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Review: Baby Dove Product Line

Baby Dove Sensitive

As a Dove ambassador, I’ve been getting the opportunity to try out lots of their products, many of which I already use and love, but some completely new. When Dove announced the launch of their Baby Dove line, I knew I had to try it out on my 3 year old Cadence.

First of all, I had already been using their Sensitive Skin bar as part of Cady’s bath regimen. I took a trip to their headquarters last year and heard from a dermatologist that the Sensitive Skin bar was safe and approved to use for kids. Cadence’s skin is very delicate and she even has some spots of eczema, so I’m always very careful about the types of products I use on her. So when the Dove team sent me the entire line – including the Baby Dove Rich Moisture line and the Sensitive Moisture line – my first inclination was to try her out with the Sensitive line.

Baby Dove Lotion Wash

The Baby Dove Sensitive Tip to Toe Wash is the first product we tried. What I liked about the wash is that it was creamy and moisturizing. Cadence’s skin tends to get dry especially in the colder months, so I love moisturizing cleansers for her skin. Her skin was soft and not at all irritated after using it. I also like the fact that it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance free and tear free. This one is also rated and approved by the National Eczema Association, which I check often to determine which products to stay away from with her.

Next up, I prepped her for bed with the Baby Dove Sensitive Lotion, which was pretty light and absorbed into her skin quickly.

baby Dove regular wipes

Since Cadence is still in the stage where she needs help in the bathroom after going potty, I tested out the Baby Dove Wipes for her first on the potty. They’re not flushable, but they certainly do help with potty messes. I also stashed them in the car for snack spills and sticky fingers.

I decided to try the Rich Moisture line myself. Little known fact: I love Baby products…for myself. No, I’m not ashamed. I love how the entire line smells. It smells like freshly-powdered brand new baby with chubby edible cheeks! So yummy.

Baby Dove Wipes

Just like the Sensitive wash was creamy and moisturizing for Cady, the Rich Moisture line was pretty creamy as well. It washed off clean, which is important for the little ones. I tend to like washes that leave a little moisture behind but overall it was a nice consistency.

Dove Wipes

I also love the wipes. I keep a pack around the house for quick messes and another in Cady’s school bag for when we’re traveling back and forth. Overall these products are a great value. I’m so happy Dove has taken the charge with developing a line just for the little ones, especially with their campaign around #RealMoms and relieving some of the pressure we moms face to be superwomen everyday. Check out their #RealMoms campaign here:

This post is sponsored by Dove, a Unilever company. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of the company. 

Kelly Rowland Dishes Tips on New Motherhood


Over at BabyBrownSugar, we secured an exclusive interview with songstress and new mommy Kelly Rowland! In our exclusive BBS Moms Know Best Q&A, Kelly dishes on everything from her favorite activities to do with her 6 month old son Titan Jewel, to her best post-baby bounce-back tips and tricks. Whether you’re a new mommy or just obsessed with Kelly Rowland like we are, this isn’t an interview to miss!

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My #MBIBMoms Top 5 New Mommy Tips

me-and-cadence-2Photo: Kesha Lambert

I have to be all the way real. Though you guys often see me strutting around in heels for photoshoots or on the red carpet somewhere snapping pics with some celeb, behind all that glitter and glam I’m simply a new mom trying to make a living. And being a mom is HARD work. Being a new mom, at that, can be incredibly overwhelming.

me-and-cadence-1Photo: Kesha Lambert

One of the reasons I created BabyBrownSugar was to share some of the hard lessons and anecdotes I experience with fellow moms. Another reason is because I myself wanted advice from other moms with more experience than me! In my short time as a mother I’ve learned quite alot. So I’m really honored to partner up with P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful to be an ambassador for their “Beautiful Mommy Moments” campaign sponsored by Pampers and Dreft. As part of the campaign, I get to share my personal top 5 new mommy tips! See below for a list of ways to maintain your sanity as a new mommy:

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LBS Feature: Essence.com How To Maintain Baby’s Hair

Hey guys! I don’t typically share a ton of news about BabyBrownSugar.com on here (working on doing more, I promise) but I am so honored and proud of a recent video that Cadence and I did for Essence.com that I had to share!


Essence.com Beauty Editor Deena Campbell invited us into Essence’s film studios to chat about how I maintain the baby’s hair. Check out the video below:

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I get questions all the time about how I maintain Cadence’s curls and also which products I use. That post answers alot of those questions. Thanks as always for your support guys! I appreciate it and so does #babybrownsugar!