LBS Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Super Stylish Gift Ideas From StyleWatch


Hey loves! Ok so as you know, I’m a contributor for People StyleWatch’s The Outfit and what I love most about being part of the StyleWatch family is that we help break down the hottest & newest trends and make it easy for the everyday girl to incorporate those trends into her wardrobe. For example, I’m featured in the December/January issue of People StyleWatch breaking down some holiday season trends and how to easily incorporate them into your personal style and also how to gift stylishly!


So when StyleWatch told me they wanted to partner with me to present some really dope style and beauty trends from their holiday box, I knew you guys would appreciate it. Not only so YOU can put in your requests for some of these items for the holidays, but also so you know what exactly to pick up for your style-savvy friends who are up on the latest new, hot trends for the season.

Here are 10 fashion forward and stylish gift ideas from StyleWatch:

1. Give Her The Tea


So you’re used to calling up your bestie and giving her the proverbial “tea”, right. The news, the gossip, the latest. Well, for the holidays make it a cute pun and literally give her the tea with Kusmi Tea’s tea chest hat box, stylishly dressed by designer Jean Paul Gaultier.


This is the perfect gift for: your trendy friend who loves anything designer, even if it’s just a box OR your bestie who loves a good hot cup of tea.

2. Revitaleyes Her


This is a really great gift for your beauty junkie friend who is up on the latest and greatest in skincare techniques. The Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment is an eye cream specifically for dark circles (I get them too – not cute!), dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and all that annoying stuff that comes with age. It’s designed specifically for the sensitive eye area. So if she’s on her serious anti-aging steez, and a little fancy, this makes a great gift.

3. Make Her The Mane Attraction


As your resident hair product junkie, I’m usually great about identifying the hair products that work for gifting. The NotYourMothers collection actually has a nice lineup of products for girls-on-the-go. Consider the Clean Freak Unscented Refreshing Shampoo as a must for your friend who is on her fitness tip, but prefers something that won’t have her smelling like candy. And the Deja Vu ‘Do Style Extending Hair Primer is great for girls who travel alot or who constantly have to skip from one place to another but want their hair to stay in tact.

4. Put Her On (Gossamer)


Ok ladies, this might be one gift you add to your personal wishlist (or drop into your bae’s DMs). On Gossamer has the cutest little 6-pack of mesh thongs and they are super lightweight. The Gossamer Mesh Hip-G is one of their best selling styles. You’ll probably forget you have them on, which can go either way (lol). *cues Sisqo’s “Thong Song”*

5. Gift Her Fab In a Flash


So you know I’m always a skeptic when it comes to skincare. I have to really believe something can work before I put it to my face. So when I unwrapped the DERMAFLASH® from my holiday box, I immediately thought “Oh another sonic cleansing brush”. Nope.This tool essentially allows you to control your peach fuzz and exfoliate your skin at home.


It has a small blade on it and uses subtle sonic vibration to remove skin imperfections.


This one is great for your skincare-obsessed friend who spends her Saturday nights doing facial masks instead of coming out for drinks. DERMAFLASH is available for purchase on Sephora.com December 18th and nationwide in Sephora stores January 4th.

6. Keep Her Fashion Forward


There’s nothing I love more than a great coat in the winter time. Typically your outerwear is the first and only thing people see you in on the street so it’s always a must to have one that’s fashion forward.


This Bailey 44 Bridgette Poncho is a super stylish layering piece great for Autumn and Winter. It can easily be layered under an infinity scarf, skinny jeans and boots for an easygoing yet super sophisticated look.



This one is great for the fashionista friend that “has everything”. This piece is really unique but still a great closet staple.

7. Keep Her Skin On Fleek

So everyone has that friend who could essentially double as a makeup artist because she’s SO talented with the brush, right? She consistently walks out the house with her face “beat for the gawds”. And she’s who you call on when you have an important function to attend but can’t spring for a makeup artist.


Keep her skin on fleek with one of the best makeup removers on the market – micellar water! Garnier has a SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water that is perfect for this. It lifts away makeup, dirt and impurities to reveal radiant skin. #skinonFLEEK

8. Gift Her Geek Chic


Confession time. I have wanted a pair of FRENDS headphones for ages now. They are SO cute. And like the stylish platform they are, StyleWatch was privvy to the FRENDS obsession and decided to partner with the brand for their own exclusive pair available at Shop.People.com.


What’s so cool about them? They have interchangeable cap designs (so you can switch them up with your mood, or even make it a gift that keeps on giving by upgrading her with new caps on her birthday!), and they’re collapsible so they can fit into a small bag or clutch. They’re basically a fashionista’s perfect gift.

9. Come Through in the Clutch


You really can’t go wrong with a leather clutch or makeup bag. This one was gifted to me by the folks at Bailey 44. Most designers have some variation of this and many of them even allow for monogramming. Always a great option – everyone can use a leather pouch.

10. Make Her A Star


You have that one friend who’s obsessed with all things glittery and glam? The Starlight Collection by OPI hits the nail on the head. It includes a collection of 18 limited-edition nail lacquers for her to choose from. And what’s even more convenient is that they’re pre-packaged in sets ready to go under the tree.


My favorite is this collection of nail jewels from Swarovski. I LOVE nail embellishments like studs and grommets.


They instantly take a nude nail look (like this one I wore in People StyleWatch Dec/January issue – perfected by my girl The Editorial Nail) from simple to starlet.

Ok so let’s discuss. What are you lovelies gifting your style-savvy and fashion forward friends this season? Also, what’s on your list? Soundoff below.

This post is sponsored by StyleWatch. As always, all opinions expressed above are my own and not those of the company.

Lead-In Photo by Alexandra Wolf

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