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What To Pack For Thailand

what-to-pack-for-thailandNow that I’ve decided where I’m headed on my dream getaway destination as well as my dream itinerary, now all I have to worry about is what to pack for Thailand! As part of the last post in my Dream Getaway series with the Capital One Venture Rewards Card I’ve decided to rundown a list of all my must-haves for the trip. I looked up the best times to travel to Thailand and it looks like my best bet, because I’m a beach bum and I want it to be hot, is to head there sometime between April and May. This is when Thai is the warmest and it’s the best time to hit the beach. Because I plan on going to multiple areas of Thailand and doing as much as I possibly can, I’m not planning to pack too much. I like to keep it light & right. With that in mind, here are the travel essentials I plan to bring to Thailand when I go.

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For Beach Excursions in Phuket:

phi_phi_island_beachPhoto Source

I poked around Expedia’s “Things To Do” tab and found that if you plug in the city you’re headed to you can find exclusive excursions and activities for whatever city you’re visiting. So I then typed in “Phuket” and found this really cool beach excursion to “Snorkel and Sightsee on the Phi Phi Islands” which is exactly what I planned on doing while in Phuket. Using the Capital One Venture Rewards Card, you can book an excursion like this on your card and wipe it clean from your credit card statement with the right amount of rewards points. Capital One allows you two rewards points for every dollar spent – no blackout dates, which is perfect for booking an excursion like this. Here’s what I would pack for a beach excursion in Phuket:

  • Convertible Maxi Dress (easy to take from day to night)
  • Sarong (in a fun fabric that can double as a head wrap)
  • Bathing Suit (cute enough for beachside pics and sturdy enough for snorkeling)
  • Flip-Flops (these are a Thailand essential)
  • Beach Bag (to store extra sunscreen, a waterproof camera and my floppy beach hat)
  • Sunscreen (to protect my skin from sunburn)
  • Wide-Brimmed Hat (to protect my head from the intense Thai sun)

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For Sightseeing in Bangkok:


So I plan to do a full-day excursion in Bangkok. On Expedia, there are really cool options for daytime excursions like this “Floating Market, Elephant Show and Rose Garden” Tour that literally allows me to knock out 2 of my top activities for Thailand – the floating market and seeing the elephants! With the Capital One Venture Card, you have the ultimate flexibility to book on any day and at any time you’d like. There are no blackout dates – win! Here are a few important things I plan to pack for sightseeing in Bangkok:

  • Backpack (to keep my digital camera and some snacks handy)
  • Flashlight (Thailand is prone to blackouts – just in case!)
  • Digital Camera (to snap all of the fun memories)
  • Denim Cutoffs (to keep cool and comfortable)
  • Light Jacket (in case of rainfall, and for areas with intense A/C)

I know it probably doesn’t seem like a ton, but that’s exactly the way I like it. I plan to pack light and bring a BIG bag so I can do some shopping and bring back lots of souvenirs.

How would you pack for your dream getaway? Did I miss anything? Let me know!

This post is sponsored by Capital One. All opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company.

My Summer Beach Getaway Essentials (2014 Edition)

st-lawrence-beach-apartmentsSummer time is all about soaking up sun, spending quality time outdoors and getting away from home! As you guys know from my countless travel stories, I absolutely love to get away. There are a few items I never leave home without when I’m headed on an excursion that includes the beach.

beach-getaway-beauty-essentialsWhether it’s close to home (I took baby Cadence on her first beach trip last weekend!) or far away (like my recent weekend trip to the Bahams), here are some tried & true beach getaway essentials I always pack:

1. Conditioner

motions-natural-texturesWhen I only have space in my carry-on or beach bag for ONE hair product, I always opt for a great conditioner. You can use it to detangle your hair, to protect it before swimming and to restore it afterward. It’s also perfect for co-washes.

travel-size-conditionerI put a little of this Motions Natural Textures Smoothing Conditioner into a clear travel size bottle for transport and voila! Just enough conditioner for a weekend trip.

