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Get Like Me: Teen Vogue Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing & Brand Partnerships Zoé Zeigler

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Zoé Zeigler’s life is all about balance. The marketing professional doesn’t believe in limiting herself and manages her multiple professional roles with poise and polish.  As the Executive Director of New York’s chapter of ColorComm she hosts warm and welcoming events designed to inform and empower women of color. As a Senior Manager at Teen Vogue, she focuses on managing Integrated Marketing & Brand Partnerships and as a blogger she creates compelling content designed to uplift and stand out. We caught up with Zoé to learn about statement earrings, confidence, and the importance of branding beyond your business card.

Name: Zoé Zeigler

Location: New York, New York

Describe Your Personal Style in Three Words: Thrifts, prints and…me

Who Are Your Favorite Designer(s): I love supporting independent designers. Some of my favorites at the moment are DPiperTwins and Lois London. I’m not really into your traditional “labels.” I’ll take nice one-of-a-kind vintage/thrifted item or a cute African printed piece over a big name brand any day.

What Are Your Must Have Accessories?: A statement pair of earrings for sure. I have over 60 pairs displayed like art in my apartment that I rotate wearing daily.

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Get Like Me: Essence Editor and Boss Bride Founder Charreah Jackson

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The life of a magazine editor can seem like a constant swirl of glamour but behind every celebrity selfie and television appearance there is a ton of teamwork. We visited entrepreneur and Lifestyle & Relationships Editor Charreah Jackson at the Essence offices to talk about the power of relationships, the importance of pursing your passion, and never forgetting about the people you serve.

Name: Charreah Jackson

Location: Harlem, NY

Personal Style: “Retro. Romantic. Funk.”

Favorite Designer(s): DVF, Kate Spade and Laquan Smith.

Must-Have Accessories: A pop of color, bold earrings and a kiss.

What lead to the founding of BossBride.com?

During my course here as Relationships editor, I get so many relationship books and resources that come across my desk but I often felt like a lot of the information wasn’t necessarily tailored to today’s woman. Concerns are a little bit different than generations before because we have so many more professional opportunities as women today. But having a lot of choices can sometimes be overwhelming, there are a lot more things that are coming for our time. We dream bigger and better than generations before because we have unprecedented access to the life we want. So it’s a passion area for me and as a dating coach a lot of the women I work with are very successful professional women who are looking for that same level of success in their personal life and so that was who my niche was. I was thinking about what do you call her and boss bride came to me. I launched last year. 

Who is a Boss Bride to you?

A Boss Bride is a woman who merges the best skills of an effective leader with a woman on her wedding day. She is someone who is a great delegator, who is a team player, who is a visionary. She is a woman who is living in the moment, fully taking advantage of having the people she loves around her and who prioritizes her relationships. You can be single, you can be a divorcee, you can be married for fifteen years and still be a boss bride. It’s a mentality and approach to life that you’re really smart and particular about what’s important to you because you know that there’s a lot on your plate.


Charreah with the Vice President and BossBride Dr. Jill Biden the first Second Lady to hold a paying job while her husband is in office.

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LBS Beauty: Talking Beauty With Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans is a prime example of a natural beauty. In addition to her singing career, Tiffany is a full time mom and successful business owner. While juggling many tasks she always manages to look fabulous. Our contributor Keyaira had the opportunity to chat with Tiffany Evans about her favorite beauty tips and tricks.



What’s the number one beauty item you can’t leave the house without?

Lipgloss. My eyebrows are very important too but if my eyebrows are done the only thing I’m going to need is my lipgloss and lip liner.

What’s your favorite gloss and liner?

NYX. I love them! I go to my local beauty supply store and they are so dope when it comes to the colors and the way that it feels on your lips I think they’re perfect. So I’m always buying lipgloss. The butter gloss that they have is super super cool and I just recently bought this pencil. It’s a lip pencil but it goes on like glaze and it’s really pretty. And the pigment is so strong it’s like a purple vampire-ish color and it’s pretty.

How has your beauty look evolved over the years?

It has evolved tremendously. I started when I was nine years old so I pretty much grew up in front of everybody. I think everyone has an ugly stage and felt like I had an ugly stage for a long time until I turned like 19 and I started to find myself and what I liked, how I wanted to wear my hair and get my makeup done. You know when you start doing your makeup on your own you go through those ugly stages with that. Because at first I was doing these box eyebrows and they were just super terrible until I got the hang of it and what it was supposed to look like and I didn’t get that until now. Now when I do my eyebrows it has to be a certain way even when I go to photo-shoots if the makeup artist doesn’t know how to do my eyebrows that way that I need them to be done I will do them myself. My eyebrows are so important to me they shape my face and if you give me the wrong look then my face is going to look a little off and I hate that. I’m honestly past the ugly stage. I’m a woman now and I think you guys see more of that in the way that I dress as well. As you grow up and become a woman you find out what is more your taste.


