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Sick Site Spotlight: Meinto.com

Today’s Sick Site Spotlight goes out to innovative e-retailer Meinto.com. Among the hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites on the web, I’m keen on highlighting those that offer something just a little bit different. Meinto.com is an international site aimed at bringing regional fashion to the masses.

What makes them special and “cool”, if you will, is that they’ve found a clever way to connect people across the globe with local boutiques in various cities. Here’s a bit about the site:

“Meinto.com is all about putting local fashion on the international map. We partner with local, specialty boutiques that inspire global fashion by offering them a solid, online and social presence.”

It’s not easy for small businesses like local boutiques to achieve widespread scale. Enter Meinto.com. They allow you to purchase amazing indie labels directly from the boutiques that source them, which is a win-win because the boutiques have access to customers who truly love their clothes but don’t necessarily live in their cities. 

Here are a few amazing spring pieces I’minto (Saw what I did there? Hah!)
Clockwise from top left: Sleeveless Button Down Cutout Dress, $83.00. Orange Two Pocket Handbag with Gold Chain, $48.00. Taupe Pleated Hi-Low Skirt, $48.00. Three Strap Espadrille, $385.00.
They offer some amazing pieces at pretty affordable prices. Meinto.com also has a competition taking place until March 12th on their Facebook page. They’re gifting over $1000 worth of clothing from their site. Enter their contest on the Meinto Facebook page here.

Would you shop Meinto.com?
This post is sponsored by Meinto.com. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of the company. 

Sick Site Spotlight: ObviLux.com

So I have a new online obsession. Today’s Sick Site spotlight goes to the young Stanford grads who came up with new shopping application ObviLux.

It’s like Polyvore meets Tumblr meets Facebook. A seamless integration between online shopping & social networking, ObviLux let’s you take your favorite items from various online shops and save them instantly, as well as share then with your besties. Warning – this site is addictive.

Here’s what the creators have to say:

ObviLux is a social shopping community that helps young women find, save, and share clothing and products they find while shopping. We identify individuals that are loyal to certain brands and title them ‘store ambassadors’, in hope that we can get them merchandise and gift cards from the brands themselves.

My ObviLux Page
 The FAB thing about ObviLux are the user perks. Let’s say you’re a dedicated Nordstrom stan. You spend hours on Nordstrom.com and you “Lux” on average 25 items a day. The more items you lux, and the more brand loyal you are, the greater your chances at becoming a store ambassador and unlocking the potential for free goodies, gift cards & more. Now, you can truly put your e-shopping obsession to good use.

Check them out at ObviLux.com and tell them LoveBrownSugar sent you! Also, follow me on there http://www.ObviLux.com/LoveBrownSugar so we can share goodies. Currently my collection (pictured above) includes printed dressed and wedges – my favorite things.

Will you be joining?