If you have a little extra space, throw in a curl creme or pudding like Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding.

2. Detangling Tool

tangle-teezerThe best time to detangle your hair is right out of the water when it’s still damp. Dentangling on dry hair is a nightmare. This Tangle Teezer makes life way easier. It detangles without the breakage and gets my curls in order so quickly.

3. Lightweight Face Moisturizer

olay-fresh-effectsWhen going away on a beach getaway, you want to pack moisturizers that are light and easily absorbed. Humidity and high temperatures can leave your skin super oily. I love this Olay Fresh Effects Hydrating Gel. I wrote a post about it here. It’s great for summer and also comes in sample/travel size.

4. Lightweight Body Lotion

aveeno-daily-moisturizing-lotionThe same goes for body lotion. I opt for something light and easily absorbed. This Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion is a classic and easily absorbed. This also comes in travel size if you can’t fit the full size in your bag.

babybrownsugar-aveeno-babyPardon this commercial interruption. Cadence wanted to tell you guys to always pack your sunscreen. And never leave home without your babies. Can’t wait till she has her little passport so I can bring her on my international excursions. Sunscreen by Aveeno Baby.

5. CC Cream

cc-cream-cover-fxI love two-in-one makeup products when headed beachside. Nothing too heavy. Tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams are great if you want a light coverup after swim activities (I don’t wear this in the water). CoverFX CC Cream is my go-to. I blogged about it HERE and still going strong with this one.

6. Waterproof Eyeliner

stila-stay-all-dayEyeliner is a great, easy way to highlight your beautiful eyes. And I’ve found that I can throw it on with a little lipgloss for a polished makeup look. Opt for a waterproof formula if you’re planning to swim. This Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof formula is perfect.

7. Lip Gloss

stila-lip-glazeLip gloss is normally my go-to over full on lipstick for the beach. Unless I’m planning to chill beachside without actually swimming (which happens sometimes), I opt for a sheer gloss with a hint of color. These Stila lip gloss colors are my faves.

stila-lip-glaze-wildberry-dazzleberryThe Wildberry is a nice sheer pink for daytime and the Dazzleberry is a little more intense with a hint of sparkle for statement lip looks. Both colors available in the Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Set ($28.00)

8. Travel Size Sunscreen & Hand Sanitizer

walgreens-productsIf you’re spending any time in the sun, you need sunscreen. And if you’re leaving your house, ever, you need hand sanitizer. I have a complete list of sunscreens that I’ll touch on in another post, but if you’re on the go and missed a few essentials like these, head to your local pharmacy like Walgreens to pick them up. Just don’t head to the beach without them.

Shop My Beach Getaway Essentials Below:

What are some of your beauty essentials for a beach getaway? Did I miss anything?

This post was sponsored in part by Motions Hair. All opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company.

LBS Beauty: Caribbean Travel Essentials


Last week I filled you guys in on all the great things I packed in my suitcase for our Caribbean Crawl. I met up with the girls in Barbados and had a blast. I had so many beauty essentials that I couldn’t squeeze them all into the first Travel Essentials post. I bring with me all the basics like Dove soap and Degree deodorant to Specific Beauty wipes and my favorite MAC Cosmetics lippies.

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So here they are all laid out. All the things I typically bring with me on a 3-day travel excursion like this one:

more this way

What’s In My Travel Bag: Caribbean Crawl Edition


I’m officially here! I just landed on the beautiful sunny shores of Barbados and I am absolutely in love with the island. I just met up with the rest of the #CaribbeanCrawl crew – Jessica of Glamazons BlogDanielle of The Style & Beauty Doc, and Lexi of Lexi With The Curls – who flew in from Trinidad this morning. Getting here was a bit of a struggle but I’m finally here. Let’s just say between packing my bag, making sure my princess (BabyBrownSugar) had enough clothes to wear and breastmilk to eat, and making sure all loose ends were tied up before leaving – I’m exhausted! This is the perfect time to do some beachside lounging but before I do I wanted to share with you guys some of my travel essentials for the trip. Check out what must-haves you need for a fun 3-day Caribbean vacay like this one.

