Healthy Living: How To Stay Fit While Traveling


Guest posted by fitness expert Teena Cathey

Staying in shape and keeping up with healthy eating while traveling seems so impossible. It’s hard, but most definitely not impossible. You have worked hard all winter to stay in shape. You’ve dropped weight and even a few inches off your hips. No need to backtrack right? Good. So before you book your hotel and decide where you are going to stay for your next trip, check out these four tips:

1. Research the restaurants nearby.


It’s very common for people to throw their healthy eating habits out the window when they travel. Then get home with a few extra unwanted pounds. But not you. After you prospected your possible hotels, look to see what restaurants surround it.

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If there are restaurants around that are healthy – great! If not, don’t panic you can still eat “healthy”. Go online and check their menus. Make a list of the healthiest dishes they have. Ones that are lower in fat and in calories will help you out. But beware of salads! They are usually higher in fat and calories than the hamburgers.

2. Find out if the hotel has a fitness center.


Most hotels have fitness centers. But just to be sure, double check. You can either call the hotel’s front desk or go on their website and they should have pictures of the fitness center. Also find out what time the fitness center closes. Some hotels have 24-hour fitness rooms. Just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you have to miss a workout.

3. Ask what  time is “Quiet Time”.


If you’re out all day during the day for meetings, hanging with the girls or doing whatever it is you’re on the trip for; you might not have time until the evening to workout. Some hotels have floors with “quiet” hours. This just means they don’t want you to be too loud and disrupt other guests. It’s a good idea to know this beforehand, because if you are working out in your room, you don’t want to be loud.

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4. Book with a DVD player in the room.


Hotels are pretty up to date these days. Some hotels have cable and movie channels, but not all have a DVD hookup in the room. I would suggest finding this out before you book the room. If they don’t, you can either find another room, bring your laptop or download a fitness app to your phone to keep in shape.

Have safe travels this spring!

Do you find it hard to eat healthy or exercise while traveling? Why or why not?

Teena Cathey is the “personal” personal trainer. When she’s not with a client she is either painting, running away from her chihuahua Mister or dodging globs of slob from her nephew Jae.  If you want more health and fitness tips like this follow her on Twitter @teenacathey and check out her website TeenaCathey.com

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