Confessions of a Mompreneur: Tips For Success

There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you have to choose between your dreams and your family. The pressures of being a career woman and a mother can be incredibly tough to handle. So much so that people still seem to think that a woman’s life stops after kids. Not true! We’re here to put those alternative facts to rest. Next month at BrownGirlsLove Power Day 2018 Presented by Toyota, we have a powerful panel of entrepreneurs who will speak on our “Confessions of a Mompreneur” panel on how to have it all. Check out tips exclusively from our panelists on how they’re slaying both roles.

1. Learn From Your Mistakes (Melanie White)

“A lot of new entrepreneurs give up easily after their first failure. I always tell people to “learn from your mistakes.” Failures are inevitable, especially when you take a big risk to achieve ambitious goals. Recognize this before you begin. You will learn from your failures and they will only make you better. There is very little learning in success. Embrace failure and move on. Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up. Many entrepreneurs point to mistakes as being their best teacher. When you learn from your mistakes, you move closer to success – even though you initially failed.”

-Melanie White

2. Patience is a Virtue (Kim Roxie)

“Work/life balance takes time to discover. Just be patient with yourself and the journey to get there.”

-Kim Roxie | LAMIK Beauty

3. Maintain a Solid Support System

“One thing that has contributed to my success as a mompreneur is my support system. Having a support system allows me to do more than most working moms that I know.”

-Dreena Whitfield | WhitPR

Want more tips like these? Join us for the “Confessions of a Mompreneur” Panel on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at BrownGirlsLove POWER Day!

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