Classic Man Crush Monday: Alzo Slade

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Alzo Slade isn’t just the stellar photographer behind the Fly Female Entrepreneur series commissioned by In Her Shoes, he’s also a co-founder of the major party force Grits & Biscuits whose popular Dirty South sets are so sick Christina skipped out on other shows to check them out this summer during the Made in America music festival. The pensive comedian who picks up the mic with something to say has no trouble expressing himself through his work whether on the stage or behind the lens. We spoke with Alzo about philanthropy, fulfillment, and providing a way for the kinfolk to kick it.

What is your definition of a classic man?

A classic man is one that is always learning, always a student. A man that is never too proud to learn from anyone or about anything because if you’re not learning you’re not growing and if you’re not growing you’re not living. A classic man is honest and willing to stand toe to toe with himself about the things that he doesn’t like and has the courage to change with indifference to what other people think.

What makes a classic woman?

A classic woman is a woman that understands who she is and is able to maximize her potential. A woman that is able to understand her potential in a way that she can better herself her family and her community is a classic woman.

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What did you love about participating in the fly female entrepreneur project?

That project was amazing for me because all the women that I know in my family and that are those I consider to be close to me are very powerful and strong women. I grew up around nothing but strong women- my mother, my stepmother, my aunts, my female cousins. And so being around twenty-five dynamic, entrepreneurial women that are strong minded simply felt like an extension of what I’ve grown up around all my life and so it was great to see examples of women that are of the same guild as the women I’ve respected and admired since childhood.

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What’s your favorite part of performing with Grits and Biscuits?

Making a space for kin folks to get loose. Most of our patrons are God fearing, intelligent career driven people that are out to save the world in their own way but every once and while that responsibility gets a bit heavy and you need to let go. My favorite part of Grits and Biscuits is being able to provide a space for those folks to do just that without worrying about what people think. It’s a judgement free zone.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents and my brothers, I have two brothers. My relationship with them is very important to me.

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What would you be doing if you weren’t a photographer and entertainer?

I’m doing exactly what I want to do. It’s funny that question because when that whole Powerball fever was popping and folks were like ‘Man this is what I would do’ I had a conversation with my brother and I honestly could say that if I won half a billion dollars in terms of my everyday life everything that I do on a daily basis would stay the same.

Are you currently involved with any volunteer projects?

I work with at-risk youth. I’m a member at the International Center of Photography and I do guest lectures. For the past eight to nine years I’ve been working with their community programs. They work with youth that are in alternative sentencing programs. I teach critical thinking through photography.

5 Things You (probably) Didn’t Know about Alzo Slade

  1. He bakes. His favorite items to bake are peach cobbler and pound cake.
  2. He obtained his pilot’s license in just three months.
  3. He is an adjunct professor at the College of New Rochelle currently teaching a philosophy course.
  4. His career as a stand-up comedian started with a college talent show.
  5. He is originally from Texas and attended a HBCU there.

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