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LBS Salon Review: Idalias Salon in Brooklyn

Last month, I paid the Idalias Salon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn a visit. I was preparing for my trip to LA and I needed to get my hair washed and conditioned. I also needed to get my Bounce Deep Wavy/Coil Curl Indique Hair extensions sewn in by a professional stylist. One of the first things I look for when heading to a salon is a specialist who knows how to properly care for and maintain natural curls. It’s been 2 and a half years now that “Cece’s Curls” have been alive and well so I go to great lengths (no pun intended) to make sure they’re protected from breakage and heat damage.

The professionals at Idalias took great care of me! Their motto is “Healthy hair first equals stylish hair always,” so they place an emphasis on hair health.

As such, salon owner Darlene was very delicate with my curls and gave me a thorough shampoo and deep conditioning treatment before I sat down to be braided up and styled.

They used a great combination of products and made sure that my hair was properly protected. I get the question alot about how I blend my natural hair with the curly extensions so the difference isn’t easily detectable. You know I only give my secrets away to y’all so here it is:

Depending on which way you want your hair to lay, you need to leave out just enough of your natural hair to cover the tracks once the styling is done. See below for how much I normally leave out.

I chose a middle part this time around so the stylist at Idalias sewed my hair in a U-shape so that there was an ample amount of my natural hair on all sides to cover the track once she was complete.

Next, she fluffed my hair out and began to apply a light styling cream. My absolute favorite is Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream for this, when I do it at home.

Before I left, the stylist flat-twisted my natural hair along with the extensions so that when I released it the next day, my curls would naturally follow the curl pattern of the extensions.

This process is really easy to replicate at home. You simply retwist each night with the curl product of your choice and wrap your head with a silk scarf or bonnet to maintain.
Needless to say, they did an AWESOME job and my hair was on point for my trip to LA!
 Next week I’ll be posting an exclusive Q&A with the salon owner who has some really helpful tips on installing and maintaining extensions while keeping your hair healthy. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if you’re in the Prospect Heights, Brooklyn area – check out the Idalias Salon and let them know LoveBrownSugar sent you!

Idalias Salon
677 Washington Ave 
New York,  NY 11238
(718) 636-5521
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Disclosure: The Idalias Salon provided me with a complimentary hair service for this review. As always, all opinions expressed herein are mine and not reflective of the company.

Instaweek 11.12.12

In The Morning
Happy Monday! I have to say, Monday mornings are normally quite mundane for me. There’s something about Monday morning that conjures up feelings of dread and anxiety. I stumble out of bed, rush out the door (because I’m normally running late), hop on a crowded train to work and count the many ways I’ll probably have a horrible week. This Monday is different though. Not that my circumstances have changed. But I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmingly grateful for all the wonderful things I have in life. I’m determined to make this a great week despite undesirable circumstances. The minute you take time to change your perspective and focus on what’s great about your life instead of all the things horrible about it, your emotions makes a shift as well. Positivity breeds positivity and the same goes for negativity. So this week, I implore you guys to reset the negative mental tape in your head and focus on seeing the positive in your life situation. It makes a HUGE difference, trust.

New Beauty
Cece’s Curls are back y’all! I spent last week experimenting with new hair styles. My 2 Year Natural anniversary is coming up soon and I’m ecstatic. My curls have grown out so much. I’ll have some posts up later this week about my hair style experiments. On the hair topic, the wonderful folks at Jane Carter sent me a sample of their Curl Defining Cream. I plan on giving it a try this week. Also, Maybelline has recently released their own version of the nail applique trend (top left)- Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers. They sent me samples of two of their styles. Pics of that should be coming soon as well. Can’t wait to try them!

Rocked The Vote
Whoop whoop! I’m sure I’m not the only one ecstatic about last week’s election results. I’m happy I had the opportunity to fulfill my civic duty and I hope you guys were able to as well. Also, thanks to those of you who entered my Rachel Roy “VOTE” tee contest – the winner has been announced on the page here.

