Dash on A Dime: How to Plan Your Winter Getaway


One down and one more to go! New Year’s Eve is right on the heels of Christmas and soon we’ll be welcoming a new year. The clock ‘til 2016 is dwindling down. With each New Year, we reevaluate where we are in our lives, revisit our goals for the upcoming year and plans for the future we’ve already set in motion.


What’s with all the work and no downtime? There are after Christmas sales, vacations to plan and a whole summer to prepare for (it’ll be here sooner than you think). But after all the spending for the holidays I bet your financial security is a priority as well. Don’t fret. You can get money back for splurging on winter getaway deals when you use Splender. Book your next vacation, baecation, or even staycation with the new, online cash back shopping site now through Dec. 31 and get the largest extra cash return of the holiday season.



What better way to spend your money than by buying invaluable experiences? Adventures and time well-spent seem priceless compared to “must-have” items. Besides, traveling the world has never been easier. You get percentages back for using sites you already use by spending through Splender.

Already have the “who” and “where” in mind? Well, you could earn from 50 to 150 percent in additional cash back if you book before Jan. 1. Deals on sites like Groupon, Expedia and American Airlines Vacations just got cheaper. It’s free, travel experts are available to help you get the best deal for you dollar and keep the extra money for spending overseas.

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