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LBS Beauty Review: MAC RiRi Woo vs. Ruby Woo

mac-riri-woo-ruby-woo-reviewYou guys remember how hyped I was for the release of bad gyal Rihanna‘s very first lipstick collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, right? I practically had my shopping cart ready to go 24 hours before the grand premiere. I was one of the lucky hopefuls who scored a stick of Rihanna’s MAC RiRi Woo greatness before it sold out online only hours before going on sale.


As a red lipstick fanatic, I’m obsessed with finding new ones to try and obsess over. And now that I have RiRi Woo in my beauty arsenal, here’s a snapshot of the main differences I see between RiRi Woo and my absolute fave MAC Ruby Woo. Check out the review below:


So upon first glance, RiRi Woo looks VERY similar to MAC’s classic Ruby Woo. It’s a matte, highly pigmented red that works for a myriad of skin complexions. That’s what drew me to the color originally – so many recommendations from women of different shades.

Looking at them side by side from afar they look basically identical. On the left is MAC RiRi Woo and on the right is my highly-used (I literally wear it almost daily) Ruby Woo stick.

Upon closer inspection though, you’ll notice that RiRi Woo has a deeper tint with more bluish undertones. This works perfect for skin shades that are deeper because the color really comes through with a bold finish. Here’s a swatch of the two on my skin:

Top: RiRi Woo  Bottom: Ruby Woo

Top: RiRi Woo Bottom: Ruby Woo

Here you can see against my skin that RiRi Woo (top) is a little deeper with a bluish base. It has more of a sultry night-time feel to it.


RiRi Woo vs Ruby Woo
 Next up, I took pictures in both colors. Here’s how they look on (don’t mind me coloring outside the lines lol):
Very subtle difference between the two that’s barely noticeable but there’s a difference for sure. So for those of you wondering which one works best for you (or whether to splurge on RiRi Woo once it comes back out later this summer), here’s a snapshot of what they look like.
Wearing MAC RiRi WooI’m still obsessed with my Ruby Woo. I don’t think anything can separate me from my first love. 

IMG_7614But I’ll be rocking out with Rihanna’s namesake this summer as well. I’ll probably alternate between the two. For you lovelies of different skin complexions, here are links to some of my favorite fellow bloggers doing reviews of Ruby Woo vs. RiRi Woo debate:

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Would you purchase RiRi Woo? What are your red lip faves? Soundoff below!