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What To Pack For Thailand

what-to-pack-for-thailandNow that I’ve decided where I’m headed on my dream getaway destination as well as my dream itinerary, now all I have to worry about is what to pack for Thailand! As part of the last post in my Dream Getaway series with the Capital One Venture Rewards Card I’ve decided to rundown a list of all my must-haves for the trip. I looked up the best times to travel to Thailand and it looks like my best bet, because I’m a beach bum and I want it to be hot, is to head there sometime between April and May. This is when Thai is the warmest and it’s the best time to hit the beach. Because I plan on going to multiple areas of Thailand and doing as much as I possibly can, I’m not planning to pack too much. I like to keep it light & right. With that in mind, here are the travel essentials I plan to bring to Thailand when I go.

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For Beach Excursions in Phuket:

phi_phi_island_beachPhoto Source

I poked around Expedia’s “Things To Do” tab and found that if you plug in the city you’re headed to you can find exclusive excursions and activities for whatever city you’re visiting. So I then typed in “Phuket” and found this really cool beach excursion to “Snorkel and Sightsee on the Phi Phi Islands” which is exactly what I planned on doing while in Phuket. Using the Capital One Venture Rewards Card, you can book an excursion like this on your card and wipe it clean from your credit card statement with the right amount of rewards points. Capital One allows you two rewards points for every dollar spent – no blackout dates, which is perfect for booking an excursion like this. Here’s what I would pack for a beach excursion in Phuket:

  • Convertible Maxi Dress (easy to take from day to night)
  • Sarong (in a fun fabric that can double as a head wrap)
  • Bathing Suit (cute enough for beachside pics and sturdy enough for snorkeling)
  • Flip-Flops (these are a Thailand essential)
  • Beach Bag (to store extra sunscreen, a waterproof camera and my floppy beach hat)
  • Sunscreen (to protect my skin from sunburn)
  • Wide-Brimmed Hat (to protect my head from the intense Thai sun)

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For Sightseeing in Bangkok:


So I plan to do a full-day excursion in Bangkok. On Expedia, there are really cool options for daytime excursions like this “Floating Market, Elephant Show and Rose Garden” Tour that literally allows me to knock out 2 of my top activities for Thailand – the floating market and seeing the elephants! With the Capital One Venture Card, you have the ultimate flexibility to book on any day and at any time you’d like. There are no blackout dates – win! Here are a few important things I plan to pack for sightseeing in Bangkok:

  • Backpack (to keep my digital camera and some snacks handy)
  • Flashlight (Thailand is prone to blackouts – just in case!)
  • Digital Camera (to snap all of the fun memories)
  • Denim Cutoffs (to keep cool and comfortable)
  • Light Jacket (in case of rainfall, and for areas with intense A/C)

I know it probably doesn’t seem like a ton, but that’s exactly the way I like it. I plan to pack light and bring a BIG bag so I can do some shopping and bring back lots of souvenirs.

How would you pack for your dream getaway? Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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My Dream Travel Itinerary: Thailand

dream-itinerary-thailandSo a few weeks ago I shared with you all that I’ve been tapped by Capital One to share some of my travel experiences as well as my dream destinations with you all in a series about the new Capital One Venture Rewards Card. I’m especially excited about this series because I’ve always recapped my past travel experiences for you guys but I’ve never shared what destinations are on my bucket list. In the first post, I revealed that Thailand is my ultimate dream destination, for a number of reasons. From the food that I ADORE to the beautiful landscape, the shopping and of course the excursions, I adore everything about Thailand and can’t wait to set my feet on Thai grounds one day. Until then, a girl can dream. So here’s a list of the things that are part of my dream travel itinerary when I finally make it to Thailand:

Eat & Play in Bangkok

floating-market-in-bangkok-thailand.jpg(Photo: BackyardTravel.com)

If you know me, you know I love to eat. I LOVE good food. I’m a fat kid at heart and I’m not ashamed. Thai food happens to be one of my favorite types of cuisine, so first on my list of to-do’s is hitting up the Floating Market in Bangkok to get some authentic Thai cuisine. There will be plenty of time to sample the food at the restaurants. But when I go away, I like to try food from the most authentic sources whether it’s a mom & pop shop down the road or a street vendor in the local neighborhood. So the Floating Market is my first stop in Bangkok. Girl’s gotta eat.

