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Review: Baby Dove Product Line

Baby Dove Sensitive

As a Dove ambassador, I’ve been getting the opportunity to try out lots of their products, many of which I already use and love, but some completely new. When Dove announced the launch of their Baby Dove line, I knew I had to try it out on my 3 year old Cadence.

First of all, I had already been using their Sensitive Skin bar as part of Cady’s bath regimen. I took a trip to their headquarters last year and heard from a dermatologist that the Sensitive Skin bar was safe and approved to use for kids. Cadence’s skin is very delicate and she even has some spots of eczema, so I’m always very careful about the types of products I use on her. So when the Dove team sent me the entire line – including the Baby Dove Rich Moisture line and the Sensitive Moisture line – my first inclination was to try her out with the Sensitive line.

Baby Dove Lotion Wash

The Baby Dove Sensitive Tip to Toe Wash is the first product we tried. What I liked about the wash is that it was creamy and moisturizing. Cadence’s skin tends to get dry especially in the colder months, so I love moisturizing cleansers for her skin. Her skin was soft and not at all irritated after using it. I also like the fact that it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance free and tear free. This one is also rated and approved by the National Eczema Association, which I check often to determine which products to stay away from with her.

Next up, I prepped her for bed with the Baby Dove Sensitive Lotion, which was pretty light and absorbed into her skin quickly.

baby Dove regular wipes

Since Cadence is still in the stage where she needs help in the bathroom after going potty, I tested out the Baby Dove Wipes for her first on the potty. They’re not flushable, but they certainly do help with potty messes. I also stashed them in the car for snack spills and sticky fingers.

I decided to try the Rich Moisture line myself. Little known fact: I love Baby products…for myself. No, I’m not ashamed. I love how the entire line smells. It smells like freshly-powdered brand new baby with chubby edible cheeks! So yummy.

Baby Dove Wipes

Just like the Sensitive wash was creamy and moisturizing for Cady, the Rich Moisture line was pretty creamy as well. It washed off clean, which is important for the little ones. I tend to like washes that leave a little moisture behind but overall it was a nice consistency.

Dove Wipes

I also love the wipes. I keep a pack around the house for quick messes and another in Cady’s school bag for when we’re traveling back and forth. Overall these products are a great value. I’m so happy Dove has taken the charge with developing a line just for the little ones, especially with their campaign around #RealMoms and relieving some of the pressure we moms face to be superwomen everyday. Check out their #RealMoms campaign here:

This post is sponsored by Dove, a Unilever company. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of the company. 

LBS Beauty: Best Skincare Products For Oily Skin

Having oily skin is not fun, especially during the sizzling summer heat. Don’t frieght there is hope ladies! After some trial and error I’ve finally mastered a regimen that is perfect for my oily skin during the summer time. Having oily skin isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has some benefits, but the key is balancing it. Too much oily leads to breakouts and too little leads to dry skin. Keep reading to learn about the “Best Skincare Products For Oily Skin” to help you find your balance.

PicMonkey Collage


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1. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask: If you have oily skin you may notice that first thing in the morning your t-zone is shiny. If so, you’ll need a product specifically made for removing excess oil from your face. This mask has the powerful ingredient “activated charcoal” which draws impurities, dirt and oil from the skin. For best results, use this product as needed.

2. ROC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector: This is a anti wrinkle cream that also acts as a primer. It’s perfect for girls like me looking for something reduce the size of pores, minimize fine lines and keep oil at bay. For the past few months I’ve been using this as a primer or using it alone on days when I don’t have time to apply anything other than mascara! It gives me a matte finish with minimal effort.


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oil 1


3. Ambi SkinCare Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer SPF 30: This oil free formula has SPF 30, but manages to glide on smoothly leaving the skin soft without appearing greasy. The ambi skin care line also lacks and strong fragrances which is a plus for those of us with sensitive skin.


4. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream: CeraVe moisturizing cream is really unlike any product I’ve ever used. It’s hydrating, lightweight but most importantly it dries matte. This is ideal for us ladies suffering with oily skin. This is great for the t-zone area especially. Since this product lacks SPF protection it works best as a nighttime moisturizer.


