cook. Then there’s the design fanatic (guilty!) who goes on and on about the new ideas they have for their space (and yours) and the latest on whose million-dollar Hollywood abode went up for sale.

It matters what glasses are used when guests come over—even if it’s just for tea. Every thing in their home is inspired. Life events, their personal style and eccentricity, the things acquired from their travels are all like colors to an artist and their home is their canvas.

If you’re just plain functional and don’t see the hype around cashing-out on furniture and shiny knick-knacks, I’m here to help you get a grip on things! Below are some awesome holiday gift ideas the home décor enthusiast in your life will love!

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

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I love shopping for beauty lover’s during Christmas time. It gives me a chance to not only get something nice for them but to also scope out the market to see what’s new and trending. If you need to gift a beauty junkie this holiday season we have the perfect gift options below! From highlighters to brush kits and beauty blenders, the beauty junkie in your life will absolutely love the items listed below.

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