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Instaweek 10.15

So it’s definitely been almost a month since my last Instaweek update. To say it’s been busy is a severe understatement. Crazy month but I’m hoping to get back to my regular ‘gramming this week. Anyhoo, here’s what my crazy life has been like for the past few weeks:

All Clear: So I did another cleanse/detox (I’m getting good at these things!) last week. This one came courtesy the lovely folks at CLEAR Haircare  – it was a 2-day juice cleanse by Pressed Juicery. I’d definitely recommend it. The juices were really tasty and surprisingly I didn’t get very hungry at all.

Bejeweled: So in September I attended the Lucky FABB conference as a kickoff to NYFW. On top of the fact that I had a blast, they gave us some pretty awesome gifts. I’m currently obsessed with everything from t+j Designs (that Gold Spike bracelet top right was a gift from them, and the jewels top middle are theirs as well) as well as my new Caravelle by Bulova rosegold watch.

Barack The Vote: I’m sure you guys have been keeping up with all the hooplah regarding the upcoming election. Make sure you’re registered to vote! Can’t stress enough how important that is. Though I’m clearly standing behind our current president,  political affiliation doesn’t matter. Just make sure you’re doing your civic duty. Huge shoutout to Modern Day Mogul for sending over one of their Obama bowties. Isn’t it adorbs? Can’t wait to style it!

Throwback Thursday: I’m officially obsessed with everyone’s kiddie pics and embarrassing photos flooding my Instagram & Twitter timeline on Thursdays. If you haven’t checked out our modern twist on the Throwback Thursday trend, get into it. And send over those kiddie pics! Don’t make me come after you.

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VIDEO: Motown The Musical Coming To Broadway

So you guys know how much I STAN for the Motown era, right? I’m always down for a throwback moment and my taste in clothing is normally a mix of modern trends and retro 60’s or 70’s pieces. I’m also a die-hard Diana Ross fan (hence my obsession with her delightful spawn Tracee Ellis Ross).

The entire Motown era fascinates me beyond belief.  Movies like Dreamgirls, The Jackson Five and Sparkle? I live for them.  For those of you like me, I’ve got news that will make you dance (like bands)…

Motown The Musical is coming to life in early 2013! They will be kicking off the show on Broadway in NYC staring in March 2013. The show will chart Motown founder Berry Gordy’s journey from featherweight boxer to heavyweight music mogul, launching the careers of music greats like Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye and more.

I can only imagine the faboosh retro fashions they’re working on for costume production. And that hair will surely be laid. Can’t wait!

Grab a sneak peek here:

For more info, check out the site: http://www.motownthemusical.com/
Anyone else hyped about this? Who’s your favorite Motown artist?