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9 Tips on How to Decorate Brightly Colored Walls Successfully

There’s an entire psychology behind colors and how they influence your mood. And let’s be honest, not all rooms were made for white walls. So, here are 9 tips on what to do before (or after) you’ve decided on a color that best represents you.

1. Begin with a focal point.

Typically you choose the focal point and then build a color story around the central piece in your space. Deciding on the focal point second is a risk but do it anyway! Then it’s off to hunt for the perfect piece of furniture to get an idea of which direction you want to go in next. Find an item that incorporates your paint color brilliantly—a rug, a chair, duvet or piece of art.


Check out additional tips to add some color to your space below.

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17 Tablescapes to Try This Easter

Of all the seasons, spring is ideal for creating fun and vibrant tablescapes. And what better holiday than Easter to hunt for pastel colors and blushing floral arrangements. Pair that with glass vases and colorful eggs and you’ll be set to host an impressive Easter brunch or early dinner. Your table has the potential to grow into a fresh and cheerful display with these 17 Easter-inspired tablescape ideas.


Traditionally, you’ll see plenty of pinks and yellows used in Easter decoration.  Keep it light and airy with these traditional color choices but don’t forget to gather vibrant moss or glitter to accentuate them with, after all it is a holiday.


Check out sixteen more tablescape options below.

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4 Ways to Organize Your Natural Hair Products

Hair products

The bathroom: The only place—outside of your bedroom—where it’s possible to create an utter and complete mess while making it out unscathed and ready to slay. If you’ve been leading the naturalists lifestyle chances are you’ve accumulated enough natural hair care products to start your own beauty supply. And even if you’re not into rocking two-strand twists or wash-and-gos, you can follow the tips below to organize and declutter your space.

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LBS Chic Designer Feature: Justina White

Justina White

From an executive role with one of America’s leading healthcare providers to handling passion projects, Justina White made the switch to transforming client’s “sterile spaces into chic contemporary” rather seamlessly. White is an East Bay Area designer that started her firm, J.G.W. DÉCOR, in 2011 after deciding to leave the corporate sphere and try her hand in interior design. White is proof that word of mouth is a major key in growing a small business, and her stunningly chic designs make her an interior designer to watch.

Read more about the talented Justina White below.

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NYFW Spring 2016 Trend-Inspired Home Decor

NYFW doesn’t just set the tone for you wardrobe, it’s the jumping off point for getting your entire life. Ideas for hair, make-up, fashion—both to be worn and seen—are hitting the runways first. Here are some NYFW trend-inspired home decor and accessories you’ll want to retreive just in before the blooms blossom.


Bring out the blooms and bright colors! Spring 2016 trend inspirations are all about mixing it up with texture, prints and a hint of happy hues. From the runway to your doorway, and beyond, here are a few 2016 NYFW  fashion-forward trends to try incorporating into your home for the upcoming season.

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9 Ways To Revamp Your Home in the New Year


Photo Credit: Nicole Gibbons Studio

So, 2016 is off to a great start. You’ve set your New Year’s resolutions and you’re sticking to them. Or maybe you’re just continuing on your journey, committed to being a better version of yourself everyday. In any case, ’tis the season inspired by new beginnings. Try making subtle but noticeable changes in your space by freshening up your home and atmosphere with these minor adjustments.

1. Bring the outdoors indoors.


Photo Source: vtwonen

Take a look at other ways to revamp your home for the new year below.

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7 Decorative Tips for Bringing in the New Year At Home

PicMonkey Collage

It’s nearing the close of another holiday season and that means one of two things, quite possibly both: You’ve had guests over for big, extravagant meals and/or you’ve spent the last month attending all those holiday parties, taking full advantage of the break from work. And now, you’re out for the count and not really up for bringing in the New Year on your feet at another never-ending party.

Let’s face it: Getting dressed and going out is not the safest plan on a night like this one. Some of us opt to spend the night in intimate settings, counting down the seconds before the clock strikes 12. So, here’s a list of small but significant decorative tips for closing out 2015 in an epic but subtle way below.

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LBS Chic at Home: Aphrochic Design Tips with Home Depot


Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend an exclusive preview of the Home Depot Closet Chic space at the Essence Block Party. The opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time because in just 2 weeks I’m moving out of my current home and into a new space! Hence, I’m looking for all the home decor inspiration I can get.

