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Get Like Me: Hilton Worldwide Director of Multicultural Marketing Andrea Richardson


Throughout her career as a marketing professional Andrea Richardson has been referred to as “an artist, a scientist and a ninja”. In her current role she gets to be all three. As the Director of Multicultural Marketing for Hilton Worldwide she balances the needs of the company’s thirteen brands with that of their partners and the communities they inhabit using every resource possible to get the job done. We recently found out about her career goals, learning experiences, and belief in intuition.

Name: Andrea Richardson

Location: Washington, DC

Describe Your Personal Style in Three Words: Fancy, Fly, Fresh

Who Are Your Favorite Designer(s):
Diane Von Furstenberg – her designs are timeless.

What Are Your Must Have Accessories?
  A well-designed necklace and bright pumps!

What do you love about the Hilton brand?

I love the complex identities of the hotels within the Hilton portfolio of brands. It’s like a family with thirteen kids with very different and unique personalities.

Hilton manages many partnerships. How do you build relationships with potential partners?

We really like to get a good understanding of the partner’s goals. Out of this we’re able to build mutually beneficial AND meaningful partnerships; some of which last a long time. We also understand that businesses needs evolve but in the moment we really try to be good partners.

andrea 2

Learn more about this resourceful and dynamic woman below.

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Get Like Me: I Don’t Do Clubs Founder Genese Jamilah

Brown girls from New York to Los Angeles, can set their calendars by I Don’t Do Clubs, a website dedicated to providing details on events from day parties to charity galas. Founded by digital expert and entrepreneur Genese Jamilah the site has become a staple for the young, black, and gifted who value a good time that’s anything but old fashioned. And with ventures like the popular Black Owned Restaurant Month, and the Must Love Beards day party series it’s clear that Jamilah’s innovation is only going increase the site’s impact. We caught up with her to discuss, clarity, productivity, and the importance of saying no.

Name: Genese Jamilah

Location: New York, New York

Describe Your Personal Style in Three Words: Cute, Comfortable and Classic

Who Are Your Favorite Designer(s):Banana Republic, Rachel Roy, and Calvin Klein

What Are Your Must Have Accessories?: I always have on earrings and bracelets.

You recently launched a new brand with Slide in their DMs. What prompted you to expand?

It started as a joke I was at a mixer with a couple of my friends and this guy came up to me telling me he needed to find a girl and asking if I knew any good women in New Jersey, because we were in New Jersey for the event. He was like “put me on your instagram!” And so I put that guy on and a couple of my friends who are single and everyone just liked it so I thought okay maybe this could be something. Just like Must Love Beards is kind of a way to meet the opposite sex it’s just another discreet way for people to get to know someone because they’re putting themselves out there. A lot of the events do focus on meeting someone of the opposite sex so why not make it a daily feature?

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

That it’s very important to say no. In the beginning of my blogging career I tried to please everyone and it ended up burning me out. So in the last two years I’ve made it a point to only say yes to things that I want to do and make sure that I keep strict business hours so I can have time for my personal life too.

Learn more about this enterprising brown girl below.

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Get Like Me: Strength of Nature Global Marketing Director Charlene Dance


In a time where hair is being glorified in all its states, Charlene Dance is taking her position as Global Marketing Director of Strength of Nature to new heights. Managing a total of 14 brands under the Strength of Nature name (including African Pride Shea Butter Miracle, a proud sponsor of BrownGirlsLove Power Day), her goal isn’t to just merely promote and sell products, but to create and provide women of color with hair products that speak to their personal style preferences. We spoke to the hardworking boss about her role, the diversity of the beauty industry and the keys to making it in marketing.

Name: Charlene Dance

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Personal Style in three words: Professional, Versatile, Sophisticated

Favorite Designer(s): For just everyday/weekend wear, I really like Rag & Bone. I love Tadashi Shoji for eveningwear, he’s one of my favorite designers, and then professionally I love Elie Tahari.

Must Have Accessories: One of the things I don’t leave the house without, and don’t take off is my wedding ring. I’m a sunglasses girl too, so I always have my sunglasses! I have a pair of Roberto Cavalli’s right now that I like. I had a pair of Tom Ford’s that I wore over the summer, that I usually wear on weekends and then I have a pair of very simple Kate Spade sunglasses that I wear on the professional side.

Read more about this powerful businesswoman below.

