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On the Market: Mane Hair Society

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While successful blow dry bars are appearing all over the country it can often seem like women with textured hair are an afterthought of this booming business trend. Time restraints and poor training techniques can be a major hassle for someone whose hair requires more than a paddle brush and a plucky attitude.

Fortunately for us celebrated hair stylist Tippi Shorter has teamed up with entrepreneurs Ashley Harrington and Gordon Williams to launch Mane Hair Society, a one stop shop for fast and affordable hair styles that are curly girl friendly.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with the Mane Hair Society founders at their inaugural pop up shop find out more about them and their brilliant new business below.

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Get Like Me: EDEN BodyWorks Founder Jasmine Lawrence

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Jasmine Lawrence has managed to create an amazing hair product line called EDEN BodyWorks, travel to Europe, work with one of the most innovative companies in the world, and get accepted to a master’s study program – all before her 25th birthday. We spoke to the entrepreneurial engineer and Power Day speaker about her personal drive, the need for balance and the art of networking.

Name: Jasmine Lawrence  

Location: Seattle, Washington

Personal Style in three words: Casual, Functional, Fun

Favorite Designer(s): Calvin Klein they, have great jeans that always seem to fit me. Converse are my favorite shoes because of the versatility that they have. I always buy Merona, they know how to cut dresses that accentuate your femininity, they make really cute casual clothing that I can layer.

Must Have Accessories: I like to always be wearing some type of small pendant, and I alternate between my high school and college class rings. 

You founded your company at a remarkably young age what do you attribute your drive to?

I think I attribute it to understanding how it feels to be empowered by something.  When I figured out that I could be in control of what products I use and what the ingredients are that really empowered me to do something for myself. Then when I started talking to other people about what I was doing I learned that it wasn’t just about me and that there were other lives that could be touched by the work that I was doing. So it started off with me feeling really empowered and feeling that I could make a difference and wanting to share that with other people that I met so that they could feel the same way that I did.

Who has been your biggest supporter during your career?

I would say definitely my parents. They put up with a lot. They supported me with a loan in the very, very beginning. They gave me professional advice, in terms of how to communicate with people, how to grow a business, how to be disciplined, all those things. They’ve been through everything with me.

Learn more about Jasmine’s career journey below.

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4 Ways to Rock Ornate Hair Accessories

4 Ways To Rock Ornate Hair Accessories

Hair accessories were created to add a little extra spice to hairstyles. I haven’t dabbled much in hair accessories because many of them aren’t as elevated as I would like. However, lately, I’ve been seeing some super cute options on the market. This is the perfect time of year to experiment with hair brooches, clips & headbands,  don’t be surprised if you fall in love and start rocking them with every look!

Get a closer look at my choices below.

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LBS Beauty: 6 Made In America Festival Beauty Ideas

It’s that time of year once again! Next weekend kicks off one of the last music festivals of summer. Made in America takes place in Philadelphia on September 5th and 6th. That means it’s times to let go of some of our favorite festival beauty trends. Headed to the festival this year? If so, keep reading for 6 Made In America festival beauty ideas that are fun, wearable and perfect for transitioning into fall!

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LBS Beauty: 4 Summer Music Festival Hair Ideas

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Free Fro: If you’ve been hesitate about rocking your afro to work or school a summer music festival is the perfect place to let your tresses flow free. Trust me you will not want to be worried about styling a twist out or perm rod set each night of the festival. Opt for the easiest option and rock a bold fro. No matter the texture or curl pattern you can easily pull off a huge(or mini) fro and embrace your inner Angela Davis at a summer music festival. Add a pop of color to your lips to pull the look together.

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Faux Locs/ Braids: Most of us naturals enjoy switching up our style every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that. Change is fun! A style like faux locs or braids is a great way to temporarily added a dramatic bold statement to your festival look. Feeling extra funky? Try Zoe’s look and a few faux locs into your braids.


Turbans: Want to maintain your cute look without worrying about heat, sweat or rain? A turban is the way to go! Simply add a bold bright turban to your look and viola you look fabulous with little effort. Not sure how to wrap your turban? Check out this quick tutorial  for 4 easy ways to rock a fab turban at the next festival you attend!

top knot

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Buns: Double buns, ninja buns or mini buns are all fabulous and funky ways to stand out at festival this year! The best thing about this style is that there is no right or wrong way to do it! Simply add as little or as many as you’d like.



No matter what hair type, style or trend you decide to rock this year remember to stay hydrated and have fun!

Shop all our favorite festival must haves here: 

Which hairstyles are you wearing this year? Leave your suggestions for summer music festival hair ideas down below! 

Talking Beauty With Motions Celebrity Stylist Ursula Stephen

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend the Motions product launch event at De Berardinis Salon in Manhattan. The evening was filled with lots of laughter and insightful convos about the new motions line. Motions celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen walked us through each product, how to use it and some of her styling secrets. We had the chance to chat with Ursula in more detail about her spring hair favorites and her best tips for styling your hair using the motions line.

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Dove Salon Day Hair Cut Dairies + Giveaway


A few weeks ago Christina & I had the pleasure of getting our hair styled by talented celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez at the Dove Salon Day. I had been considering getting a short tapered cut for a few months. My hair long natural hair had gotten boring and and required a lot of maintenance. I was craving for a fresh new look that would allow me to keep my curls, but eliminate some of the styling time. Keep reading to see my entire transformation using the Dove Quench Absolute line. more this way

5 Easy Ways To Color Your Hair At Home

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Coloring your hair is a great way to add a bold or a subtle change to your overall look. However, whether you are going darker or lighter both transitions can cause damage to your natural hair such as dryness, breakage or texture change if done incorrectly. The key to switching up your hair color is to moisturize your hair before and after the treatment. If you are coloring your hair at home before adding any color apply a deep condition treatment and a protein treatment. This will ensure your hair is strong and prepared for the hair dye. The best way to prevent any type of damage is to use natural or temporary alternatives.

Keep reading for 5 Easy Ways To Temporarily Color Your Hair At Home 

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