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Must-Have Easy Holiday Gift Ideas


Around holiday time, it can be really tricky when you’re shopping for friends and family. There are so many options out there and staying under budget can be a challenge. My problem is always going into a store to shop items for my loved ones and coming out of the store with bags on bags for myself!! It’s a TRAP I tell ya! Anyway, I partnered up with TheOutfit.com and JCPenney to show you guys how to get chic and timeless gifts for friends and family without breaking the bank. Here’s the first quick and easy idea:

Get High Tech 


Headphones are the quintessential gift for pretty much anyone on your list. Who doesn’t like music? These are perfect for anyone who commutes, travels often or simply wants to shut out noise from the outside world. Get ahead of the game and go wireless. They will love you forever (or until invisible headphones are invented).

Check out the full list of my quick & easy holiday gift suggestions by clicking over to TheOutfit.com

This post is sponsored by JCPenney in partnership with TheOutfit. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of the company.


12 Black-Owned Brands To Support #BuyBlack on Black Friday


Guys! After two years of hosting my annual Shop LoveBrownSugar holiday pop-up shops in NYC, I decided to officially launch an online shop! Shop LoveBrownSugar is now live and in full effect, and the shop currently hosts 12 black-owned brands that I’ve partnered with this holiday season for amazing gift offerings. Here are the brands and a little about why you’ll love supporting them, just like I do:

12 Black-Owned Brands To Support on Black Friday

1. Pardon My Fro


One of my absolute favorite illustrators, Dana Bly of Pardon My Fro partnered up with me for Shop LoveBrownSugar to do custom journals, custom holiday cards, a BabyBrownSugar calendar, BabyBrownSugar Coloring Book and so much more. PMF is AWESOME.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Pardon My Fro

2. LIT Brooklyn


I discovered LIT Brooklyn on the ‘gram and instantly fell in love with the packaging. Then I met with the owner Denequa in Brooklyn and fell head over heels for her scented candles. I mean, such a dope company. And the candles are travel size!

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from LIT Brooklyn

3. Ginger + Liz


I’ve known the ladies behind Ginger + Liz for years now, and it was love at first sight with their nail lacquers. They’re vegan, toxic-free and vibrant. I use these on myself and on Cadence during special occasions.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Ginger + Liz

4. The Lip Bar


I remember when The Lip Bar first launched! I thought it was such an innovative concept, empowering women to feel beautiful and challenge beauty standards with vibrant, poppy bright lip colors. Since then they have expanded to include liquid matte lipsticks, glosses and so much more.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugar Buy direct from The Lip Bar

5. 84 Gem


Kimone of 84 Gem was a vendor at my last two pop-up shops and her jewels are always a big hit. Handmade by her in her studio, Kimone is self-taught but you would never know. Her jewels are absolutely beautiful and one of a kind.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from 84 Gem

6. Belle Butters


Y’all. Belle Butters makes so many amazing skincare products I love. But when I took a whiff of this butter owner Tasha custom created for Shop LoveBrownSugar’s first pop-up shop in 2014, I knew this was a winner. It smells like heaven in a jar. And so do most of her products. Definitely a beauty brand to watch!

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Belle Butters

7. Beauty by Africa Miranda


When I first met Africa Miranda, we were fast friends. I watched her reality show when she was living in Atlanta and thought to myself “Omg! Love her!” (as if I really knew her, y’all do it too #dontjudge). Anyway, when I met her she totally lived up to my expectations and since then I’ve been consistently inspired by her and her drive. So when she told me she was creating a Facial Elixir based on her travels to Rio, Brazil I knew I needed some and you needed some too.

