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LBS Mompreneur Diaries: Encouraging My Daughter to be #SmallButPowerful


Pretty much everything I have accomplished, I can attribute to the support, love and guidance of my parents. Both my parents have been integral in my success but my Mom has undoubtedly always been my biggest cheerleader. She was at every recital, every science competition, every spelling bee, and as an adult she was even there to see my biggest accomplishment – the birth of my baby girl Cadence.


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My #MBIBMoms Top 5 New Mommy Tips

me-and-cadence-2Photo: Kesha Lambert

I have to be all the way real. Though you guys often see me strutting around in heels for photoshoots or on the red carpet somewhere snapping pics with some celeb, behind all that glitter and glam I’m simply a new mom trying to make a living. And being a mom is HARD work. Being a new mom, at that, can be incredibly overwhelming.

me-and-cadence-1Photo: Kesha Lambert

One of the reasons I created BabyBrownSugar was to share some of the hard lessons and anecdotes I experience with fellow moms. Another reason is because I myself wanted advice from other moms with more experience than me! In my short time as a mother I’ve learned quite alot. So I’m really honored to partner up with P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful to be an ambassador for their “Beautiful Mommy Moments” campaign sponsored by Pampers and Dreft. As part of the campaign, I get to share my personal top 5 new mommy tips! See below for a list of ways to maintain your sanity as a new mommy:

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