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The Story Behind #WeAreBlackHistory


As I type this, my eyes are welling up with tears. I’m just filled with so much emotion, so much gratitude and so much joy over my last passion project – the #WeAreBlackHistory series. A photo series that launched exactly 5 weeks ago, paying homage to legendary female black history icons, the series emerged after having a discussion with my business partners Lexi Felder (of LexiWithTheCurls.com) and Jessica Andrews (of GlamazonsBlog.com) about the struggles we face as people of color. We started to talk about Ferguson and Mike Brown, about injustice, about Selma and how the media often pushes forth images of our struggle and pain but never the positivity that pervades our community.


Suddenly Lexi came up with the idea to tap some of our colleagues and fellow digital influencers to be part of a photoshoot emulating black history icons who we love and appreciate. #WeAreBlackHistory came to life before our eyes and though we knew it would be hard to pull together such an impactful project in so little time, we felt it was a story that needed to be told.

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