25 Black Owned Online Stores For #BlackonBlackFriday


Given the recent controversy and outrage over the events in Ferguson, there are many people of color who have opted out of supporting bIg businesses on this Black Friday. I have been asked numerous times over the past days what my stance on this issue is. I’m honestly just as angry/sad/surprised/concerned/hurt/(insert extreme emotion here) as everyone else is over the lack of justice for people of color. The Mike Brown incident was just a very small drop in the sea of discrepancies people of color face each and every day. And though I wish there was something tangible we could do on a united front, I don’t honestly believe the issues at hand can be solved in one fell swoop or with one retail boycott.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and mine personally, is that we have SO much more work to do. More than a Black Friday boycott will solve. I also have to think about many of the minority (and non-minority) employees who may find themselves out of a job and unable to provide for their own families if something like a massive retail strike were to occur. With that said, I am now and have ALWAYS been a huge supporter of minority-owned businesses. Rather than focusing our efforts on trying to “hit” anyone where it hurts, I will be supporting some of my favorite black-owned retailers as part of the #BlackonBlackFriday movement. It doesn’t solve our post-racial society’s issues, but it makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping and supporting another entrepreneur of color.

Here’s a top 25 list of some of my favorite black owned online stores (in no particular order):

1. Love Cortnie


This girl has a beautiful array of handmade clutches in different colors, textures and sizes. She also happens to be a fellow blogger of color and I love supporting young women going into business for themselves!

2. Louis B Kids

louisbkidsFellow mommy Simone Gittens (featured in our #LBSLounge chat about Mompreneurs 2 weeks ago!) is the owner and operator of Louis B Kids – a modern children’s boutique. If you have kids of your own, or even nieces and nephews that you have to buy kids clothing & accessories for – this is a great curated one stop shop!

3. Inspirado.co


I mentioned how much I love Inspirado products in my Monday Motivation post here. I have the Inspirational Poster hanging up in a frame above my desk and I absolutely love looking up to it during my midday breaks. Even better? LoveBrownSugar readers get an additional 20% off everything using code: BROWNSUGAR at check out!

*This brand will be represented at our Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up event on Saturday, December 13th in NYC. Click here to purchase tickets and get $2 off General Admission with code: BLACKFRIDAY*

4. Same Girl Different Hair


Another mompreneur on my favorites list (and also featured in our #LBSLounge mompreneur chat 2 weeks ago!) is Mia Ray – blogger and owner of hair extensions company Same Girl Different Hair. She offers hair extensions in various textures and lengths for those of us girls who love hair versatility.

5. Adore New York


One of my faves – Jessie Adore – has created a masterful and luxurious collection of Italian leather handbags. Definitely investment pieces, these babies are manufactured in NYC and crafted with exquisite attention to detail.



A brand I’ve been supporting for many years now, LLULO features clothing and accessories with carefully placed ankara prints in unexpected places. From tees to sweatshirts and even crew socks, they have a little something for everyone.

*This brand will be represented at our Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up event on Saturday, December 13th in NYC. Click here to purchase tickets and get $2 off General Admission with code: BLACKFRIDAY*

7. Shea Moisture


Shea Moisture is slowly becoming one of the biggest and most recognized names in natural hair and natural beauty overall. They offer some of my favorite hair and beauty products and now makeup as well! You can buy them at most major retailers as well as online at SheaMoisture.com

8. The Wrap Life


If you’re into wearing turbans on your protective styling days or bad hair days, you should first check out our article on 4 Ways To Wear Turbans In The Winter and THEN you should head over to The Wrap Life to get yourself a fancy one. They also have jewelry. Tres chic.

9. CLEANSE by Lauren Napier


Celebrity makeup artist & brown girl Lauren Napier produces a line of makeup removing and cleansing towelettes that are individually wrapped and perfect for the jetsetter. Genius idea + brown girl = I’m all in!

10. Eden Bodyworks


A cult favorite among naturals, Eden Bodyworks was created and is currently operated by 23 year old Jasmine Lawrence. It’s a product that delivers on its promise to provide natural ingredients that are effective at hair maintenance. I’m a huge fan of their deep conditioners and leave-ins!

*This brand will be represented at our Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up event on Saturday, December 13th in NYC. Click here to purchase tickets and get $2 off General Admission with code: BLACKFRIDAY*

11. Doo Bop


Representing a one stop shop women of color looking for all-things-beauty, Doo Bop is legit one of my favorite new online shops. Co-founder Jodie Patterson makes it easy to fall in love with the brand as she’s a pioneer in the beauty industry and all-around dope diva.

*This brand will be represented at our Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up event on Saturday, December 13th in NYC. Click here to purchase tickets and get $2 off General Admission with code: BLACKFRIDAY*

12. Cocotique


If you’re looking for a cool subscription box to get into or to gift this holiday season, Cocotique is a great option. They offer not only hair products but beauty and more! It’s always well-curated and they often give away full sizes! Check out my review HERE.

13. Pardon My Fro


Illustrator Dana Bly is one of my favorite people. When she first reached out to me to ask my permission to draw an illustration of me, I was floored. Since then I’ve developed such a great relationship with her and have supported her talents over and over again! If you haven’t checked out her online shop, you need to. ASAP. Her 12-month illustrated calendar sits right above my desk and I enjoy looking at her artwork every single day.