Shop Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Beauty by Africa Miranda

8. Balm & Co


I’ve been following influencer, author & fellow mompreneur Alex Elle for years now. I remember when she was documenting her natural hair journey. And then when she released her first book of poetry. And then when she got married and shared her beautiful wedding photos on social. Safe to say, I’m a FAN. So when I saw she was releasing a line of skincare products, I was all in.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Balm & Co

9. S Dot Beauty


Last year, S Dot Beauty was a vendor at our Shop LoveBrownSugar holiday pop-up and while I ws there she gifted me a set of her baby products to try out on Cadence. When I tell you I use her products RELIGIOUSLY as part of Cadence’s bedtime routine! They’re infused with lavender and chamomile and all things amazing. And she makes products for women, men and the whole family.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from S Dot Beauty

10. CLEANSE by Lauren Napier


As someone who travels often, I’m always looking for options to make my life easier. I’m a travel wipe addict. I use them to remove makeup, to freshen up my skin on long haul flights and everything in between. These aren’t just wipes. They are made with the best & safest ingredients. For the conscious beauty aficionado.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Lauren Napier

11. Happy Hair


When I first got a copy of Happy Hair™, I thought it was SUCH an incredible campaign. Teaching young girls to love and accept their hair in various shapes and forms is so important to building confidence. So I’m beyond proud to be carrying this book in our shop.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Happy Hair

12. Cee Cee’s Closet


I’m a big fan of head wraps. As a mompreneur, it can get tough having your hair in tip-top shape every single day, so headwraps are my save for bad hair days. They’re also super cute & allow you to express yourself with different colors and patterns.

Shop Exclusive Items on Shop LoveBrownSugarBuy direct from Cee Cee’s Closet



Hey NYC loves! If you’re in the city on Black Friday, stop by the Harlem’s Fashion Row pop-up shop taking place at Solomon & Kuff (3pm-9pm) to shop some of the Shop LoveBrownSugar brands! I’ll have a space there – can’t wait to see you! RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/harlemss-fashion-row-black-friday-pop-up-shop-tickets-29327081089

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Super Stylish Gift Ideas From StyleWatch


Hey loves! Ok so as you know, I’m a contributor for People StyleWatch’s The Outfit and what I love most about being part of the StyleWatch family is that we help break down the hottest & newest trends and make it easy for the everyday girl to incorporate those trends into her wardrobe. For example, I’m featured in the December/January issue of People StyleWatch breaking down some holiday season trends and how to easily incorporate them into your personal style and also how to gift stylishly!


So when StyleWatch told me they wanted to partner with me to present some really dope style and beauty trends from their holiday box, I knew you guys would appreciate it. Not only so YOU can put in your requests for some of these items for the holidays, but also so you know what exactly to pick up for your style-savvy friends who are up on the latest new, hot trends for the season.

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Stylish Stocking Stuffers


The days are dwindling down, but that does not mean it is too late to purchase gifts. Stocking stuffers are quick and simple ways to give gifts without breaking your pockets. Whether it’s for a co-worker or your best friend, you can never go wrong with stocking stuffers! Check out 10 amazingly stylish stocking stuffers everyone will wish they had.

1. Bag Charm



Bag charms are definitely an IT factor this season. Whether you choose a tassel, pom pom, or even the persons initial, this simple accessory can change the look of an entire bag. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you may end up snagging one for yourself.

2. Fanm Djanm Headwrap



Every woman should own at least one head wrap. Why not be that person to give someone their first, second or even fifth head wrap. The Fanm Djanm head wrap is a simple, stylish and effective stocking stuffer that no one will deny!

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LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

PicMonkey Collage with text

I love shopping for beauty lover’s during Christmas time. It gives me a chance to not only get something nice for them but to also scope out the market to see what’s new and trending. If you need to gift a beauty junkie this holiday season we have the perfect gift options below! From highlighters to brush kits and beauty blenders, the beauty junkie in your life will absolutely love the items listed below.

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50 Black Owned Businesses for #BlackOnBlackFriday


Last year, LoveBrownSugar.com released a list of 25 Black Owned Online Stores to support on Black Friday. Considering sensitive events surrounding social justice last year, we wanted to make sure to emphasize the importance of supporting black entrepreneurs as even a small gesture of change with a large impact, especially during the holiday season. The reason I decided to bring Shop LoveBrownSugar back for another year is the same. It’s important for us to support each other! So for 2015, we’re bringing the original list back and revamping it with the addition of 25 MORE businesses to support this holiday season. So you’ll see the below list split into 2015 and 2014 for distinction.

