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#MBIBMoms Top 10 Beautiful Mommy Moments


As a new mom, I’ve found it so refreshing and encouraging to look back on the things I’ve accomplished and pat myself on the back when I really need it. This year I’m honored to be an ambassador for P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful “Mommy Moments” campaign sponsored by Pampers and Dreft. They’ve asked me to share my personal top 10 Beautiful Mommy Moments since giving birth to baby Cadence. Check them out below:

10. The day I started BabyBrownSugar.


Even though it’s my first time being a mom and I’m absolutely no expert in motherhood, starting a blog based around my journey into motherhood and being able to share that with the world was a big step for me. So many moms keep their questions and daily frustrations to themselves. Sharing experiences so we can grow together is what BabyBrownSugar is all about.

9. Our first on-air interview.


I’ve always dreamed of having a career that would allow me to include my children so they could experience first-hand what it takes to be successful. When Essence asked me to bring Cadence on a video segment with me about how I maintain her curls, I was thrilled! She’s a natural on camera! Who knew?

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Our Best Beauty Tips From Mom Inspired by Dove’s #BeautyStory


Mother’s Day is this weekend and we know you guys are probably gearing up to spend the weekend with your loved ones or at least to show your appreciation for Mom in some way. Here at LBS, we love a good beauty tip. You may not know it but our mothers actually have a HUGE impact on how we view beauty. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our staff and some of our favorite bloggers and friends to dish on their own beauty tips from mom and how their moms and mother figures have influenced their current beauty routines.

Here’s what they had to tell us:

Trina of Baby Shopaholic
“My mom taught me to always take care of my skin. She taught me to always use a good face wash and moisturizer. At 76, she still has flawless skin.”

Jessica Andrews of Glamazons Blog
“My mother has a phenomenal and refreshingly unique style, and always looks polished from her hair to her shoes. But the one beauty tip she taught me is that a woman isn’t fully dressed without a splash of perfume. I always think of her when I spritz Marc Jacobs Lola before leaving my apartment.”


Savonne Anderson, LBS Contributor
“My grandmother taught me to moisturize my skin with oil straight out of the shower before drying off. That way, the oil absorbs into my skin with the water instead of just sitting on top.”


Christina, Founder & EIC:
“My mother taught me about the beauty of simplicity. She always took great care of her skin and never wore tons of makeup. Now as an adult I appreciate her minimalist approach to beauty and it’s probably why I have such great skin.”


Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey
“Growing up my mother would always say, “Keep your hands out of your mouth and off of your face!” I have her to thanks for my healthy nail obsession and an acne-free face. Do you know how many germs your hands hold? YUCK.”

Ty Alexander Gorgeous In Grey HSHOT_3

Keyaira Boone, LBS Contributor
“My grandmother taught me to always wash my face before I went to sleep. If I fell asleep before I washed my face when I was little she would literally wake me up and make me do it. She also was big on me not popping my pimples with my hands. She said if I couldn’t resist popping them altogether I should use a fresh washcloth and warm water to ease the pimple out.”


Kelly Augustine of KellyAugustine.com
“The one beauty tip my grandmother gave me was that Vaseline fixes it all, haha.”


Simone Gittens of Louis B Boutique

“Never pick bumps on your face because they will leave marks, plus your hands are always dirty and your face is the first thing that people see when they look at you.”

Fatima, LBS Contributor:

“My mother taught me to always embrace my skin tone and natural hair. She constantly reminded me and my siblings that we were beautiful inside and out.


This past weekend, Christina went to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Arizona with Trina of BabyShopaholic where presenting sponsor Dove revealed their latest #beautystory campaign.


Dove created the campaign around a study that shows mothers are more likely to influence their daughters’ beauty habits than celebrities. It revealed that while today’s society is often dominated by celebrity culture, three times as many women said their mothers influenced their beauty routines than say celebrities have, and a staggering 84% of women trust the women in their lives over celebrities for beauty tips and advice.

Dove’s “Four Generations” film below calls on women everywhere to share their #BeautyStory to honor the real women in their lives that have inspired it. We really love this, check it out below:

What’s one beauty tip that was passed down in your family? Share your #beautystory down below. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Put Your Heart To Paper for Mother’s Day


If you’re anything like me, there are a few different mommy figures in your life this Mother’s Day season that you have to honor. There are women in my life that have definitively shaped me and also my own journey as a mom. For me, greeting cards put that extra special touch on top of any special occasion gift. Sometimes the card is just as important as the gift. I get so sappy in the greeting card aisle, you’re liable to find me in a corner crying over a card before I purchase it. Yeah, I’m that girl.


Anyway, when it comes to purchasing greeting cards I’m almost always drawn to the Hallmark section. They have the most creative and heartfelt messages and their writers always find a way to capture the feeling I’m trying to convey. Greeting cards are not one-size-fits-all. You will undoubtedly have something different to say to your Best Friend than you do to your Mother-in-Law, for example. This Mother’s Day, these are the four different types of women I’m honoring and a few Hallmark greeting cards that can help you put your heart to paper and convey the message:

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My #MBIBMoms Top 5 New Mommy Tips

me-and-cadence-2Photo: Kesha Lambert

I have to be all the way real. Though you guys often see me strutting around in heels for photoshoots or on the red carpet somewhere snapping pics with some celeb, behind all that glitter and glam I’m simply a new mom trying to make a living. And being a mom is HARD work. Being a new mom, at that, can be incredibly overwhelming.

me-and-cadence-1Photo: Kesha Lambert

One of the reasons I created BabyBrownSugar was to share some of the hard lessons and anecdotes I experience with fellow moms. Another reason is because I myself wanted advice from other moms with more experience than me! In my short time as a mother I’ve learned quite alot. So I’m really honored to partner up with P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful to be an ambassador for their “Beautiful Mommy Moments” campaign sponsored by Pampers and Dreft. As part of the campaign, I get to share my personal top 5 new mommy tips! See below for a list of ways to maintain your sanity as a new mommy:

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