*This brand will be represented at our Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up event on Saturday, December 13th in NYC. Click here to purchase tickets and get $2 off General Admission with code: BLACKFRIDAY*

14. Melanie Marie


This Philadelphia-based jewelry designer makes custom namechains and fab jewelry for fly girls. ‘Nuff said.

15. Junkprints


Offering an eclectic mix of products from printed sweatshirts and pants to accessories, this unique retailer is sure to have something to pique your interest.

16. Brave Chick


I love a positive and inspirational message and Brave Chick is full of them. They have some amazing graphic tees and sweatshirts. Check out my review here.

17. Nakimuli


This is one brand I’ve been a fan of for years. What I love about her designs is that she makes them to fit ALL shapes and sizes!

18. Karen’s Body Beautiful


KBB natural hair products give my curls SO much life. Karen’s deep conditioners and leave-ins are at the top of my natural hair favorites. I love how she started out small and is now being sold nationwide. A great shop to support! Check my review here.



Wanna know what TNEMNRODA stands for? It’s “adornment” spelled backwards. Genius right? Everything founder Samantha Smikle creates is fit to be adorned from her custom sunnies to her handmade jewels.

*This brand will be represented at our Shop LoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop-Up event on Saturday, December 13th in NYC. Click here to purchase tickets and get $2 off General Admission with code: BLACKFRIDAY*

20. Yumnah Najah


Offering really sweet and super unique jewels, one of my favorite rings of all time is a hand painted piece from Yumnah Najah. You have to have at least one of her masterpieces in your collection.

21. Foxy Mango


A great curated selection of all-natural products for hair, skin and body – shopping Foxy Mango is like looking through your style and beauty obsessed bestie’s bathroom cabinet. Check my review here.

22. Beija Flor Naturals


Another great natural hair cult fave, Beija Flor Naturals has a great whipped shea butter perfect for twistouts and braidouts. And the yummiest in natural body products.

23. Demestiks New York


As an owner of one of these handcrafted ankara print pieces, I can attest to the fact that each piece is well-made and that the owner has a knack for working these fabrics to grace a woman’s body to perfection.

24. Quelly Rue Designs


The minute I saw one of her totes come across my timeline on social media, I had to look into Quelly Rue. She offers some of the coolest self-designed totes, tees, sweatshirts and even custom dolls!

25. Wondercurl


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Wondercurl on many occasions and what always strikes me about her demeanor is her warm personality and infectious smile. You can’t exude positivity like that and it not show in the products you make. Wondercurl has a great selection of hair maintenance and styling products you’re sure to love.

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What about you? What are your personal thoughts on #BlackonBlackFriday. Which brands are you supporting?

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  • CookingCaking-Mamacita

    This is great! Thank you for the beautiful recommendations.

    • Glad I could help! These are some of my favorite brands – I couldn’t keep them to myself!

  • This is a great list. Thanks for posting. I am bookmarking this page.

  • Thank You so much for sharing this! I’m always out searching for black owned businesses to promote. Most of them don’t want to work with bloggers but for the most part it is nice to show the support to the businesses. 🙂

    Maggie A

  • Thanks for this helpful info! I’m excited to check out these stores! The issues surrounding Ferguson has made some want to support more black owned businesses and it’s a great thing! I am also a black owner of an online store, Blue Labels Boutique!


    • Jasmine Newton

      i looked through your merchandise and noticed some great pieces. I also couldn’t help but notice the lack of black representation in the models. Why is that?

      • Thanks for the compliment on the merchandise. Blue Labels Boutique is fairly new. At this time, we have a deal with the companies that we work with that allows us to use some of their model pictures to display the merchandise. We are actually in the process of revamping the store which will include diverse models. Stay tuned!

        • Kilisha Garrett

          Are some of the companies you all work with also black-owned. This season one of my goals is to at least support one black-owned business, but it would be interesting to see the money stays in black-owned business.

  • themarief

    Great post.

  • Lauren

    Also, check out an all natural bath and body company by the name of Zuri Handmade. We make all natural hair, body and home products. today save 25% using code CYBER #BlackOwnedBeauty http://www.zurihandmade.com

  • Lamour De Guylene

    And…remember to support small businesses and entrepreneurs this season!

  • Tony Smalls

    There is a Website Dedicated to The Best of Black Etsy it’s BlackEtsy.com I suggest you check out the website and support the artisans and crafters represented there – http://ww.blacketsy.com

  • New Day

    There is a new website which focuses on Black owned clothing businesses. http://www.blackownedclothing.com/ just started on 6/17/15

  • Mena Ighodaro

    https://www.etsy.com/shop/EdCentriK?ref=hdr_shop_menu check out my shop this cyber monday!

  • sdf house

    Let’s come together! blackmoneymatters.co

  • Hello! I am the owner and curator at https://www.fabyoulife.com Handmade Bath, Body and Hair Care for Men and Women.

  • Lovely article! Come check out http://www.LoveKariDae.com for trendy and sexy womens, junior and plus fashions 🙂

  • J C

    Hello. Thanks for the list. I’m the owner/designer of http://www.blackbourgeois.com. I do mostly men’s cut and sew but also do statement tees for men and women with progressive and inspirational messages.