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The 5 Must-Know Makeup Tips That Make A Difference

The 5 Must-Know Makeup Tips That Make A Difference

If you’re a makeup lover like myself, then you’re constantly stalking the internet for the tips that will make a difference in your application. I love checking out articles on beauty sites and of course watching my beauty gurus on youtube for their latest advice. I’ve complied the 5 tips that I’ve found to make a major difference in my makeup application over the past few months. If you’re interested in knowing more read on below!

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LBS Beauty: 3 Easy Steps to Master Strobing aka Highlighting


If you’re anything like me then you absolutely love the final step of applying your makeup, which includes using pretty shimmery highlights to finish your look. The technique known as strobing is basically using a ton of  highlighters to create a more dewy, glowing, youthful look. This is one of the hottest beauty trends right now and I love it because all it requires is that you load on the light. Because we don’t want you to be shinning too bright like a diamond, here are three easy steps to get you on the right track to strobing below.

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LBS Beauty: Janelle Monae For CoverGirl X Star Wars Makeup Collection

1Covergirl recently had an epic collaboration with Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens that we are so excited to share with you ladies here at LBS! Covergirl released six avant-garde looks for this limited edition collection inspired by the Dark side and the Light side to celebrate the collaboration. Janelle Monae’s Resistance Pilot look was a bonus look created by CoverGirl’s global creative design director Pat McGrath. The look embodies the spirit of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The subtle blend of blue and gold eyeshadow was paired with a complimentary soft pink lip and highlighted cheekbones. Janelle Monae’s is wearing colorlicious in Gold.

To learn more about Janelle Monae For CoverGirl X Star Wars Makeup Collection keep reading!

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LBS BEAUTY: 5 Fall Blushes For Brown Girls

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Finding the perfect blush can be a real challenge for us brown girls. It seems that most are either too pink leaving us with skin that looks dry or too orange. Although brighter shades like bold pink and coral work well in the summer and spring months during the cooler months our skin tones change and we need something with more warmth to add color back into our skin. With cooler weather slowly approaching this is the perfect time to find your match. Keep reading for 5 of our favorite fall blushes for brown girls!

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LBS Beauty Review: ROC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector


If you’re anything like me the thought of adding another step to your beauty regimen sounds daunting. I’ll admit I love beauty & skincare, but I also love to keep things simple. However, after years of dealing with oily skin and makeup that wouldn’t last more than a few hours I finally gave in and decided it was time to add a primer/ pore filler to my makeup arsenal. A couple months ago LBS was invited to attend the launch event for the ROC SMOOTH PERFEXION Instant Line Corrector. I had the chance to experience this product first hand and I must say it lives up to it’s hype. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning how I incorporate this product into my simple regimen.

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LBS Beauty: 6 Beach-Approved Makeup Tips

It’s finally starting to feel like summer over here on the east coast. I don’t know about you ladies, but we are excited and ready to hit the sand! One of the challenges many of us makeup lovers have to deal with is finding the “appropriate” makeup look for the sun, sand and water. That’s certainly not the place to show up with a full face of makeup only for it to get ruined after one splash in the ocean. If you are headed to the beach this weekend and in need of some ideas we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for our 6 beach-approved makeup tips.

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LBS Beauty: Talking Beauty With Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans is a prime example of a natural beauty. In addition to her singing career, Tiffany is a full time mom and successful business owner. While juggling many tasks she always manages to look fabulous. Our contributor Keyaira had the opportunity to chat with Tiffany Evans about her favorite beauty tips and tricks.



What’s the number one beauty item you can’t leave the house without?

Lipgloss. My eyebrows are very important too but if my eyebrows are done the only thing I’m going to need is my lipgloss and lip liner.

What’s your favorite gloss and liner?

NYX. I love them! I go to my local beauty supply store and they are so dope when it comes to the colors and the way that it feels on your lips I think they’re perfect. So I’m always buying lipgloss. The butter gloss that they have is super super cool and I just recently bought this pencil. It’s a lip pencil but it goes on like glaze and it’s really pretty. And the pigment is so strong it’s like a purple vampire-ish color and it’s pretty.

How has your beauty look evolved over the years?

It has evolved tremendously. I started when I was nine years old so I pretty much grew up in front of everybody. I think everyone has an ugly stage and felt like I had an ugly stage for a long time until I turned like 19 and I started to find myself and what I liked, how I wanted to wear my hair and get my makeup done. You know when you start doing your makeup on your own you go through those ugly stages with that. Because at first I was doing these box eyebrows and they were just super terrible until I got the hang of it and what it was supposed to look like and I didn’t get that until now. Now when I do my eyebrows it has to be a certain way even when I go to photo-shoots if the makeup artist doesn’t know how to do my eyebrows that way that I need them to be done I will do them myself. My eyebrows are so important to me they shape my face and if you give me the wrong look then my face is going to look a little off and I hate that. I’m honestly past the ugly stage. I’m a woman now and I think you guys see more of that in the way that I dress as well. As you grow up and become a woman you find out what is more your taste.


How do you keep your hair healthy while putting color and other things in it for photo-shoots?

It’s all about getting it trimmed, washed, conditioned, and treated. My hair stylist LaTay Mays does a really good job putting my hair together. I’ve actually had to go through a stage of cutting all of my hair off. It was after I released my first album. I was working on another project and I cut my hair, started dying it, and I didn’t take care of it like I should have. I don’t think the right people were doing it either. It started breaking off, becoming brittle, and it was just really really bad. So I had to chop all of my hair off. Then I wore weave and it wasn’t the weave that was the problem it was me not taking care of my hair up under that. So I had to keep cutting it off for a while. When I met my hair stylist Latay she started me from square one. She took care of my hair again and made it come alive. So when I had my daughter my hair was flourishing and it was full and gorgeous. I’ve had to go through so many phases with my hair it’s been pretty crazy. I love wearing extensions though. I love weave I don’t think any woman should be against wearing weave. I love that. The right weave. Sometimes people put all types of different hair on your head and it just does not work, it does not match up with your hair and that can be a problem. So my hair stylist is really amazing and I get hair extensions from the hair agency. They’re dope. I just kind of keep it simple I trim my hair every time I take my weave out and treat it and I’m good to go.


We are loving Tiffany’s simplistic beauty tips.

To learn more about Tiffany be sure to follow her on Instagram here.

The Ultimate Red Lipstick Guide For Brown Girls

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Adding a pop of red lipstick is the easiest way to spice up a casual outfit or fun evening dress! Red lipstick is one of those shades that can complement so many different skin tones. If you are on a hunt for the perfect lip color for your complexion keep reading for the ultimate red lipstick guide for brown girls and tips for pulling off this bold color!

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1. Ruby  Woo By MAC: This may be the holy grail of red lipsticks for us brown girls. The color pay off of this matte lipstick is rich and vibrant. The only issue most have with this product is how drying it can be on the lips. When rocking this lipstick be sure to apply a lip balm first! This red shade has a subtle blue undertone that complements a variety of brown skin tones.


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LBS Red Carpet Beauty: Bouncy Curls With African Pride


Last week, when I attended the NAACP Image Awards screening event with African Pride and Walmart, I had a pretty simple beauty look. Before I left for my trip, my hairstylist Seto Mccoy gave me a fun side part and long flowing tresses with a u-part wig he made using Vixxenn Hair extensions. I haven’t actually had long straight hair in a while so this was a fun look to switch up from my normal curls.

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