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Get Like Me: EDEN BodyWorks Founder Jasmine Lawrence

glme with text

Jasmine Lawrence has managed to create an amazing hair product line called EDEN BodyWorks, travel to Europe, work with one of the most innovative companies in the world, and get accepted to a master’s study program – all before her 25th birthday. We spoke to the entrepreneurial engineer and Power Day speaker about her personal drive, the need for balance and the art of networking.

Name: Jasmine Lawrence  

Location: Seattle, Washington

Personal Style in three words: Casual, Functional, Fun

Favorite Designer(s): Calvin Klein they, have great jeans that always seem to fit me. Converse are my favorite shoes because of the versatility that they have. I always buy Merona, they know how to cut dresses that accentuate your femininity, they make really cute casual clothing that I can layer.

Must Have Accessories: I like to always be wearing some type of small pendant, and I alternate between my high school and college class rings. 

You founded your company at a remarkably young age what do you attribute your drive to?

I think I attribute it to understanding how it feels to be empowered by something.  When I figured out that I could be in control of what products I use and what the ingredients are that really empowered me to do something for myself. Then when I started talking to other people about what I was doing I learned that it wasn’t just about me and that there were other lives that could be touched by the work that I was doing. So it started off with me feeling really empowered and feeling that I could make a difference and wanting to share that with other people that I met so that they could feel the same way that I did.

Who has been your biggest supporter during your career?

I would say definitely my parents. They put up with a lot. They supported me with a loan in the very, very beginning. They gave me professional advice, in terms of how to communicate with people, how to grow a business, how to be disciplined, all those things. They’ve been through everything with me.

Learn more about Jasmine’s career journey below.

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Get Like Me: Event Coordinator Obi Nwabuzor

20130602_Fit For A Queen_2297

When Obi Nwabuzor realized she was spending more time styling floral arrangements and streamers than studying and solving equations she knew her priorities had permanently shifted. The accounting major and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha inc. sought out ways to turn her talent for throwing parties into a profitable event production firm beginning with an informal internship that imparted invaluable information. Now with clients, including LoveBrownSugar, clamoring for her services Obi has made a name for herself as a top producer of quality social experiences including unforgettable weddings and stylish pop-up shops. We spoke to the woman behind O.N. Events about budgets, organization, and why it’s important to voice even the most unpopular of opinions.

Find out more about Obi below!

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Get Like Me: Ginger and Liz

Liz-Ginger-Beauty-Obsessions with heart

Entrepreneurs Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett have transformed shared values into shared success. The best friends and business partners used financial literacy, marketing savvy, and organic relationships to their launch their luxury nail lacquer line Ginger & Liz. Available in a variety of vibrant colors the Ginger & Liz brand is committed to making sure women understand why they have right know what’s in their cosmetics. They’re also dedicated to providing safe beauty options that are affordable and accessible in the future from pigmented polishes to luxurious lip scrubs. Find out how these two women turned a non toxic lifestyle into a lucrative company below and don’t miss your chance to check out their product with a complimentary mini manicure at #ShopLoveBrownSugar!
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Get Like Me: Artist and Pardon My Fro Entrepreneur Dana Bly


While some may have seen a stint of unemployment as a reason to give up hope Dana Bly found grace in uncertainty. Inspired by the dynamic styles of the natural hair movement and the vibrant moments that occur in everyday life she used her illustration skills to start a small business. Pardon My Fro speaks to women of all backgrounds infusing spice and personality into seemingly dull household items like coffee mugs and shower curtains. We spoke with her about inspiration, the need for professionalism in small businesses, and balancing being an artist and businesswoman.

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Get Like Me: DJ Olivia Dope

Olivia-Dope-600 with text

With the masses consumed with the charms of “Netflix and chill” grown and sexy has never looked so good and nobody does it better than DJ Olivia Dope. The brooklyn native and longtime lover of music provides parties with perfect playlists that make attendees want to dance like nobody’s watching. We spoke to her about inspiration,  personal style, and the importance of studying your craft.

See why Olivia’s so dope below. 

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Get Like Me: Designer and Project Runway Alum Kimberly Goldson

Kimberly rack text

Designer Kimberly Goldson balances structure and business savvy to create a clothing line that is delicately disciplined. From her signature KG pant to boldly patterned dresses she sees design through the lens of the millennial woman. We spoke with her about the need for inspiration, personal goals, and how we as a community can create the change we want to see in the clothing industry.