Happy Birthday Ursula Stephens (Slash…I Was 2 Feet From Rihanna Y’all!)
Celebrity hairstylist and Motions Haircare spokesperson Ursula Stephen celebrated her birthday last Thursday evening at Boudoir in downtown NYC. Ursula is most noted as the hairstylist who transforms Rihanna’s coif ever so often and drastically puts beauty aficionados in a state of shock & wonder with her red carpet looks. Yep, she’s major. I was invited to celebrate her birthday last week along with countless other bloggers, editors and celebs like Taraji P. Henson, Toccara and (gasp!) Rihanna (middle left)! Y’all. She walked in and I nearly fainted. She was about 2 feet from me. And she’s absolutely gorgeous in person. I didn’t get to “meet” her sadly. She made a beeline for VIP and stayed there. It wasn’t like My Chance Encounter With Kanye BUT it was magical nonetheless.

How did you guys spend your week? Talk to me!

Kickin’ It: Dance Africa Festival 2011

Hey loves! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! So if you follow me on Twitter, you probably heard me yapping about my Memorial Day plans this weekend. Yesterday, I spent the good part of my Memorial Day in Brooklyn (my home away from home on summer weekends) at the Dance Africa festival & bazaar.
Gemstone rings from vendor at Dance Africa
I’ve been attending the festival for a few years now and it is absolutely the highlight of my Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a themed festival and bazaar that’s hosted by the Brooklyn Academy of Music each year, in celebration of African culture & heritage. They run African dance shows throughout the weekend, movie screenings, you name it! And for three days, vendors from all over the city come to sell these AMAZING goods i.e food, jewelry, handbags, kente cloth, hair products, you name it!

Here’s a peek at my amazing time at the festival:

Earring display at Dance Africa

One of my favorite things about the outdoor bazaar are the amazing jewels for sale. 
Also the adorable ethnic kente cloth creations. These dresses by Pauline Asmah were beautiful.
This fruit punch with chunks of fresh fruit gave me LIFE yesterday. Might have been the highlight of my day drinking this. Yum! (By the way, my leopard nails are courtesy Sally Hansen Salon Effects, post on that coming soon)
Also for sale are various beauty products. I was drawn into this booth with all-natural hair and body products, called Jahbulani – they’re based in Brooklyn. Check them out at Jahbulaniproducts.com.
And of course, the street style was on POINT! Love seeing natural divas at the Dance Africa festival flaunt their tresses and their amazing sense of style. Check out my street chic pics:
Janine Maxwell
I spotted Janine from down the block and had to track her down to snap a pic of her look. Love how she mixed this painted vintage top with tailored cropped pants and flats. Chic!

Adia Ware, Designer

Jewelry designer Adia kept it afrocentric with this printed strapless romper that I loved! Cowry shell leather sandals and gold earring round off her look. Check out her jewels at http://www.MercurySun.etsy.com

Ayana, singer
This fly diva Ayana is a singer, part of a group called Aries. Her hair was everything to me – so fun! And those tie dyed pants and retro shades were to die for.
Ni’Ma Ford, Wardrobe Stylist
Color is the key to looking vibrant. Stylist Ni’Ma Ford capitalized on the bright sunny day in an electric shade of green.

Marjon Carlos, Tara Liggins, Devin Butler
This group of friends caught my eye with their cute ensembles and amazing accessories. Never underestimate the power of a great handbag!

Tafari Powis
The belt! The pants! The tie! I was living and dying for Tafari’s amazing getup. Aren’t you?
Me at Dance Africa 2011
 And here’s what I rocked for the occasion! Had such a blast at the festival. 
Top: Soho Boutique find (don’t know the brand!), Skirt: Vintage, Sandals: H&M, Bag, Shades, Chain: Vintage,  Watch: Michael Kors.
Sidenote: Cece’s curls are back! My hair has grown so much since I chopped it off in November so I plan to wear it out more often. I even managed to pull it all up into a top knot – woohoo! More hair posts to come this summer, I promise!
How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? I wanna know!