LBS Mompreneur Diaries: #SmallButPowerful Moves That Make History


I’ve dedicated much of my career as a digital influencer to smashing stereotypes and showing the world that women of color are powerful, productive and pretty while doing it. I’ve created platforms that inspire women of color to be great, allow them to know that they’re not alone and that challenge stereotypes. My most dedicated “follower” of all the thousands of you who follow me daily is actually my little princess Cadence. She’s not only seeing what I do online but she seems me in action each day as I work hard to provide for her and balance the responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurship.


It is SO important for me to set an example for her but also to encourage her to live out her dreams, defy stereotypes, set new records and excel in everything she loves. So I am really honored to have partnered with Tide Pods on their #SmallButPowerful campaign featuring record-breaking powerhouse Simone Biles. As the most decorated American gymnast of all time and being a young black female, she has truly inspired so many young women who may have never thought they could do the impossible. Her dedication, hard work and perseverance are just the characteristics I hope to instill in Cadence. Check out Simone’s commercial with Tide here.


On the same evening that Simone Biles and the Final Five took gold at the Olympics, Cadence and I had the opportunity to meet and take a class with Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes. Dominique partnered with Tide Pods in support of Simone Biles, to showcase the evolution of power. They were featured in the Tide Pods’ Evolution of Power commercial, showcasing the amazing transformations of history-making gymnasts over the years and comparing that to Tide’s progression from a powder detergent to now being available in its small but powerful liquid pod form.


Dominique is the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics! I remember growing up and watching Dominique on TV and being so proud that she looked like me. So it was a really proud moment getting to introduce her to Cadence and getting to chat with her, as she’s also a new mom. Her daughter is just a month younger than Cady! I’m excited for Cadence because she had the opportunity to watch another young, black woman make history in gymnastics, the way I did with Dominique. After seeing gymnasts like Simone Biles excel at the Olympics, I decided to enroll Cadence in a toddler gymnastics class just to see if she would enjoy it. Turns out, she loves it! Check it out here:

What most people take for granted is that supporting our children takes time. Not everyone has the luxury to spend hours running their children back and forth to extracurricular activities and helping them perfect their crafts. Products like Tide Pods make life easier for busy moms like myself and give us the time we need to encourage our kids to be great.

Overall, the #SmallButPowerful campaign has been such a joy to be part of. I place an emphasis on partnering with brands whose campaigns are meant to empower and inspire. I really hope you guys feel empowered to encourage the little boys and girls in your lives to be great. And whether you have little ones or not, Tide Pods is really an effective way to get your chores done and save time for all the other things in life that are way more important than laundry.


One last thing I’ll leave you with.  As the Olympics have come to an end, I wanted to share that the White House recently honored the families of 17 black athletes who participated in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. These 17 athletes, including the great Jesse Owens, made history by fighting for their right to be recognized in this competition during a time of Nazi Hitler and Jim Crow racism. The athletes represented their country and won medals, yet were not welcomed upon their return. This year, the athletes finally received the honor they deserved and their relatives got to meet and shake hands with our first black president, Barack Obama – even more history in the making. Thanks to these athletes, we get to see the talent and heart of black athletes like Simone Biles get recognized internationally for their moves that make history. Who knows, maybe Cadence or your daughter or son, niece or nephew will be next.

What moves are you making to make history? Share your aspirations in the comments section.

This post is sponsored by Tide Pods. All opinions expressed above are my own and not those of the company.

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  • RattlesandHeels

    Wonderful post mama! I love using the Olympic medalists stories to inspire my babies too. I’m from a small Caribbean island and we’ve only had one Olympic medalist ever, I always talk to my daughter about the work that was required for him to achieve that.

  • LSC

    Great write up…

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