5 Liquid Lipsticks for Brown Girls


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Liquid lipsticks are a great way to step up your makeup game this summer. These convenient choices pack a serious punch providing even the most basic beauty look with staying power. We’ve rounded up five shades that are sure to flatter any brown girl below.

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Dove’s New Campaign – Why You Should Always #LoveYourHair


Growing up, like most women of color, the ideal picture of beauty included long, straight hair. “Good hair” (no Becky *insert Lemonade shade here*) was what was manageable and what society viewed as beautiful. That meant it had to be long, straight and typically relaxed if your hair was naturally curly like mine.


So like most young girls with kinky-curly hair in the late 80’s/early 90s, once I was old enough I got a kiddie relaxer and so started the cycle of chemical straightening every 6-8 weeks until adulthood.


Thankfully over the years, many of those traditional beauty ideals have started to shift. There are evolving conversations about what beauty really means and what it looks like, and now when my daughter Cadence watches television I’m confident she’ll see women with curly hair, deeper skin tones and curvy shapes just like hers being lauded as beautiful. But we have a LONG way to go.

Do me a favor. If you’re reading this right now, open another tab or window in your web browser and go to Google.com. In the search bar I want you to type in the words “beautiful hair”. When you’re done come back here and continue reading below.

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Get Like Me: Hilton Worldwide Director of Multicultural Marketing Andrea Richardson


Throughout her career as a marketing professional Andrea Richardson has been referred to as “an artist, a scientist and a ninja”. In her current role she gets to be all three. As the Director of Multicultural Marketing for Hilton Worldwide she balances the needs of the company’s thirteen brands with that of their partners and the communities they inhabit using every resource possible to get the job done. We recently found out about her career goals, learning experiences, and belief in intuition.

Name: Andrea Richardson

Location: Washington, DC

Describe Your Personal Style in Three Words: Fancy, Fly, Fresh

Who Are Your Favorite Designer(s):
Diane Von Furstenberg – her designs are timeless.

What Are Your Must Have Accessories?
  A well-designed necklace and bright pumps!

What do you love about the Hilton brand?

I love the complex identities of the hotels within the Hilton portfolio of brands. It’s like a family with thirteen kids with very different and unique personalities.

Hilton manages many partnerships. How do you build relationships with potential partners?

We really like to get a good understanding of the partner’s goals. Out of this we’re able to build mutually beneficial AND meaningful partnerships; some of which last a long time. We also understand that businesses needs evolve but in the moment we really try to be good partners.

andrea 2

Learn more about this resourceful and dynamic woman below.

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Get Like Me: Teen Vogue Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing & Brand Partnerships Zoé Zeigler

zoe 7

Zoé Zeigler’s life is all about balance. The marketing professional doesn’t believe in limiting herself and manages her multiple professional roles with poise and polish.  As the Executive Director of New York’s chapter of ColorComm she hosts warm and welcoming events designed to inform and empower women of color. As a Senior Manager at Teen Vogue, she focuses on managing Integrated Marketing & Brand Partnerships and as a blogger she creates compelling content designed to uplift and stand out. We caught up with Zoé to learn about statement earrings, confidence, and the importance of branding beyond your business card.

Name: Zoé Zeigler

Location: New York, New York

Describe Your Personal Style in Three Words: Thrifts, prints and…me

Who Are Your Favorite Designer(s): I love supporting independent designers. Some of my favorites at the moment are DPiperTwins and Lois London. I’m not really into your traditional “labels.” I’ll take nice one-of-a-kind vintage/thrifted item or a cute African printed piece over a big name brand any day.

What Are Your Must Have Accessories?: A statement pair of earrings for sure. I have over 60 pairs displayed like art in my apartment that I rotate wearing daily.

Learn more about Zoé Zeigler below.

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Classic Man Crush Monday: Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolden

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Jason Bolden is known for his congenial personality and sleek sense of style. The entrepreneur and celebrity stylist tailored his eye for fashion during his extensive experience with high-end retail. He then began styling clients like Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union and lending his colorful commentary to show like BET’s 106 & Park. In recent years he has returned to retail by collaborating with long-time client Lala Anthony on 5th and Mercer and developing a luxe sunglasses line called JSN Studio. When he’s not styling for massive ad campaigns, or striking editorial images he is working on making his husband happy and keeping that flawless skin smooth. We asked him about his career goals, motivation, and role models.

Find out what he had to say below!

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Style Tips for the Cold Shoulder Trend at TheOutfit


Hey guys! As you all know, I’m a blog contributor for TheOutfit.com and I often partner with them to help translate some of the latest trends in an easy and accessible way. I’m all about making the trends work for YOU. Currently I’m obsessed with the Cold Shoulder trend.


I think it’s so subtle yet sexy and it works for so many different body types. I shared my love for the Cold Shoulder trend over at TheOutfit.com by showing off how I styled this JCPenney a.n.a top. Head to TheOutfit to read the full post all about it!

CLICK HERE to check it out, and please leave a comment on the post letting me know if you’d try it!