How do you keep your hair healthy while putting color and other things in it for photo-shoots?

It’s all about getting it trimmed, washed, conditioned, and treated. My hair stylist LaTay Mays does a really good job putting my hair together. I’ve actually had to go through a stage of cutting all of my hair off. It was after I released my first album. I was working on another project and I cut my hair, started dying it, and I didn’t take care of it like I should have. I don’t think the right people were doing it either. It started breaking off, becoming brittle, and it was just really really bad. So I had to chop all of my hair off. Then I wore weave and it wasn’t the weave that was the problem it was me not taking care of my hair up under that. So I had to keep cutting it off for a while. When I met my hair stylist Latay she started me from square one. She took care of my hair again and made it come alive. So when I had my daughter my hair was flourishing and it was full and gorgeous. I’ve had to go through so many phases with my hair it’s been pretty crazy. I love wearing extensions though. I love weave I don’t think any woman should be against wearing weave. I love that. The right weave. Sometimes people put all types of different hair on your head and it just does not work, it does not match up with your hair and that can be a problem. So my hair stylist is really amazing and I get hair extensions from the hair agency. They’re dope. I just kind of keep it simple I trim my hair every time I take my weave out and treat it and I’m good to go.


We are loving Tiffany’s simplistic beauty tips.

To learn more about Tiffany be sure to follow her on Instagram here.

Get Like Me: Stylist Becca Alexis

For all of you LoveBrownSugar readers aspiring to break into the fashion industry or simply intrigued by it, LBS has something for ya! Our new “Get Like Me” series highlights exclusive interviews with industry insiders from celebrity stylists to new fashion designers, fashion PR heads & more! First up – stylist to the stars and Purveyor of Style – Becca Alexis.
Dressing hot celebs from Trey Songz to Mary J, this fashion maven has made a name for herself working under top celeb stylists like Jessica Paster and June Ambrose. Now co-founder of her own company Pulchritude & Concepts and head blogger over at Purveyor of Style, Becca Alexis dishes the juicy deets on how she got started in the industry, who her fave client is, and what’s in her Alexander McQueen purse…The Fab 5
Name: Becca Alexis
Location: New York and Los Angeles
Personal Style in 3 Words: Glamourous, Pin-Up, Avant-garde
Favorite Designer(s): I call them the fashion Dieties – Jeanne Lanvin, Paco Rabanne, Pierre Balmain, Givenchy, Thierry Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, Andre Courreges, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier
Must-Have Accessory: A fabulous pair of stilettos. It adds the punctuation to the wardrobe.
All About Becca
How did you get started in the industry?

I started as a fashion illustrator and designer. I made costumes for the performers at my college, University of Florida. My friends and family encouraged me to pursue a more serious career in fashion instead of working as a freelance writer. So I relocated to LA and worked as a wardrobe PA for Desperate Housewives and CSI Miami while attending the FIDM.

Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?

Fashion was always a part of me in some aspect. I was always in dresses. As a daughter of ministers I was never allowed to wear shorts or pants outside of playing soccer. I loved dressing up, but I didn’t know at that time that I could make a career out of it until I was about 22.

How did Pulchritude & Concepts come about?

While attending FIDM, Hachy Mendez who is now my business partner really mentored me about the industry and took me on all the photoshoots she got hired to do. When I finished chool, we partnered up and worked together on a plethora of projects. We really meshed well and our fashion collision transpired into really incredible work. In 2007 when I started to take on my own work we made our company official. The name is a bit pretentious; who needs all those letters to say beauty? But it’s really what we do – conceptualize and create beautiful things.

Who’s your favorite client?

That’s like asking me who my favorite child is…. well, if I had some! All of the clients I worked with were all incredible in their own rights. I consider fashion an expression and all of them had their own way of saying “This is who I am.”

Most rewarding experience of your career thus far?

My parents understanding what I do for a living and them expressing their joy on my accomplishments.

3 Pieces of advice for aspiring fashionistas?

1. Know the value of relationships, as one never knows who her/his benefactor might be.
2. Study fashion like its science, as knowledge is power, it’s the one thing no one can ever take away from you.
3. Don’t let past mistakes overtake you, its about one’s ability to recover in this business!

What’s in your purse?

NOOO!! I always get nervous with that question! My current bag of choice is by Alexander Mcqueen. Its HUGE. I have the most recent issue of Harper’s Bazaar, a Dior pouch with my hand lotion and Fresh Sugar and Lemon perfume, generic cosmetic case with concealer, mascara and Kiehl’s lip gloss, a journal with fashion notes and a smaller journal with daily notes, aspirin, Luna Bar, hair brush, Oliver Peoples eyewear, Canon G11 camera and a BCBG pouch full of receipts!

To keep up with Becca Alexis, follow her on Twitter or at Purveyor of Style.