Bangkok-Grand-Palace(Photo Credit: LuxuryPrivateTravel.com)

Call me corny but my intrigue for Thailand grew even deeper after reading NY Times Bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love” about a woman’s international journey to finding herself with her last stop being in Thailand. Temples were such an integral part of her trip – for meditation, self-discovery and so much more. I couldn’t go to Thailand without exploring the luxurious and regal Temple of the Emerald Buddha inside the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Thailand Elephant Ride(Photo Credit: DiscoveryAdventures.com)

And finally, I couldn’t leave Thailand without fulfilling my America’s Next Top Model dream of posing atop a Thai elephant and taking a flawless picture. It must be done! Let’s hope I have enough courage to actually get up there when the time comes.

Sleep & Relax in Phuket

phuket-thailand(Photo Credit: Fabtimeshare.com)

After Bangkok, I’d be headed to Phuket to experience the pristine beaches, epic private boat rides, marine wildlife and relaxation of the secluded islands in the area. Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. So this is where you’d find me for the rest of the trip.


My dream accommodations would be the Anantara Phuket Villas. Each villa has it’s own private plunge pool (get your life!), there’s an exclusive spa on-site, a cooking school, a myriad of private restaurants and more! This is one of the top-rated hotels in Phuket. With a rewards card like the Capital One Venture Card, you could easily book a stay here on your favorite travel website and use your rewards to wipe the slate clean. You could even charge your transportation to and from the airport to the card and use rewards towards your statement. I mean…Anantara here I come? I can just feel the cool water in between my toes.


For years, I’ve been hearing that Thailand has the BEST massage therapists in the east and that their spa services are so reasonably priced. Obviously one of the things on my itinerary when I get to Thailand is to book an outstanding masseuse for a back massage on site.

phuket-thailand-fruits(Photo Credit: WeLovePhuket-Thailand.com)

I also love sampling local and exotic fruits. So that’s another thing I’ll be snatching up from the local markets – authentic fruits and delectables native to Thailand.


There’s SO much more I’d love to do in Thailand. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously if I go I’d need to stay for at least a full 7 days to experience all I want. Rewards cards like the Capital One Venture Rewards Card make my Thailand excursion dreams a little closer to reality. You can literally use the rewards to redeem travel rewards anywhere and under ANY carrier. No restrictions and blackouts. It’s the TRUTH. Thanks to Capital One this dream destination might not be a “dream” for much longer. For now, Thailand is all over my vision board and I’m speaking it into existence that I’ll be there within another year or so.

What about you? What’s on your dream getaway itinerary? Exploring the pyramids in Egypt? Feeding penguins in the Galapagos? Share them with the class below!

This post is sponsored by Capital One. All opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company.

My Dream Getaway Destinations + 3 Tips For Making Yours A Reality

travel-dream-destinationAs you guys already know, anytime I head on a fun trip whether it’s to Palm Springs for Coachella, to Barbados for #CaribbeanCrawl or to South America for a week-long excursion in Ecuador, I come right back here and tell you guys all about it. Just this past weekend, I went on Part of #CaribbeanCrawl and spent a fun weekend in Paradise Island, Bahamas. Travel – both domestic and international- has been a passion of mine for years. Ever since I spent a semester of college abroad in Europe traveling to multiple countries, interacting with people from different cultures, eating food I’ve never tried, and shopping for unique items – travel has been a true passion of mine. I plan to visit as many places as possible before I leave this earth. You learn SO much from getting out of your comfort zone and experience new places, people and things.