This post is sponsored by JCPenney in partnership with TheOutfit. All opinions expressed above are my own and not those of the company.

Brown Girls Love: SunKissAlba

sun kiss alba lead in image

Momprenuer SunKissAlba manages meal prep, curl care, and more with a bronze tinged smile. The popular vlogger is known for her bright personality and effortless personal style.


Starting her YouTube channel as a response to not seeing herself represented on the platform’s most popular beauty videos she has expanded her hair tutorials into a full fledged lifestyle brand that focuses on health as well as beauty.


She sat down with LoveBrownSugar founder and editor-in-chief Christina Brown to discuss the separation of business and family, her affection for natural beauty products, and the importance of having something unique to say.

Check out their conversation below! more this way

3 Reasons To Join Us for #BrownGirlsLoveBrunch!



It’s official! The BrownGirlsLove Brunch tour is officially kicking off this month! I’m so excited to be starting the brunch tour with my Georgia peaches down in ATLANTA!


If you’ve been following our progress with BrownGirlsLove, you know that the brand started out as a grassroots IG page just promoting our power and beauty through social media. We wanted to create a space to celebrate the beauty of women of color. From that, we started promoting events that would encourage and inspire women to embrace their personal brands and also get information about how to develop a brand of their own.


Last year, we hosted three brunches in NYC, Philly and DC. And this year we’re headed to 5 cities to spread the BrownGirlsLove across the country. First stop – Atlanta!


Here are three quick reasons you should plan to be at BrownGirlsLove Brunch:

1. The Brown Girls: If there’s one thing we brown girls do well, it’s brunch! Come out to network with fellow go-getters, meet people in your city who are like-minded and learn about how you can connect with others who are going through some of the same things you probably are.


2. The Swag Bags: We have more sponsor announcements to come but for now our amazing sponsors include EDEN BodyWorks, Ouidad and Kinky Curly Yaki. All brands that each and every guest will get to sample at the event and some of whom will be sending guests home with FREE products!


3. The Advice: Part of every BrownGirlsLove Brunch is dedicated to us sharing our stories. I typically start out by sharing my personal story about my rise to full-time blogging status and important lessons I learned along the way. Then, I share the floor with special guests and attendees to have an open discussion about how we can all be better. It is always AMAZING. I promise you will leave feeling lifted.


I so hope to see some of you ATLiens down in Georgia next weekend.


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And if you’re not in Atlanta, here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming cities and dates:

Washington D.C: Saturday, May 28th

Los Angeles: Saturday, June 25th

Chicago: Saturday, July 13th

New York City: Saturday, August, 13th

Save the dates ladies and prepare to go to the best brunch of your life at #BrownGirlsLoveBrunch. Hope to see you there!

The 5 Must-Know Makeup Tips That Make A Difference

The 5 Must-Know Makeup Tips That Make A Difference

If you’re a makeup lover like myself, then you’re constantly stalking the internet for the tips that will make a difference in your application. I love checking out articles on beauty sites and of course watching my beauty gurus on youtube for their latest advice. I’ve complied the 5 tips that I’ve found to make a major difference in my makeup application over the past few months. If you’re interested in knowing more read on below!

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Get Like Me: I Don’t Do Clubs Founder Genese Jamilah

Brown girls from New York to Los Angeles, can set their calendars by I Don’t Do Clubs, a website dedicated to providing details on events from day parties to charity galas. Founded by digital expert and entrepreneur Genese Jamilah the site has become a staple for the young, black, and gifted who value a good time that’s anything but old fashioned. And with ventures like the popular Black Owned Restaurant Month, and the Must Love Beards day party series it’s clear that Jamilah’s innovation is only going increase the site’s impact. We caught up with her to discuss, clarity, productivity, and the importance of saying no.

Name: Genese Jamilah

Location: New York, New York

Describe Your Personal Style in Three Words: Cute, Comfortable and Classic

Who Are Your Favorite Designer(s):Banana Republic, Rachel Roy, and Calvin Klein

What Are Your Must Have Accessories?: I always have on earrings and bracelets.

You recently launched a new brand with Slide in their DMs. What prompted you to expand?

It started as a joke I was at a mixer with a couple of my friends and this guy came up to me telling me he needed to find a girl and asking if I knew any good women in New Jersey, because we were in New Jersey for the event. He was like “put me on your instagram!” And so I put that guy on and a couple of my friends who are single and everyone just liked it so I thought okay maybe this could be something. Just like Must Love Beards is kind of a way to meet the opposite sex it’s just another discreet way for people to get to know someone because they’re putting themselves out there. A lot of the events do focus on meeting someone of the opposite sex so why not make it a daily feature?

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

That it’s very important to say no. In the beginning of my blogging career I tried to please everyone and it ended up burning me out. So in the last two years I’ve made it a point to only say yes to things that I want to do and make sure that I keep strict business hours so I can have time for my personal life too.

Learn more about this enterprising brown girl below.

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