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Monday Motivation: Choose Happiness


Yesterday was International Day of Happiness. I’d be lying if I told you I knew this before yesterday. I didn’t. Like many of y’all, I found out about it through social media. I was swiping left on Snapchat to change my filter, and I happened to stumble on the International Day of Happiness filter in all it’s elaborate and colorful glory. Seems like they have a special day for everything these days, but this one in particular is so necessary.

One thing I’ve learned is that happiness is neither a person, place, or thing. It’s a choice.


We spend our entire lives striving towards this “ideal state” of lasting happiness. It’s like the promised land or heaven for us. Many of us work, day in and day out, for achievements and money and things that we hope will bring us closer to this perfect state of happy. Many of you come to LoveBrownSugar.com to be inspired through style and beauty, because ultimately looking good equates to feeling good, which makes you happy.


Coat & Top & Pants: Fashion To Figure | Hat & Shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: GiGi New York

And I love that this outlet provides that for many of you. But I also want you to know something even deeper and more life-changing. Even without the highest heels, the latest trends or the perfect red lipstick – you can choose to be happy.


Even though we think our outside circumstances control our happiness, they don’t. Really, we control our own happiness with how we choose to look at and digest our circumstances. . I’ve visited some very destitute neighborhoods in foreign countries and surprisingly the people inhabiting them were often enjoying life WAY more than I was. Less money, less opportunity, less technology, less everything. But still had an excitement for life that was unmistakable.


So lovelies, I’m challenging you this week to choose happiness above everything. Take the time to examine yourself when your mood shifts from happiness to sadness or anger or frustration. Figure out the triggers and take back some of that control. And, if you have some time this week, go to Netflix and rent this film Happy, The Movie. It goes a little more in depth on what I touched on about people around the world with way less than Western standards choosing happiness and living their best lives. It was an eye-opener for me and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Photos by Augusta Sagnelli

So how do YOU choose happy on a day to day basis? Have any tips or encouragement for others? Leave it in the comment section.

Monday Motivation: Surround Yourself With Inspiration + 3 Ways To Decorate Work Space

LBS-inspires-11.3.14This quote from Buddha about the power of your mind is an incredible one. It sums up why some people with terminal illnesses live long past their diagnoses. It explains why Vision Boards are so powerful. What is in your mind, what you see, and what you believe provides a direct path to what will happen in your life.

With that in mind, I think it’s important to constantly surround yourself with positivity. I’ve talked on here about getting rid of negative people in your life, which I think is equally important. For me, having a lively and inspirational work space helps me focus and also keeps positivity around me while I’m working. You spend so many hours each day at your desk or in your work space, so why not make it positive and inspiring? Here are three ways 3 ways you can decorate work space with words, images and life:

more this way

Monday Motivation: Setting Higher Standards


I’ve spoken to you guys before about my belief in the power of your thoughts and your mind. It’s one of the reasons my Vision Board Series has been so successful and why many of you have found great success by creating them. There are so many layers to the overall idea of “I think, therefore I am”. This week’s motivation is about setting higher standards.

You get only what you believe you deserve.

It’s a powerful statement and an emotional one. It should make you think. It should make you a little angry. But it should also inspire you to dream bigger. The idea that the things we attract – whether it’s a great spouse or a promotion on the job – have alot to do with our minds and what we think about ourselves is a scary thing. It puts alot of control in your hands, which should scare you but should also empower you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the belief (personally) that God guides and directs all things in my life. But He can only do wonderful things for me if I’m mentally prepared for them.


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So I’m vowing today to open up my mind and my heart to receive blessings beyond what I could ever imagine. And I’m setting my life standards incredibly high because I know I deserve it and because I don’t want to attract anything less.

What about you? Are you standards at their highest? Have you ever felt like you settled and you could do better? Soundoff below!

Monday Motivation: Living With No Regrets


So this week I’ve been thinking alot about the idea of regret and how playing things safe or being fearful of taking chances can really leave you singing “shoulda, coulda, woulda” for years on end. Then I started to think about what regret really is and how it has an impact on our lives daily. Regret is essentially the idea that had you done things differently in the past, you may be better off than you are today. So my reflection today is two-fold.

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Monday Motivation: Leave What You Don’t Love


This week’s Monday Motivation is about cleaning the things out of my life that no longer make me happy. Life is just WAY too short to spend any time or energy doing things that don’t help you grow as a person, that don’t edify your life or that don’t put a smile on your face. One of the main reasons, I left my job and started working for myself (despite how scary and challenging I knew it would be) is because I was no longer happy. Once that happens, you lose a little bit of yourself every day. So I decided to reclaim my happy and just follow my passion.


Now don’t get me wrong, life is not going to be grand all the time. But you should always be able to pinpoint a lesson or a key takeaway if something you’re doing in life is making you miserable or causing you pain. Don’t dwell in. Accept the lesson and move on! Time is ticking folks, so don’t waste it on things you won’t have a story about in 20 years.

Leave what you don’t love behind you.

Have you had to do this recently? Any tips for clearing the life clutter?

Monday Motivation: Letting Go of the Past


Happy Monday loves! This weekend for the first time in a long time, I had to do something I’ve dreaded since the first day of summer. I had to wear a jacket. I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania on a family trip and it was not only rainy but cold. I’m sad to see summer go but entering a new season is refreshing – literally and figuratively. So this week for me is all about letting go of the past.


New seasons and new chapters often mean change. And with these changes comes a responsibility to embrace them and not focus on seasons passed. I’ve struggled constantly with relishing in the happiness and good times of the past, but also re-living the pains and hurts as well. This is a bad practice to maintain.

You can’t move ahead in life if you’re constantly looking behind you.

When I think about this concept, I think about my younger brother. He runs track, and very well. So well that he secured a full college scholarship because of his talent. One thing I’ve always noticed about the way he runs his races is that he has this laser focus. He wins races because the only thing he can see is the finish line. He’s not looking to the left or to the right at his competition. And he’s certainly not looking behind him.

This is the same approach we should take in life. Stay focused on what’s ahead – the beautiful memories you’re planning to create, the life you want to live and the lives you want to affect in a positive way. Because you’ll never be able to FULLY enjoy today if you’re constantly focused on yesterday.

How do you cope with letting go of the past?

Monday Motivation: Positive Energy


Happy Monday! I’m back from my Summer Hiatus and feeling so amped to finish out the summer and usher in the fall. I’m renewing the Monday Motivation series and hope that I can bring you guys just a small drop of positivity and love on Mondays.

One lesson I am learning more of each day is the importance of keeping positivity in your inner circle at all times. Life is tough and everyone has bad days. But if there are people in your life that constantly speak negatively, never have a nice or encouraging word to say, or whom lead you to believe that you can’t live up to your highest potential – get rid of them.

Negativity is like cancer. It spreads quickly and can eventually kill your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Surrounds yourself with positive people so your light keeps shining!

How do you stay positive during the week? Share your stories in the comments section – you could be helping someone else!