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Introducing BabyBrownSugar


Hey guys! It’s Christina, checking in with an update on everything going on with me. I’m sure you guys are wondering why I haven’t posted to the blog in a while (shoutout to my lovely contributors for keeping things afloat through NYFW and beyond) but it’s because I have had my hands full with my new little princess! Her name is Cadence and she was born on February 4th at 12:24am.


She is my world. I can’t stop kissing her squishy little face. As I’m getting into the swing of new mommyhood, I’ll be back in action come March with regular posts on LoveBrownSugar.com.¬†In the interim though, feel free to head over to my new site BabyBrownSugar.com and check out Cadence’s birth story. I’ll be sharing tons of updates about the baby and my journey as a new mom over there.

Lots of love to you all for your patience while I readjust my life for the little one. And thanks always for your continuous support of my blog – means so much to me, especially now that my family has grown by one!


Click HERE for BabyBrownSugar.com

Photos by Andrea Friedman Photography