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5 Perfect Nail Combos for the Fall


There’s nothing like a BOMB fall nail color top off any look. While it is nice to keep it simple with one solid color, it doesn’t hurt to add a little flavor to your look with a pop of metallic and sparkle. Dazzle the eyes of every person with these 5 perfect nail combos for the fall.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 6.14.18 PM

 Another perfect neutral combo is Ginger + Liz’s Best I’ve Ever Had with Orly’s Flagstone Rush. The copper tone paired with a simple nude color looks amazing with any fall look. Dazzle all eyes with your gorgeous nails. Can’t wait to see what Ginger + Liz have in store for this years #ShopLoveBrownSugar Holiday Pop Up Shop!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.33.54 AM

This combination is the perfect neutral look with a slight pop of glam. The O.P.I Worth Every Penne color paired with its Tiramisu for Two looks perfect for subtle days and glammed up nights. Try this minimalistic combo if you’re looking for something nice and simple.

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4 Simple Thanksgiving Outfit Combos


Thanksgiving is only a few days away, it’s only right that you give thanks in style. Tuck away the sweatshirt and bring on the fashion with these four simple and achievable outfit combos. No matter where you shop, you’ll be able to achieve each look.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.40.21 PMIf there is one thing we want to be on Thanksgiving it’s comfortable. This simple look does just that. Purchase a plain turtle neck, pair it with a poncho and some booties and this effortless look will leave you looking absolutely chic! The best part is that you’ll be wearing enough layers to travel outside of your home, without risking being hot in someone else’s. Each item is available on the H&M website.

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5 Must Have Shoulder Bags for the Fall

shoulder bags

While totes are nice they tend to cause us to pile any and everything we can fit into them. It’s always nice to switch it up a bit, and shoulder bags are the perfect way to do that. These single strap bags lighten your load for only the essentials. Check out 5 of our must have shoulder bag styles for this fall season.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.46.54 PM


JCPenny | H&M

Whether you style is edgy or chic, bucket bags are perfect for everyone’s personal taste. Available in many colors, shapes, styles and sizes bucket bags combine a chic and practical to create one extremely fashionable look. This accessory is a MUST HAVE!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.13.15 PM

Neiman Marcus | MICHAEL Michael Kors

When people think quilted bag, Chanel automatically comes to mind. Quilted shoulder bags are extremely fabulous and look amazing when someone is either dressed up or down. Add a little flair to your quilted shoulder bag with a faux fur bag charm that compliments this statement piece.

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5 Must Have Layering Items

Layering Items

Fall gives you the opportunity to wear all of your favorite items at one time without looking crazy. To slay the layer trend this fall, check out 5 essential layering items. Don’t worry, the best thing about this list is it gives you maximum versatility, so you’ll be able to create several outfit combinations.

Check out these great layering options to get you ready for the fall weather below.

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On the Market: Ava and Viv Fall 2015

PicMonkey Collage with text

Target’s Ava and Viv is back with another season of cute contemporary clothing. The brand teamed up with bloggers Gabi Gregg, Nicolette Mason, and Chastity Garner-Valentine for their inaugural lookbook and now they’re showcasing their offerings on these stylish ladies once again.

Check out some of our favorites from Ava and Viv’s Fall 2015 Collection below.

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How Diverse are Fashion Ads?



With New York Fashion Week coming to an end and Fall 2015 ads making a prominent appearance in all of our magazines, The Fashion Spot could not think of a better time to debut their Diversity Report! With television becoming more diverse by the minute, it makes us wonder has the fashion industry followed in their footsteps?

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The Truth About New York Fashion Week


This past Thursday, February 19th concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 and also marked the close of my 11th consecutive season covering New York Fashion Week. That’s right, you can consider me a seasoned veteran of NYFW as I’ve been attending as press since February 2010. Just one season prior to that I had my first experience ever under the tents (back when they were hosted at Bryant Park!) as a VOLUNTEER. It was my one dream growing up watching the shows play on NYC Access TV and watching fashion commentators like Constance White and Phillip Bloch do reviews of the shows live on air, that one day I would have the opportunity to sit front row at the shows.


