LBS Kickin’ It: BrownGirlsLove Brunch New York

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This weekend brown girls from the the city that never sleeps braved the heat to join Christina in celebrating the end of the BrownGirlsLove Brunch tour at the Lower East Side’s Stanton Social. Attended by spokemodel and actress Africa Miranda, makerting expert Ylorie Anderson,  lifestyle blogger and podcast host Simone Gittens and other likeminded powerful young women of purpose this final installment of summer 16’s brunch series was filled with love, laughter, and inspiration.

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Find out more about this uplifting day below.

The afternoon began with breaking the ice. Pairs of attendees introduced one another and relayed their partner’s objectives. From leaving their day jobs to finally getting started on their side hustles everyone had dreams that they were working to bring to fruition.

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It was awesome to see women who had just been perfect strangers speak of each other with such passion and positivity. 

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After the ice was broken we all got to chowing down on a family style brunch that included Oreo pancakes, Kobe Beef sliders, shrimp mac & cheese and roasted chicken and waffles.

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The delectable food was only upstaged by the delightful service. The staff at the Stanton Social added so much to the  day’s experience. Jordan in particular never missed a beat serving attendees champagne with the biggest of smiles. LoveBrownSugar’s Public Relations Assistant Kayla and I couldn’t decide what was more appealing his killer cheekbones or his sunny attitude. 

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Towards the end of the event Christina shared some details about her recent entrepreneurial experiences and divulged why she was so committed to the BrownGirlsLove brand and encouraging women of color to connect with one another.

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“The conversations I had with the women in Atlanta were not the same as the ones I had with the women in LA” she said “but they all needed to have those conversations. If I didn’t do this you wouldn’t be here having these conversations with each other! That’s why I can’t give up!”


As always Christina showed love and appreciation to the staff in attendance taking a moment to thank them and highlight induvidual projects they’re working on. 

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Christina thanked her mother for her never ending support and talked about motherhood being a life-long process.  

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She then received congratulations from her daughter Cady in the form of a huge high five. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

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Each attendee went home with products from Eden BodyWorks and Ouidad who have supported the BrownGirlsLove Brunch vision since the very beginning.

This year’s BrownGirlsLove Brunch Tour has been a huge success because of you! The energy and love you all bring to each event makes all the work we do worth it.

We can’t wait to see you all again at next year’s power day!  Be sure to check in with BrownGirlsLove.com for details.

Did you attend the final BrownGirlsLove Brunch? Leave your thoughts on the event below! 


Photo Credit: Joe Chea

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