Home Depot teamed up with the designers behind the popular and on-trend home decor destination AphroChic to design the ultimate cool-girl’s closet smack dab in the middle of the Essence Block Party. It was decked head to toe in literally all things I love. The closet was painted a special custom color created by Aphrochic at Home Depot via the Colorhouse brand of paint (only available at the Home Depot in Brooklyn!) This color is so me – the perfect merge of pink and purple. It’s like a fashionista’s fuschia. Also Colorhouse paint has absolutely no odor or fumes (which is pretty awesome).


Founders Jeanine Mays and her husband Bryan Mase briefed me on the inspiration behind the closet and the idea was “The Perfect Girl Cave”. From the great pops of color to the explosive prints (the dresses hanging in the closet are from one of my favorite designers Reuben Reuel of DEMESTIKS NYC), I loved everything about the space.

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5 Items Helping Me Prepare For 2015


As we prepare to usher in 2015, there are a few things I’m really excited about that I know will help me have a productive and inspiring year. Though the focus around this time of year is typically on New Year’s resolutions and the “practical” things like a weight loss regimen or a great tax accountant, I’ve rounded up a few fun things that I plan to use in the New Year. Just as important to your life and your daily motivation are the images and things you surround yourself with. I wrote a post not too long ago about 3 Ways to Decorate Your Work Space and emphasized the importance of visual stimulation.

Take a peek at 5 Items Helping Me Prepare for 2015:

1. Pardon My Fro Personalized Notepad


I can’t rave about Pardon My Fro enough. This brand has some of the coolest printed stationary among other dope things. I got this notepad custom made with my name and one of my favorite PMF dolls (called Tinsley – isn’t she fly?) I’m one of those people who has to see things written down in order to process them and to eventually get them done. I know a notepad like this will help me with productivity.

2. A new camera lens for my Canon DSLR


Earlier this year, I posted on Instagram that I was looking to up my photography skills on this here blog. I asked you guys to tag your fave photographers so that I could ask them where to begin. I asked, you answered! The top recommendation via Instagram’s top photogs was for me to upgrade my current camera’s kit lens (the 18-55 mm one that comes standard with an entry level DSLR) by acquiring a 50mm lens.


I finally bought this Canon EF 50mm/f 1.8 one with a gift card I got for Christmas, and I am SO in love. Look out for better picture quality and even more amazing close-ups of my favorite products here on LoveBrownSugar.com.

3. Beats by Dre Headphones


Nothing gets me in the zone like some good hype music. Music can literally change my mood. I also find that I’m way more productive when I have a soundtrack behind me. I was so excited to receive these Beats by Dre Solo 2 headphones in pink for Christmas. They are my favorite color AND some of the best headphones on the market. I’m unstoppable now, obviously.

4. Nate Berkus File Folders


Remember when it was “back to school” time as a child? Most other kids in my class were obsessed with their new sneakers or a new haircut. Me? I was obsessed with my stationary! Folders and binders and pencils – oh my! Back in the day, you weren’t cool if you didn’t have Lisa Frank stationary. Remember that? Anyway, things haven’t changed much since second grade. I have bigger boobs and bills now, but still the same old Christina. It follows, then, that I would be hyped about some decorative file folders I found at Target from the Nate Berkus line. Cannot WAIT to put them to good use.

5. Post-It [BIG PAD]


You all probably know I’m a real stickler for creating vision boards. This one epic year, back in 2011, I created one for myself and it completely changed my life. Every goal I had placed on my board was accomplished in 12 months. It was the most astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced! Since then, I’ve been an avid believer. So when I saw this Post-It Big Pad at a recent Staples visit, I just had to grab it. I plan to use it for my own 2015 Vision Board as well as to plan out my monthly inspirations for LoveBrownSugar and BabyBrownSugar. Stay tuned for another post on that whole process right here on LoveBrownSugar.com.

Are you based in/around NYC? If so, join me at the Live Your Dream Tour this upcoming Saturday, January 10th for a live Vision Board party! I will be co-hosting this exciting event with the Live Your Dream team and I hope to meet some of you there!


Click here to purchase tickets!

What inspires you? What items get your inspirational juices flowing when it’s time to work? Leave a comment!

LBS Beauty: The Importance of Sleep & 5 Tips For Getting It

sleep-tipsHere at LoveBrownSugar, we talk alot about how to look good and feel good about yourself. From the clothes you wear to how you style your hair and the lipstick you put on before you walk out the door (MAC Ruby Woo anyone?). One thing people often neglect in the quest for perfecting their looks is how important getting the proper rest really is. During National Sleep Awareness Week (March 2nd – 9th), the National Sleep Foundation released a slew of new information about how many people are truly neglecting to get the proper rest.

Sleep is the one beauty ritual you can’t buy at a store and you can’t borrow from your best friend.

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