So it comes at no surprise that once I found out about an opportunity to volunteer at the shows and FINALLY get my foot in the door – I took it! At the time I was an intern at BET Networks and I asked my boss for permission to miss a few days of work so I could fulfilly my lifelong dream of going under the tents at Bryant Park. All I wanted was access. I just wanted to be under the tents – the mecca of high-fashion trends – and rub elbows with the best of them. And be validated as an insider.


Fast-forward 5 years and 11 seasons, and I’ve now had the opportunity to attend many of those same shows I was dying to get access to, I’ve covered every designer under the sun and been backstage to see many of the beauty trends before they even hit the runway. And now after 11 seasons, countless broken heels, arguments with rude PR girls and 3,807,403 celebrity selfies later – guess what? I’m over it.


Before you think I’m completely DONE with everything Fashion Week related, let me preface this open letter with this – I still love and appreciate everything Fashion Week represents. It’s an amazing opportunity to see the work and art that many of these designers have spent countless hours creating and conceptualizing for the world to see.

I love what Fashion Week is supposed to be. I hate what Fashion Week has become.

What I can no longer stand to endure is the systematic and (sometimes) intentional dismissal of certain audiences from the conversation around high fashion.


If you look around the rooms at the most prestigious NYFW events you’ll see a very select group of black editors, bloggers and influencers covering the shows. And only them. We all know each other. We wink, wave and nod at each other from across the runway. And season after season we ponder about why there are only a select few of us in attendance. Season after season we have to re-confirm with the same PR girls our names and affiliations, assure to them that we are (in fact) on the invite list and then proceed to be placed in 2nd or 3rd tier seats because an editor of color with an audience of color obviously doesn’t deserve to be in front row.


I think, more than anything, I’m really over how pretentious and phony people are during Fashion Week. Attending the shows used to be about the thrill of seeing the trends hit the runway first, keeping your audiences on the brink of what they’ll likely see in stores the following season, and giving beauty-obsessed girls (who may not be able to afford the high end luxury looks) a chance to get the runway look via hair, makeup and nails. These days, NYFW is more about getting your picture taken by Tommy Ton or The Sartorialist on the steps of Lincoln Center by wearing the most absurd an overtly over-the-top ensemble, than it is about covering the shows.


It’s about seeing and being seen. And while I LOVE the opportunities that blogging and digital democracy have afforded online writers and influencers, our worth and importance under the tents is now determined strictly by the number of social media impressions we can give a designer’s hashtag. Not about our genuine love for the brand, or our audience’s likelihood to purchase. It’s about the numbers.

Anyway, though I’m not as in love with it as I was when I first started my career, like an ex you never get over – I’ll always have love for New York Fashion Week. The truth about New York Fashion Week is that braving the tents has taught me so much about myself and about what it takes to succeed.


 Cape: ASOS | Top: H&M | Leggings: Missguided | Shoes: Zara | Bag: H&M | Necklace: Street Vendor

I’ve learned to be comfortable with rejection and comfortable with hearing the word “no” over and over again. I’ve learned not to take things personally when people are incredibly rude to me when they don’t even know me because, well, being rude at NYFW is a way of life. And above all, I’ve learned my worth and what I will not accept or tolerate. And those life lessons – all learned within a 7 day span of time, only twice a year in February and September – those lessons are priceless.

So next September during Spring 2016 shows when you see me snapping an “obligatory #selfie in front of Lincoln Center”, know that there’s alot more being endured behind those tents than meets the eye.

What are your thoughts on New York Fashion Week? Does any of this surprise you? Feel free to leave me your opinions in the comments section below.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

Best of NYFW Fall 2015 Street Style

nyfw street style fall 2015

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 is officially over, but we’re still taking the fabulousness all in. One of the best parts of fashion week is the amazing street style! Everyone is always dressed in the hottest trends and boldest looks. Despite the freezing weather and snow we had this season, the fashionistas were still out and about. Being fabulous is a full time job! See all our favorite NYFW Fall 2015 Street Style looks below.

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