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Travel: My #24HourReset Weekend Excursion in Southampton


Have you ever been at a breaking point – ¬†emotionally, physically or mentally? Felt like if you had one more task added to your to-do list you might have a breakdown? That was me last week. Not only was I completely exhausted and tapped out but I was totally on edge. Most people who know me will tell you I’m a pretty nice person – until I’m pushed to the limit. I reached beyond my limit last week. I was so not myself. My sister took a look at me one night as I was packing for a business trip and said “you need to get away”. So I did.


Because I’m gearing up for a long 5-day business trip to New Orleans in a few days, I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere for a full 3-4 day night getaway. I just needed 24 hours of uninterrupted silence, peace, and relaxation. So I decided to get away for a weekend excursion to Southampton. Disclaimer: I’m not rich, I do not come from money, I do not have a house there and I am not a “frequenter” of the elusive Hamptons. I just understand the importance of treating yourself every now and again and it’s some place I’ve been before and loved. So I booked myself ¬†a private room at a secluded beach house on Airbnb. I packed Cady up for a fun-filled day with her Dad, and I left.



It was about a 2 hour drive from NYC and I rocked out to my favorite tunes on the ride there. Upon arrival, I swung into the nearest Fresh Seafood shop for lunch. East End Clambakes fit the bill. Their Lobster Roll and Zucchini Fries were SO good.


Next, I headed to check into my accommodations. For the first time ever, I tried out Airbnb and I have to say I really love it. It’s basically an online search tool to find people who are opening up their homes for vacation rental around the globe. I wasn’t expecting to find anything in the Hamptons but they have quite a few listings including my place – a private room in a secluded vacation home just steps from the beach.


My first order of business was finding the beach. Once I found it I never wanted to leave.


The beach was private to the community I was staying in so I was essentially all alone, which I loved. I did a lot of reading, praying and reflecting. I swam and sang and had tons of alone time.


I visited a vineyard in Southampton called Duckwalk Vineyards. This riesling is quite possibly one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


I also visited an organic farm and picked up some fresh sunflowers and organic berries grown locally.


These looked so yummy I had to get a bunch and take them home for Cady.


It really was an amazing 24 hours. After coming back I feel so well-rested and ready to conquer the second half of 2014. For those of you who may be worn out, tired and down to your last miniscule of energy, I have something for you. I’ll be doing a post on “3 Reasons to Do a #24HourReset” where I highlight some important things to keep in mind when you’re stressed like I was.

Until then, talk to me in the comments! Have you ever just needed some time away?

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