5 Tips for Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

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No, it’s not what you’re thinking. We have no secret formula for instantly growing long healthy hair, but what we can do is share a few tips that have been known to work just as effectively!

1. Remember the saying “less is more”? Let’s put that into play. The less you manipulate your hair, the less stress you’re causing to it. Sticking to a routine that works for you will allow your hair to adapt. Keep it simple and just let your hair be!


2. Protective styling is key, especially during the months with extreme temperatures – both hot and cold. It is important to avoid sun and heat damage as well as the drier seasons of the fall and winter. Protective styling will especially keep your ends safe from the horrors of split ends and knots and limit unnecessary manipulation to your tresses.


YouTube Guru Kim: BlackSyncFan

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3. A clean scalp is a happy scalp! It needs to breathe girl! What happens when you’ve had your make-up on all day and slept through the night with product still on your face? Your pores get clogged and you break out. Stick to a regular cleansing routine. Use a natural shampoo and conditioner to wash away all the crud and to add moisture back to your hair.


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4. Moisturizers and sealants are a definite must! Shea Moisture has some of the best natural hair moisturizers available.  Keeping your hair nourished helps to strengthen and promote healthy growth. Sealing with oils such as Coconut oil or Olive oil will keep your hair smooth, supple, and hydrated for a longer period of time.


Natural Hair Guru Whitney: Naptural85

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5. Trim your ends! Yes, we know. How can I grow long healthy hair when I’m constantly cutting it off? The trick is, as long as you’re practicing the tips above, your hair will less likely be vulnerable to frequent split, dry, and knotted ends. With that said, you can retain your length while trimming only when you need to!


Natural Hair Guru Jenell Stewart: KinkyCurlyCoilyMe

Remember, everyone’s hair is different. While some may grow super fast, other may take a little longer. Healthy Hair is a 24/7 job so have a little patience and take great care of your hair!

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  • Baby Shopaholic

    Great tips! I’m going to make an effort to take better care of my natural hair this year.

    • Gracie

      It’ll become habit to you, then it becomes a lot easier to manage and care for!! Good luck!

  • Kimberly Anne

    Great tips! Looking to grow my hair back out in 2014… I cut my hair back in May when I got bored and totally regret it now. Good thing hair always grows back. 🙂

    • Gracie

      lol YAY!!! You know where to find us!

  • James Bitcoin

    Thanks for those tips. I find more at http://www.trendinghairstyles.com

    • Gracie

      You’re welcome! We’re always here to help!

      – Gracie J