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Ask The Expert: Gina Edwards x Spring Nail Trends

Spring is finally here! That means it’s time to stash away those deep plum and burgundy polishes for bright shades of pink, color and magenta. Here at LBS, we are beyond excited to talk everything Spring! Our LBS contributor had the opportunity to chat with the talented manicurist Gina Edwards about spring nail trends for 2015! Keep reading to learn more.


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1. What are some of your favorite nail colors for spring 2015? For spring I’m loving the warmer pastels, very moody, soothing with less white pigments and not as bright. Grey blues, soft vintage pinks and subdued greens.

2.What nail shapes are going to be popular this spring?
Almond nails are still a fashion fave and currently I’m sporting a pointier almond nail.

3. How can our readers translate extravagant nail trends like 3D elements into our style for everyday wear?
If you see 3D nails  you can always tone it down using  light glitter and replacing stones by making dots. The most important thing to keep in mind is tailoring the nail look to fit into everyday real life.


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Get Like Me: Manicurist Gina Edwards

unnamed with heart

The beauty trends we lust over during NYFW don’t just appear out of thin air. Dedicated professionals work to inspire us to get the look.  Manicurist Gina Edwards is one of those professionals. Responsible for creating some of the fashion-forward nail trends seen on fall 2015 runways like Kalelen, and Erin Fetherston, Gina Edwards sets trends and inspires nail aficianados everywhere with her creations. Not only that, she creates editorial nail looks for Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Cassie and more on the pages of some of our favorite publications. Edwards has managed to turn her positive attitude and immaculate performance into a remarkably rewarding career. We chatted with her about work life balance, personal style, and the importance of professionalism.

Name: Gina Edwards

Location: Long Island, NY

Personal Style: “Classic Style with a Glam Edge”

Favorite Designer(s): Lately I’ve been wearing Alexander Wang and Zara.

Must-Have Accessories: A good attitude, a smile and stamina.

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LBS Backstage Beauty: Tracy Reese Fall 2015


Before the Tracy Reese 2015 Fall show started at NYFW we headed backstage to get the scoop on the beauty trends that would be on the runway. Lead hair stylist Bok-­Hee described the beauty look as a “70’s African style mixed with futuristic elements”.


Want to try this look at home? Keep reading and we’ll show you how to get the backstage beauty Tracy Reese look  from the fall 2015 NYFW show!


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LBS Backstage Beauty: Kaelen Fall 2015

KAELEN Fall 2015 NYFW for KISS Products by Gina Edwards 4.jpgj

Backstage at the Kaelen Fall 2015 show, the beauty look was a was inspired by Audrey Horne, the famous character from the TV series ” Twin Peaks”. Lead manicurist Gina Edwards for KISS Products, Inc. created a negative space chevron design in a warm mauve hue.


The look perfectly complements the collection and negative space nails are in full force for Fall, says Edwards.

Want the scoop on this look from backstage beauty at the Kaelen Fall 2015 show? Check out the lead manicurist’s simple guide below.

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LBS: Backstage Beauty Alon Livne Spring 2015


Lead manicurist Holly Falcone for KISS Products, Inc. used Kiss imPRESS nails in pink medium length to create a futuristic inspired look on the models to compliment the Alon Livne Spring 2015 collection. Inspired by the post modern architecture of Michael Havemeyer, the collection featured his signature sculptural techniques, playing with neoprene and chiffon in shades of lavender, grey, black and silver.

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Style Play Polish: 3 Fun & Easy Manis for Halloween

3 halloween manis.jog

There are three things a girl should always rock on Halloween:

For this week’s Style Play Polish, we’ve designed 3 super easy looks for you to try on the most fun day of the year, and guess what? You can achieve these looks in less than 5 steps!
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