Kickin’ It: On The Run Tour With Carol’s Daughter

on-the-run-carols-daughterLast Friday, I was honored to have the opportunity to attend the “On The Run” tour featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z here in the NY/NJ area with the lovely team at Carol’s Daughter. If you know me, you already know how HYPED I get about a Beyonce concert. Last year I saw the Mrs. Carter tour THREE times. Yes, I’m a crazed Bey fan and I’m totally not ashamed.

on-the-run-car-selfieAnyway, I was picked up at my house around 6PM and we headed over to the Meadowlands as the concert was held at the MET Life Stadium.Of course I was a complete goofball and took selfies in the backseat. Don’t judge.

selfie-lovebrownsugar-on-the-runI had actually never been to the Met Life Stadium. It’s pretty amazing and was a great location for the concert.

red-asos-dressFor my concert look, I decided to opt for a sexy but tasteful red dress that I snagged on ASOS.com over a year ago. I haven’t been able to fit into it in forever! Thanks to my FABFit regimen I’m fitting into some of my old clothes again post-BabyBrownSugar. I also opted for some leopard print wedges. I love how leopard looks with red outfits, and these ASOS wedges are super comfortable – perfect for dancing!

on-the-run-met-life-stadiumCarol’s Daughter had a really dope suite facing the left side of the stage. The stadium is massive – this is only half of it.


The suite was of course filled with all my favorite CD goodies. On display was the Sacred Tiare collection (which I reviewed here), their Curl Milk collection and more.

on-the-run-photobooth-picsOne of my fave style bloggers Monroe Steele was there with Carol’s Daughter as well. She is such a sweetheart and she has such great style.


You guys should definitely check out her blog FashionSteele.

shanel-odum-deena-campbellI also ran into two editors who were very influential in my career when I used to work for magazines. Shanel Odum, who’s currently the EIC of VIBE Vixen (she was editor-in-chief at Honey Magazine) and Deena Campbell, who’s currently the Hair & Beauty Editor at Essence.com (she was my coworker at UPTOWN Magazine). Love these two!

suite-met-life-stadiumOnce the concert got started I got to work twirling and twerking to Beyonce’s hits. Obvi, I know all the choreography. And I got equally turned up to Jay-Z’s set.

on-the-run-tour-met-life-stadiumThey did such a great job of merging both acts seamlessly. And they closed the concert hand in hand with a heart-melting reel of the two of them with their daughter Blue Ivy.

beyonce-tour-on-the-run-met-lifeIt was SO adorable and perfect. If the On The Run tour is coming to a city near you, you MUST go. Grab your besties and go. Seriously. The best part of the night (yes, EVEN better than seeing Beyonce perform live) was getting to hang out with Carol’s Daughter creator Lisa Price. It was really a complete full circle moment for me even being invited to the concert with her brand team.


Back when I was a freshman at PENN and first getting my feet wet as a writer, I wrote for a small publication on my college campus called Little Black Book. It was geared toward women of color on campus. And my first MAJOR interview was with Lisa as an up & coming entrepreneur. I was fascinated by her and by her business.


Carol’s Daughter has grown leaps and bounds since then. That was almost 9 years ago! I just feel so blessed to have been able to share this experience. What inspired me most is that these women that I look up to are mothers as well. The theme of the night really was that with hard work and dedication, you can do anything. When in doubt, think of women like Beyonce and Lisa Price.

Have you seen Queen Bey live in concert? Planning to? Soundoff below!

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  • Your outfit is awesome! Looks like you had a really good time. I’ve been following you for awhile now, if you ever get to the west cost (LA) definitely have a meetup! I’m http://www.lilyseymour.com, an over 50’s beauty blogger and wig designer, and I love networking!

    • Hi Lily! Thank you so much! And I most definitely will check you out next time I’m out West!

  • Looks like so much fun!! Great seats too.