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Holiday Gift Guide with Simon Premium Outlets


Holiday shopping is on the horizon, and if you’re like me you’re probably already rolling your eyes. The long lines, the long lists and not to mention the toll it takes on your checkbook. Well, here at LoveBrownSugar you know we’re all about getting the look for less and saving a few coins so you can spend them on fun experiences (like travel or brunch – hello?) So when Simon Premium Outlets offered me the opportunity to take a shopping spree and come back with cool but cost-effective gift ideas for you guys, I took them up on the offer.

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LBS Beauty: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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 Valentine’s day is almost here! This is the perfect time to head out and snag those last-minute gifts for your significant other, sister, mom or bestie. A holiday centered around love shouldn’t just apply to romantic relationships. This Valentine’s day make sure you show everyone that you care about just how much you appreciate them. Not sure what to get your bestie or mom for v-day? Check out our full Valentine’s day gift guide below!

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LBS Holiday Gift Guide For Natural Hair

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It’s amazing how quickly this year has gone by. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s almost Christmas! That means parties, great food and lots of shopping. One of our favorite things about the holiday season is certainly shopping. However, finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be a daunting task making that holiday shopping spree a huge heachache. Trying to make a gift personal without breaking the bank is key. When it comes to finding a gift for a natural hair friend or family member in your life we’ve got you covered! From styling tools to deep conditioning treatments the options are endless. Keep reading to see 10 of our favorite holiday gift ideas for the natural hair diva in your life!

Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide For Natural Hair

1. Caruso Steam Roller Setter: This is perfect for the curlfriend that spends hours at the salon each week getting that roller set. This system is easy to use and it only takes minutes to set your hair.

2. Baby Bliss Pro Nano Titanium Straighening Iron: Unlike most ceramic straightening iron this flat iron has titanium plates that heat up to 450 degrees ensuring smooth results with just one pass.

3. Ouidad Expert Curl Kit 

This kit comes with a hydrating conditioner, styling gel, a detangling spray and styling clips. With just one set you are getting the essentials for frizz free healthy hair.

img (9)

4. Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Kit : Perfect for the natural that  loves styles like twist outs or braid outs.Formulated with coconut oil and silk proteins these 3 products help define and hydrate curls.

img (10)

5. Camille Rose Natural Curlaide Moisture Butter  

The nourishing properties of shea butter work to smooth frizzing curls, while locking in moisture. The added bonus about this brand is that all of these products smell amazing!

6. Zigi Marley CoCo Mon Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids which help to promote a healthy scalp and stronger hair.


7.  RED by Kiss Handle-less Dryer 


If your curl friend swears by “wash and gos” this blow handless dryer will make her styling sessions a breeze.


8. Amika Obliphica Tourmaline Clip-Free Curler

Looking for a curling wand that creates perfect spirals each time? The Amika clip free curler does the trick!

img (2)

9. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repair and Strengthen Hair

This three piece set is essential for the natural girl that many be struggling with breakage due to heat or color damage.


10.Olivia Garden Divine, DV-1 Wet Detangler: This brush is made to reduce the stress put on our hair and our wrists while styling. It’s the perfect tool for detangling in the shower.

img (11)

Will you be shopping for any natural haired friends or family members this season? 

LBS Holiday Picks: Glassful Wine Subscription


If you happen to have any wine lovers on your holiday gift list, Glassful makes a really awesome and easy gift idea. I first heard about Glassful in October and was immediately intrigued behind the concept. Glassful is a new curated monthly wine subscription service that uses a short quiz to determine your taste profile and sends you three different bottles of quality wine for $54/month. If you like your wines, you rate them online and this builds your overall profile so that the next batch of wines in your subscription are tailored accordingly.

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