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Classic Man Crush Monday: Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolden

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Jason Bolden is known for his congenial personality and sleek sense of style. The entrepreneur and celebrity stylist tailored his eye for fashion during his extensive experience with high-end retail. He then began styling clients like Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union and lending his colorful commentary to show like BET’s 106 & Park. In recent years he has returned to retail by collaborating with long-time client Lala Anthony on 5th and Mercer and developing a luxe sunglasses line called JSN Studio. When he’s not styling for massive ad campaigns, or striking editorial images he is working on making his husband happy and keeping that flawless skin smooth. We asked him about his career goals, motivation, and role models.

Find out what he had to say below!

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Classic Man Crush Monday: Singer and Songwriter Vin Keatin

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The second I saw Vin Keatin begin to slay his opening set at Verizon’s The Big Payback my head filled with three words “WHO. IS. THAT?” Nearly fifteen minutes my question was answered as the former young boy from the Bronx had made a permanent impression. Recently I had the chance to chat with this charming crooner about motivation, being a student of the game, and why patience is his most powerful asset.

Learn more about the amazing man behind the powerful voice below.

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Classic Man Crush Monday: Joe Chea

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While documenting everything from concerts to conferences, including this year’s Brown Girls Love Power Day, photographer Joe Chea brings his unique perspective to every subject he showcases. We recently spoke with the pensive photographer about art, travel, and why he does it #fortheculture.

What is your definition of a classic man?

A man that is aware of who he is and the role he needs to play to live the most fulfilled and progressive life possible.

What makes a classic woman?

A classic woman is a woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind and go out and get things on her own. She is the perfect puzzle piece. She’s a complete solution.

Read more about Joe below.

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Classic Man Crush Monday: Alzo Slade

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Alzo Slade isn’t just the stellar photographer behind the Fly Female Entrepreneur series commissioned by In Her Shoes, he’s also a co-founder of the major party force Grits & Biscuits whose popular Dirty South sets are so sick Christina skipped out on other shows to check them out this summer during the Made in America music festival. The pensive comedian who picks up the mic with something to say has no trouble expressing himself through his work whether on the stage or behind the lens. We spoke with Alzo about philanthropy, fulfillment, and providing a way for the kinfolk to kick it.

What is your definition of a classic man?

A classic man is one that is always learning, always a student. A man that is never too proud to learn from anyone or about anything because if you’re not learning you’re not growing and if you’re not growing you’re not living. A classic man is honest and willing to stand toe to toe with himself about the things that he doesn’t like and has the courage to change with indifference to what other people think.

What makes a classic woman?

A classic woman is a woman that understands who she is and is able to maximize her potential. A woman that is able to understand her potential in a way that she can better herself her family and her community is a classic woman.

Learn more about Alzo Slade below.

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Classic Man Crush Monday: DJ MPURE


Michael Purefoy, more commonly known as DJ MPURE, has devoted his time to more than turntables and tracks. The seasoned DJ and budding producer has donated his talents to worthwhile causes like the Annual Toy Drive at Bayonne’s Sneaker room hosted by Victor Cruz of the New York Giants several Christmas seasons in a row. We talked with the New Jersey native about his love of his craft, his need to give back, and what he thinks makes a classic woman.

What is your definition of a classic man?

A man that’s ready for everything at all times, who’s not afraid to get out of his comfort zone to get things done, is comfortable with himself and always striving for greatness.

What makes a classic woman?

A woman that’s comfortable in her skin no matter what the media’s portraying. The media can be saying a size zero or a size six is in but as long as she’s comfortable with her skin it doesn’t matter. A woman with drive and aspirations to always better herself, who wants to make things better for her and her family. A woman who sets examples for little kids that make look up to her or even her husband or boyfriend, somebody who just wants to be great all around.

Read more about Micheal below.

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The man behind the popular blog Men’s Style Pro is as sharp as his brand. Sabir Peele may have been born and bred in Philly but he’s now a citizen of a world using a host of influences to inspire his diverse sense of style. Working with magazines like Glamour and GQ he’s spread his unique approach to fashion all over. We got his take on confidence, clothing and strong women. Learn about the man committed to living well and being sharp below.

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It’s Classic Man Crush Monday! At LoveBrownSugar a #MCM is a man with a mission and this week’s man has plenty. Making his way to Head of Artist Relations for Genius and becoming Senior Hip-Hop Editor at MTV News it’s easy to see that Rob Markman never met a goal he couldn’t dominate. His passion for excellence remains steadfast whether he’s interviewing songwriting legends like Rico Love or learning from newcomers like Audrey Rose. This journalist seeks out his subjects’ softer sides giving them a chance to tell their stories weekly on his podcast the Red Light Special. We sought him out this week to learn a little bit about the Brooklyn boy wrote his own story.

Read on to learn more about what makes Rob Markman a classic man below. 

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Classic Man Crush Monday #MCM: Jidenna


So we all know what today is, right? It’s Man Crush Monday or #MCM for all you digital savvy darlings. Though I dabble in the occasional Monday morning routine of checking the #MCM hashtag for Insta-cuties, if there’s one thing that catches my eye more than great looks, it’s a man with a mission. Enter the “Classic Man” himself – recording artist Jidenna. After leaving my former career in magazine editorial, I’ve since given over my celebrity interview duties in favor of other LBS activities like photoshoots, business travel and the like.


But when the opportunity arose to interview up-and-comer Jidenna, I took it. Simply because he’s dope. And it doesn’t hurt that his producer and road DJ – Nana Kwabena – happens to be a college friend of mine. Or that he has a cosign from Janelle Monae. I pretty much bow down to anything she touches. Because.  Janelle Monae.

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