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Style Play Polish: Great Gatsby-Inspired Nails

A lady should always treat her nails as she does her hair, never get caught slippin’. We know a thing or two about nail DIYs and looking extravagant without extravagant pockets. Speaking of extravagance, the week’s Style Play Polish nail design is inspired by raved-about blockbuster film, “The Great Gatsby.” Here are 4 easy steps to achieving the perfect Gatsby inspired nails:

What you will need:

Step 1: Paint your nails 2 coats of the royal blue polish to assure a darker opacity. (Remember! Always apply a base coat before applying your base color).

Step 2: Using the black polish, freehand a V-shaped stroke pointed towards the tips of your nails.

Step 3: Using your detailing brush, trace along the line where the black meets the blue polish. Paint 2 other lines parallel to the original lines. Don’t worry about the lines overlapping, we will fill that in later.

Step 4: Use the silver polish to create a half moon design near your cuticles, as well as filling in the sides and top of your nails where the black polish is exposed.

Gatsby is known for his expensive taste and bringing his wild imagination to life. If you have a Gatsby nail inspiration you’d like to share with us, tag us on Instagram @LoveBrownSugar.

– Gracie J

Style Play Polish: Summer Festival-Inspired Nails

LBS is going to Coachella (she’s actually on her way now)! YAY x100! For those of you who have no idea what that is, no biggie. It’s only the biggest art and music festival on the West-Coast! One of the first things that comes to mind when someone says Coachella are bright & vibrant colors, from stage set ups to spectator’s sense of fashion. For this week’s Style Play Polish segment I decided to paint a little ode to Coachella 2013 in 5 easy steps:

What you will need:

– Base coat (Butter London Nail Foundation)
– 3 bright, pastel, or neon colors of your choice (Sephora’s “I Want Candy” 3-piece set)
– A round tip pencil or pen
– Top coat (Butter London Hardware Quick Topcoat)

 Step 1: You can choose to paint your nails different colors, or use the same uniform pattern.

Step 2: Using one of the colors, polish 3 free hand strokes over the first color creating a ruffle like pattern on your nail.

Step 3: After each layer dries, continue with step 2 until you are satisfied with your design.

Step 4: If you want to take your nail design a step further, use the tip of your pen or pencil (or a dotting tool) to create a lace like effect on each ruffle corresponding with the color underneath.

Step 5: As always, let dry, and apply your top coat to seal it in seal it in!

Stay tuned for next week’s post! Music video inspiration anyone? Don’t forget to share with us your Coachella inspired nail looks @LoveBrownSugar on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

And speaking of festivals, click HERE for a chance to win the ultimate LBS Summer Festival Survival Kit. 
Gracie J

Style Play Polish: Spring Chevron Nails

We’re at it again! Spreading some LBS love with fun spring nail art. How many of you have welcomed spring with open arms? *Raises hands* How many of you are dedicating a lot more time to sprucing up your lady fingers? *Raises both hands*
With this design you will be dedicating less time in exchange for a simple, hassle-free polish look using a nail applique as the accent nail.
What you will need:

Apply one of the nail sicker appliqués to an accent nail of your choice to base your design on. A base coat is not necessary for this step.
Apply 2 thin layers of the white polish on top of your already prepped nails.
It should look like this once finished. This another cute and simplistic nail look you can leave as-is.
Step 3: Using the lightest of your colors, create a two sided chevron like effect on your nails. 
Step 4: After the first color has completely dried, create a top layer leaving the bottom color exposed.
Step 5: Using your nail art pen, separate the two colors where they meet. This creates a contrast between the different shades making them stand out more.
5 easy steps, 5 pairs of happy fingers! Don’t forget to come back next week for another segment of Style, Play, Polish!
– Gracie J

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Style Play Polish: Mondrian-Inspired Nail Art

We can all derive some pretty cool nail inspirations from all over, but what better inspiration than traditional art itself? Spring is already here and just as we switch up our wardrobe to coincide with the warmer seasons, our nails need the same love. With this Style Play Polish segment, we were inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Composition pieces, with a LoveBrownSugar twist of course:

What you will need:

Step 1: Always apply a base coat first. Applying a base coat not only makes your polish last longer, but it also protects your nails from discoloration and keeps them healthy.

Step 2: You’re going to start out by painting all your nails white. The white nail polish will help the colors stand out by revealing their true color.

We used Essie in Blanc ($8.00). It gives a great opaque finish.

Step 3: Using your selected colors, create box like designs of different sizes. We started with Pure Ice in Home Run ($1.99)

For the second box, we used Butter London Cheeky Chops. Don’t worry about mistakes or overlapping, the black polish in the next step will cancel out any errors.

Here we are at 3 colors. We’re adding one more in for good measure.
We finished up the look with Pure Ice in After Hours.

Step 4: After you have created your boxes, use the black detail polish brush to separate or “box out” the colors where they meet.

It should look something like this. The lines don’t have to be perfect but they should line the outsides of each box completely.
Step 5: After you have done lining the boxes and the paint is slightly dried, apply a top coat to seal in your design.

These 5 simple steps literally take less than 15 minutes altogether.

Try this cute spring look and don’t forget to share it with us @LoveBrownSugar on Instagram or on the LoveBrownSugar Facebook page.

– Gracie J