Name: Kimberly Goldson

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Personal Style in three words: Varied, Cosmopolitan, Luxury

Favorite Designer(s): Oscar De la Renta was one of my favorites, Cushnie Et Ochs, and Christian Dior. I like structured designers.

Must Have Accessories:  Right now I’m obsessed with rings. I like stacking a lot of rings. Hats transform can outfit.

You have a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management, how does having a background behind the scenes inform your business decisions as a designer?  

I’m so thankful for having a merchandising background. Starting in merchandising behind the scenes allowed me to look at the business of fashion differently than coming from a perspective of just making pretty clothes. I look at it from what women want to wear, what’s going to sell, what fits their body types so that gives me a different perspective and an advantage.

What about the millennium woman inspires you?

The millennium woman inspires me because she’s fearless. I think the millennials are definitely more risk takers. Sometimes in retail we get caught up in just buying and selling what we think most people would wear and we don’t give the risk takers enough credit. That’s what I love about designing for millennials. They like the bold colors they like the bold patterns.

What would you like to see the Kimberly Goldson brand accomplish?

I really want to inspire and transform lives. I want people to look at what I’ve been able to accomplish with the brand and see that they can do it as well- in terms of whatever their dream is. This is no small feat. I am just a humble girl from Brooklyn and I mean that in the sincerest way. You hear the phrase “if i can do it, you can do it”, I AM that phrase. That’s what I want people to see from the brand.

What do you think we can do as a community to help black designers?

We can support them. We don’t have enough African-American designers in mainstream fashion. There’s not enough. We can make great clothes as well. If we get behind our African-American designers and companies, us as a community, then we can start a new trend, we can start a new movement in the fashion industry, in the retailers, in what we see in the stores.

Learn more about Kimberly Goldson’s career below.

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Get Like Me: CBS Senior Vice President Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i

tiffany gala 4

The recent influx of people of color stepping in front of and behind the camera is no coincidence. The creatives contributing to this change are being supported by executives who are committed to “normalizing” television. Shining among them is CBS’s Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i. As Senior Vice President of Diversity & Communications the former public relations professional advocates for every point of view using her passion and purpose to yield powerful results. The Howard grad and ColorComm Circle Award recipient set aside time so we could discuss asking for what you want, being a student of the business, and why she’ll never stop counting her blessings.

Name: Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i

Location: Studio City, California

Personal Style in three words: Fun, comfortable and bright.

Favorite Designer(s): There a few go-to designers for me. I’ve been having a lot of luck lately with Carmen Steffens for shoes. They’re a conversation starter. They’re unique. I wear a lot of Rachel Roy. I like her stuff.  A good faithful is Donna Karen.

Must Have Accessories: Definitely an oversized watch. The watch I wear represents more than the time. It’s the blue-faced Michael Kors hunger watch watch that Halle Berry promoted. You’ll always find me with my wedding ring, and I love, love, love the ‘V’ I wear around my neck for my daughter, her name is Vaughan, just a simple V for my baby.

How do you think attending an HBCU has affected your career?

Attending an HBCU I think solidified the confidence that I already had. I always say “I rep for Howard as if they pay me a check”. I give back, I go back quite often. I’m still in touch with my career counselor who is still there. It really prepared me for what I was going to face in corporate america. You’re surrounded by a group of great people, as well as the legacy of the legends if you will that came before. You feel honored to sit in those seats. There’s a presence there. It’s a privilege to be at such a historical institution. If you look at my wall right now there’s a huge Howard University Alumni banner on the wall.

You manage the CBS intern program what do you look for in interns?

What I look for in interns is being a student of the business. Of course I’m looking for passion, of course I want a great resume, but I want to make sure that someone has done an iota of homework into what internship that they’re going after. Have they looked it up? In this digital age you can look for a job in bed at two in the morning! People forget how accessible not only opportunities are but information. You have to be able to utilize that. So being a student of the business, whatever business you choose to be in, is making sure you research the person before you come in. I have a great story about when I was looking an assistant. The resumes came in and I saw Howard University right at the top. I didn’t even look at the rest of the resumes I was so excited. When she came in for the interview I said “Hey Fellow Bison!” and she looked and said “you went to Howard?” It was obvious she had done no research. I was pissed!

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