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9 Ways To Revamp Your Home in the New Year


Photo Credit: Nicole Gibbons Studio

So, 2016 is off to a great start. You’ve set your New Year’s resolutions and you’re sticking to them. Or maybe you’re just continuing on your journey, committed to being a better version of yourself everyday. In any case, ’tis the season inspired by new beginnings. Try making subtle but noticeable changes in your space by freshening up your home and atmosphere with these minor adjustments.

1. Bring the outdoors indoors.


Photo Source: vtwonen

Take a look at other ways to revamp your home for the new year below.

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Ask The Expert: Gina Edwards x Spring Nail Trends

Spring is finally here! That means it’s time to stash away those deep plum and burgundy polishes for bright shades of pink, color and magenta. Here at LBS, we are beyond excited to talk everything Spring! Our LBS contributor had the opportunity to chat with the talented manicurist Gina Edwards about spring nail trends for 2015! Keep reading to learn more.


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1. What are some of your favorite nail colors for spring 2015? For spring I’m loving the warmer pastels, very moody, soothing with less white pigments and not as bright. Grey blues, soft vintage pinks and subdued greens.

2.What nail shapes are going to be popular this spring?
Almond nails are still a fashion fave and currently I’m sporting a pointier almond nail.

3. How can our readers translate extravagant nail trends like 3D elements into our style for everyday wear?
If you see 3D nails  you can always tone it down using  light glitter and replacing stones by making dots. The most important thing to keep in mind is tailoring the nail look to fit into everyday real life.


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Valentine’s Day JINsoon Mani

2014 Valentine's Day Nail Art

Stop what you’re doing! Have you gotten your nails done for Valentine’s Day yet? No? Check out this simple, quick and easy V-Day nail art DIY by amazing celebrity nail artist and spa owner JINsoon Choi.

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LBS Beauty DIY: Smoother & Healthier Skin


It’s a brand new year and that calls for fresh ways to spruce up your beauty routine. On our list today? Tackling down one of the best ways to achieve smoother and healthier skin with our homemade Oatmeal facial mask.

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LBS Holiday Gift Guide: 5 DIY Gifts


Being broke is no joke, especially around the holidays. One simply does not have time to pinch pennies, so we’ve put together 5 awesome DIYs you can gift to your favorite peeps if you’re on a low budget. Thank us later.

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10 Household Items For Your DIY Beauty Routine


You’re rushing to leave the house and you’ve just encountered a beauty emergency. We know how this usually plays out. You get frustrated, scatter about in search of a solution and end up being late to your planned destination. What do you do?!

We’ve got a list of 10 items around your house that will make your life a million times easier.

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Style Play Polish: 3 Fun & Easy Manis for Halloween

3 halloween manis.jog

There are three things a girl should always rock on Halloween:

For this week’s Style Play Polish, we’ve designed 3 super easy looks for you to try on the most fun day of the year, and guess what? You can achieve these looks in less than 5 steps!
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Halloween Makeup Tutorials We Love

Halloween Makeup Tutorials We Love

TRICK or TREAT?! It’s about that time again. The one time of year you get to flaunt your alter ego with no questions asked. Like most of us, you’ve probably already begun to panic about where you’re going, with whom, and what you’ll play dress-up as, but because we are so awesome at having your back, we’ve pulled together for you some Halloween tutorials from our favorite Youtube gurus whom have mastered the art of transformation. Get ready to be wow’ed.

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