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Style Play Polish: Simple Spring Nails with Sally Beauty


It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Style Play Polish nail art tutorial. With spring just around the corner, we’re prepping for warmer weather, shorter hemlines and fun brights and pastels on the nails to accessorize. Here at LBS, we’re all about simple chic you can achieve at home. So I teamed up with Sally Beauty for a fun, quick and easy spring nail art tutorial using colors I found at their new Sally Nail Wall. Most of us who have a nearby Sally Beauty know it’s a great place to grab beauty must-haves on the go. Their new Sally Nail Wall features over 750 shades from your favorite nail brands, including OPI, Essie and the FingerPaints brand (exclusive to Sally Beauty).

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Style Play Polish: Mixed Print Ankara Manicure

nail-tutorial-printed-nails-ankaraSo you guys know how obsessed I am with these new Afropolitan nail wraps from Doo Bop & ncLA. I raved about them two weeks ago after doing a full set. The cool thing about the ncLA nail wraps is that they give you enough wraps to do more than one manicure. After doing both hands of full ankara, I had enough wraps left to do a mixed print manicure with both nail color from Maybelline and the wraps. See below for 5 easy steps to creating this mixed print ankara manicure look at home:

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Style Play Polish: 3 Fun & Easy Manis for Halloween

3 halloween manis.jog

There are three things a girl should always rock on Halloween:

For this week’s Style Play Polish, we’ve designed 3 super easy looks for you to try on the most fun day of the year, and guess what? You can achieve these looks in less than 5 steps!
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Style Play Polish: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

SPP Breast Cancer Awareness


That is the estimated number of new cases of invasive breast cancer that will be diagnosed in 2013.

As some of you may already know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast Cancer Awareness is about educating women of all ages and backgrounds of the importance of screening and early detection. It is important that we know how to check for signs, attend routine check-ups, and overall taking better care of ourselves. LBS is dedicating this week’s Style Play Polish to you – the strong, beautiful, and inspirational women.

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Fausto Puglisi

There is no doubt that summer is already saying its good-byes, but fashion is always a season or two ahead of the game, and so is Sicilian born fashion designer Fausto Puglisi. If you don’t know this name, after reading this you certainly will.

Fausto Puglisi is known for his signature shade of black and often 3d architectural feminine designs. Beyoncé Knowles, Fergie, and Coco Rocha are just a few whom have graced red carpets and celebrity events in this young designer’s remarkable creations. If you’ve watched the 2013 VMAs recently, Katy Perry also rocked Coco Rocha’s very same dress accessorized with her gold grills.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Not only have we derived this week’s Style Play Polish inspiration from Fausto Puglisi’s Resort 2014 Collection, but also from one of our favorite nail art designers/bloggers, Taryn Multak of Miss LadyFinger who is well known for her runway ready nails!

PicMonkey Collage

 What you’ll need:

– White Nail Polish (Essie’s Marshmallow)
– Blue Nail Polish (Essie’s Avenue Maintain)
– Yellow Nail Polish (Butter London’s Cheeky Chops)
Black Nail Art Polish
– Make-up Sponge


Step 1: Paint 2 coats of white nail polish on your prepped nails.


Step 2: Using the make-up sponge, create cloud like designs on your nails with the yellow and blue polish.


Step 3: To create the palm trees, you will need the black nail art polish. One brush stroke will create the trunk of the palm tree.


Step 4: Create two Xs across the first stroke 3/4 above the base of the trunk.


Step 5: Thicken the Xs and the pointed top, these are your branches.


Step 6: Use you brush to create fringes on your branches. When you apply your top coat, it will smooth out the design for a more realistic finish.


There you have it! Don’t forget, you don’t have to limit yourself to the colors used in this tutorial. Experiment and have fun! Let us know below what designs you’d like us to teach you in 5 steps or less!

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– Gracie J

Style Play Polish: Suit & Tie

Ladies, there is no need to limit yourselves. We can be just as dapper as the handsome suited gentlemen out there. Once again our favorite childhood boy band beaux never fails to leave an imprint of adolescent memories on our hearts or in this case on our nails.

This week’s Style Play Polish was inspired by none other than Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”, but this wouldn’t be LBS if we didn’t put a little feminine spin on it. Don’t panic! The 8 steps to achieving this look are simpler than they look.

What you’ll need:

Shop The Products:

Step 1: After prepping your nails, polish on 2 coats of your preferred white or cream colored polish.
Step 2: Using small pieces of tape, place them at angles from your cuticles creating an upside down triangle.
Step 3: Apply 2 coats of your metallic color and allow the nail polish to dry.
Step 4: Use your black polish/nail art pen to outline the metallic color on your nails.
Step 5: Create 2 black lines parallel to the metallic outlines forming a smaller triangle. You can leave the design as is, but if you’re feeling a bit more on the creative side, continue to steps 6-8.
Step 6: Paint a horizontal X on your nail as a guide for your bow-tie.
Step 7: Use your dotting tool to fill in both sides of the X with your metallic color. Also add 2-3 dots going down your nail vertically.
Step 8: To clean up the design, go over the X once more with the black polish and close off the sides. Create black dots on top of the previous metallic dots for buttons.
Before you know it, you’ll be creating nail art like the pros. Stay tuned for next week’s Style Play Polish, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @LoveBrownSugar with your Suit & Tie inspired looks!
– Gracie J