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Vacation Essentials: LoveBrownSugar’s Top 10

travel-packing-essentialsAs the summer is coming to a close, and many of us will be taking that late summer vacay, here are some classic and a few trendy “vacation essentials” to keep in mind. Take it from the girl who’s in a different state every weekend and knows how to pack an overnight bag in less than 60 seconds…you NEED these items!

10. Overnight Bag
Redhead girl sitting near tree with vintage camera.

The key to finding the perfect overnight bag is all in the size and material. Make sure to have something large enough to fit all your essential carry-on items, but not so large that it’s uncomfortable to carry. Also aim for material that exudes style as well as sensibility.

9. Romper


Although the romper is a tricky trend to conquer, almost everyone’s safe in a loose-fitting silhouette and a basic color, like black or white. This way you can dress it up or down and you don’t have to worry about any crazy prints bringing attention to the wrong areas. If you’re daring, feel free to rock it out in a funky printed one like the one I’m wearing above.

8. Headgear


Whether it’s a fedora or a floppy beach hat, don’t jump on that yacht in the Caribbean without a stylish piece of headgear to top off your ensemble. I like the one pictured above (left) for its funky design and compact size – perfect for beach bags!

7. Maxi Dress

These are my favorite summer pieces of ALL time. They’re easy, you don’t have to iron them, and they can go from day to night depending on how you accessorize. Get them in solid color or in fun prints. Just make sure you have one!

6. Trendy Shades


So you don’t have money to splurge on a brand new vacay wardrobe, spruce up your classic outfits with some funky new shades. They’re attention-grabbing, they’re fun, there are numerous varieties AND they will be the first thing people notice if they stand out like the ones my trendy friends are wearing above.

5. Jean Cutoff Shorts


Another great staple to any summer wardrobe, jean cutoff shorts can be dressed up or down and should fit loose enough to be super comfortable but snug enough to give you a nice shape (avoid the frumpy mom jeans!). Silver Jeans makes really great shorts for all sizes. I’m pictured above wearing their plus-size cutoffs.

4. Standout Swimsuit


Whether it’s a sophisticated one-peice or sexy bikini that tickles your fancy, don’t blend into the sand! Get a suit that matches your personality AND suits your body shape. You can usually get great pieces at Victoria’s Secret, H&M, ASOS and for curvy girls who want something fancier – Monif C.

3. Statement Necklace


What good is a sexy swimsuit without a statement necklace to pile on top of it? My friends and I are famous for this. We don’t just go to the beach in a swimsuit, we go with matching jewelry. Don’t leave home without it! Pair it with a cute plain beach dress and some heels, and it’s instantly an evening look. Pair it with a plain tank and your jean shorts, and you’re ready for your tour of the island. Whatever it is, statement necklaces will bring your look from frumpy to fab in 2 seconds…trust.

2. Patterned Mini-Dress


The patterned dress is the quintessential peice for a summer vacay. It’s fun, its cute, its flirty, and it makes you feel good! Check out the day dresses section of ASOS for some cute options. For those of you more averse to online shops, Zara & Forever 21 have really cute and affordable patterned mini dresses as well.

1. Embellished Flats


So my all-time favorite accessory for summer vacay is the embellished sandal. I LOVE how unique you can set yourself apart with a pair of funky sandals that nobody else has their hands on. Steve Madden and Aldo have a pretty great stock of embellished options. If you’re in the NYC, hit up the shops in SoHo. They have great stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Pictured above is Queen Bey  in Aldo sandals. Her outfit’s sick!

Anyway, I hope all my lovelies enjoyed this Summer Vacation Essentials countdown. Comment if you think I missed anything crucial, and happy traveling!

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