LBS Beauty Closet: 3 Lip Colors I Love from Black Opal

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Yesterday was National Lip Appreciation day and in honor of the day, I got to thinking about some of my fave lippies. Up until last year, I hadn’t really tried the Black Opal beauty collection but after experimenting with their products for this post about day to night makeup, I was hooked. It’s not always easy to find fun and vibrant lip colors for brown skin so when I found one lippie from Black Opal that worked, I decided to try a few more, and now I have a collection of colors from them I adore. Here are the top three bold, daring and beautiful lip colors I love from Black Opal:

1. Color Splurge Luxe Matte – Atomic Flame

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I’m one of those people who typically plays it safe when it comes to lip color, so when I saw Atomic Flame – a far cry from my typically pop of red or neutral – I almost passed it over. Atomic Flame is a bright orange-red but its base is mellow enough that it works for brown girls like myself. Definitely one way to turn up the heat.

2. Color Splurge Luxe Matte – Fashion Fuschia

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Pinks are always up my alley. As you can see from the LoveBrownSugar brand, I’m pretty obsessed with all pink everything. My benchmark for pink lipstick is always MAC’s Girl About Town. It’s one of my favorites so I measure new ones against it. Fashion Fuschia from Black Opal is slightly warmer and it looks really great on a myriad of deep skin tones. Some people are afraid of pink, but it can easily be your go-to when the weather warms up a bit in the spring.

3. Color Splurge Luxe Creme – Berry Wicked

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Last winter was my first time experimenting with purple lipstick and up until then I’d stuck to the basics. Once I uncovered how beautiful and sultry purple lipstick is, I started amassing new faves. Berry Wicked is one of the prettiest and most luminescent I’ve encountered so far. It has a slight shimmer to it and it’s really vibrant without being too overpowering. Read the Ultimate Purple Lipstick Guide for Brown Girls for a roundup of a few other favorites.

Check out this video I filmed earlier in the year experimenting with the lipstick and some of their other products, including their newest innovation – True Color Perfecting Primer:

Alright guys, soundoff below. Have you tried Black Opal lipstick? Their product line? Let me know!

This post is sponsored by Black Opal. Everything expressed above is my opinion and not that of the company. Y’all know that though.

Photos & Videography by Joe Chea | Nails by Gracie J | Dress: Fashion To Figure

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