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3 Reasons To Watch EMPIRE on Fox


Tonight at 9pm/8pm central, the FOX Network is premiering a new hit series called EMPIRE. The series, starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, revolves around music label Empire Entertainment. Built from the ground up by its CEO Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), the story revolves around the family members vying for control of the record label including the owner’s 3 sons and the mother of his children Cookie (Taraji  P. Henson) who returns from a 17 year stint in jail to claim what she believes is rightfully hers – half of the company.  I won’t give away any of the juicy details from the first episode, but it is amazing!

The whole cast toasts to Empire.

I first saw previews of the series while watching TV. They’ve been running commercials for a while now. Then, a few days before Christmas, I opened my front door and found this sitting on my step:


Someone at Fox clearly loves me and knows that I love music, because when I opened it up it was a GRAMAVOX!


Gramavox is this new meets old school speaker system that allows you to play music via Bluetooth technology and it comes out of this really cool retro sound system. This is like the perfect gift for a vintage music lover.


In the package was a letter from legendary director and producer Lee Daniels himself. If you’re not familiar, Lee Daniels produced Monster’s Ball and directed Precious (which received six Academy Award nominations including Best Director) and The Butler. Impressive resume is an understatement.


In addition to the wonderful music gift, they also sent me the Pilot episode of EMPIRE.


After watching it, I can definitively say I will be tuning in weekly. Here are three reasons that EMPIRE on Fox is a must-see:

1. Taraji & Terrence. Nuff said.


This is really a dynamic duo. Their on-screen chemistry is so on point and they feed off of each other so much in this series. I really loved watching them interact, it just looks so effortless. Also we know how these two do – anyone remember Hustle & Flow? Right.

2. The music is amazing. Timbaland is responsible.


Timbaland is hands-down one of my favorite producers. If I ever grow up and decide to become Beyonce 2.0, I’m going straight to Tim to cut me some tracks. He’s responsible for the music production in this series and it is so amazing. They’ll definitely be getting some iTunes downloads out of me.

3. It’s like ABC’s Nashville – the hip-hop version.


It has the same appeal as ABC’s series Nashville with strong music as the foundation, great acting as the meat, and fun cameos and recurring roles as the generous topper. But what’s amazing about this is that’s for us! We’re always so up in arms about our actors, actresses, producers and directors not getting enough screen time. Well things are changing for the better and it’s so exciting to see an entire cast of people of color represented on a national primetime series. I really enjoyed watching the pilot of Empire and I’m encouraging all of you to tune in tonight. You won’t be disappointed!

EMPIRE premieres tonight, January 7th at 9pm/8pm central on FOX Network.

Are you planning to watch the premiere season of Empire?

LBS News: Kerry Washington Is Pregnant!


Ok ok so you guys know I’m not huge on reporting celebrity gossip/news on here BUT I was way too hyped to let this day pass without announcing that my girl Kerry Washington is with child!! Woot! Her and hubby (who she secretly wed this past June) Nnamdi Asomugha are expecting. First reported at US Weekly and now confirmed my E! Online, a source states:

“She had planned to wait longer because the pregnancy is being well hidden on Scandal with her trademark coats, but it will be pretty obvious on Saturday Night Live this Saturday. So she decided to start telling people now.”


We can’t be the the only ones who noticed that Kerry Washington has had an unexpected glow of late. Though the actress is always glowing, to an extent, there’s been something special on her face.



Photo Credit


On top of that, Kerry looks like she’s been gaining a little weight (in a good way!) and also reaching for less body-con dresses and more empire waist, peplum and A-line red carpet looks like the one above that disguises her midsection. That can only mean one thing…bun in the oven!

Congrats to Scandal star Kerry Washington and her NFL player hubby Nnamdi Asomugha on the expectancy of their first bundle of joy! Considering myself and my sweetheart are currently expecting our own little one, I couldn’t be happier for them. I can’t wait to see how they cover up her baby bump while the show is taping. Also can’t wait to see what her maternity style is going to be like – so exciting!

So did you suspect something? Are you shocked Kerry’s preggers?