5.T.N. Dickinson’s All Natural Astringent: Perfect for face and body this astringent helps to deeply cleanse pores removing dirt and impurities that lead to frustrating breakouts. This product is perfect for a toning the skin after cleansing and right before applying a moisturizer.


Shop Our Favorites Here: 

What are your favorite products for combatting oily skin? 

LBS Beauty Review: ROC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector


If you’re anything like me the thought of adding another step to your beauty regimen sounds daunting. I’ll admit I love beauty & skincare, but I also love to keep things simple. However, after years of dealing with oily skin and makeup that wouldn’t last more than a few hours I finally gave in and decided it was time to add a primer/ pore filler to my makeup arsenal. A couple months ago LBS was invited to attend the launch event for the ROC SMOOTH PERFEXION Instant Line Corrector. I had the chance to experience this product first hand and I must say it lives up to it’s hype. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning how I incorporate this product into my simple regimen.

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Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System Update

beautiful-textures-texture-manageability-system-updateLast April, I wrote a hair review of Beautiful Textures’ Naturally Straight™ Texture Manageability System. It’s a system that helps girls like me with coarse and curly hair get our hair to stay straight longer after a blowout/press. It also has a host of other incredible uses for low-maintenance hair girls like myself who want to take the stress out of heat-styling, have an easier transition from relaxed to straight, or even who want to revive a weave on its last leg.


And as an added bonus, after using it, kinks and curls are softened and more manageable than beforehand. My results last year were pretty awesome:

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LBS Holiday Picks: Glassful Wine Subscription


If you happen to have any wine lovers on your holiday gift list, Glassful makes a really awesome and easy gift idea. I first heard about Glassful in October and was immediately intrigued behind the concept. Glassful is a new curated monthly wine subscription service that uses a short quiz to determine your taste profile and sends you three different bottles of quality wine for $54/month. If you like your wines, you rate them online and this builds your overall profile so that the next batch of wines in your subscription are tailored accordingly.

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Kickin’ It: Instyler Tulip Event


This past Monday I had the pleasure of attending the launch event of a new product called, “The Tulip” by InStyler. Since I am a long time fan of the original instyler I was thrilled to attend and test out this new product. The Tulip is an auto curler that works in as little as 3 seconds! I will be completely honest, initially I was very skeptical about this tool. I assumed that even if it really did work, it would NOT work on my natural hair. Boy was I wrong. Keep reading to learn more about the Instyler Tulip event and my experience using the product.

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LBS Beauty Review: CLEAR Ultra Shea Collection


So I’ve been privy to the CLEAR Ultra Shea collection of products for some time now. Actually, it was after I received some samples during their launch event and my mom asked to try them that I first realized how effective they are. She was raving about them so I knew I had to give them a try.


I really like the CLEAR Ultra Shea collection because most of the products in my arsenal focus on maintaining the hair shaft itself but this one is specifically targeted to scalp health. I suffer from dry scalp so it’s really important for me to oil my scalp regularly in addition to maintaining my hair shaft.

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LBS Beauty Review: Fashion Fair Cosmetics Fall 2014


One collection that I’ve been obsessed with this fall is the Fashion Fair Cosmetics Fall 2014 collection. Fashion Fair is the brainchild of Johnson Publishing Company (the same company that owns EBONY Magazine) and their collection is geared specifically towards catering to women of color. What I love about this collection is that the colors are pigmented but not too overpowering and there are some really complimentary colors for deeper skin tones like mine.


I started out with their eyeshadow collections. I have pretty large eyes and eyelids so MUAs I’ve worked with are normally pretty excited to play around with them. I, on the other hand, am not the most skilled at making them look amazing so I look for eyeshadows that pack pigments that are easy to blend and require minimal application.

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The Ultimate Purple Lipstick Guide for Brown Girls


Fall is finally here ! The cooler months of the year are the perfect time to swap out old makeup looks for new fresh trends. One beauty trend that we love at LBS is purple lipsticks for brown skin! From orchid to plum, purple is a color that can look great on every skin tone, if it’s done properly. The key is finding the right hue for your complexion. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our favorite purple lipsticks and a few tips to help you pull off this fabulous beauty trend with confidence.

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