With that said, I’m super excited to partner with Capital One’s #YesMiles campaign this summer. The campaign is all about saying “Yes” to those fun travel excursions you’ve been putting off, and taking those trips you’ve been dying to book but haven’t been able to. As much as I love fashion and beauty and all things pretty, travel is where I’ll always invest my money because shoes get old and clothes go out of style, but your travel experiences live with you forever. Capital One is making it easier for frequent travelers to get the most out of spending with their new Capital One Venture Rewards card. It allows you double the miles for every dollar you spend on the card and you can use your miles ANYWHERE and for ANYTHING related to travel. No blackout dates, no restrictions, no expirations. It’s kind of amazing.

My Dream Destination


As part of the #YesMiles campaign I was asked to share with you all what my next Dream Destination locale is. And undoubtedly that would be Thailand. I’ve been dreaming of visiting this beautifully immense Southeast Asian destination for years.  Maybe it was after reading Eat, Pray, Love. Perhaps it was after seeing Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model and imagining myself swan-like atop an exotic elephant (don’t judge me). Or perhaps it was after having my first taste of Thai food and falling it love with it. I’m not sure when my obsession with Thailand began but it is at the top of my bucket list of destinations.

I really believe that everyone should have a dream destination. Some place on your vision board that you want to experience at least one time in your life. It may surprise you, but dream destinations are easier to get to than you think these days. With resources like travel booking websites, flight price calculators and even rewards cards like the Capital One Ventures card, you can really get to these places much easier than you think. Based on my personal experiences, here are three quick tips for getting to your personal dream destination:

3 Tips For Making Your Dream Destination A Reality

 1. Travel in a Group!


The majority of my recent travel excursions (and the ones that were most memorable) were trips I took with my girlfriends. There’s nothing like a great group trip and the beauty of it is that not only do you share amazing experiences together, but you also SAVE by splitting costs for everything from accommodations to car rental fees to appetizers at a local restaurant! On Part 1 of the #CaribbeanCrawl in Barbados, I went with my three blogger friends Jessica of Glamazons Blog, Lexi of LexiWithTheCurls and Danielle of TheStyleandBeautyDoctor. Traveling in a group is a great way to save money and still get to your dream destination. Also, penthouse suites and 2-3 bedroom villas can easily be split and can cost you less than an individual hotel room. The more the merrier!

2. Book A Getaway (Flight + Hotel Together)


Booking both your flight and hotel through the same service definitely has its advantages price-wise. Jet Blue, for example has specific Getaways packages that can save you major bucks simply because you book the flight and hotel stay all in one. Simply plug in your destination and a host of flight and hotel deals will be available to you. Using a rewards card like the Capital One Venture Rewards Card give you the flexibility to book travel on any of these websites, whether it’s airline-specific like Jet Blue or general like Expedia.com. There’s no limit as far as the number of miles you must have to use your rewards, and what’s even better is that if you’re planning to travel internationally (outside the USA), there are no foreign transation fees. #winning

3. Check Last Minute Flight Deals

cc-recap-4This weekend I went to Paradise Island, Bahamas and my flight was less than $400 round trip! I booked my flight super last minute (less than 2 weeks before traveling) and I was able to get a really amazing deal. If you’ve been dying to go to a Caribbean destination like Puerto Rico, the Bahamas or Mexico (for example) and you happen to have a little extra money in the bank one weekend – check flights! Don’t be scared to book last minute travel because often when airlines don’t sell out of a flight and have available seats, the prices drop down super low. This is especially true for times of the year when people typically don’t travel like March and September.

I hope these travel tips help! Stay tuned as I’ll be doing research on my dream destination – Thailand- and telling you guys all about what I plan to do when I make it there.

What’s your dream destination? What exotic place have you always wanted to travel to? Leave a comment below and let me know!

This post is sponsored by Capital One as part of their #YesMiles campaign program. All opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company.