The 5 Must-Know Makeup Tips That Make A Difference

The 5 Must-Know Makeup Tips That Make A Difference

If you’re a makeup lover like myself, then you’re constantly stalking the internet for the tips that will make a difference in your application. I love checking out articles on beauty sites and of course watching my beauty gurus on youtube for their latest advice. I’ve complied the 5 tips that I’ve found to make a major difference in my makeup application over the past few months. If you’re interested in knowing more read on below!

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Tip #1 Apply Mascara by Holding Your Top Lid Open

This tip right here is a major game changer. I know it sounds a bit bizarre but it’s much easier than it sounds. I always wondered why sometimes real lashes can have that layered faux lash effect, this my friend is exactly how you achieve that look. By doing this technique you create dimension and added length and volume to your lashes. Simply use your left hand to hold your lid slightly open and then use your right hand to apply a few layers of mascara from root to tip.

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Tip #2 Apply Primer before Foundation

We all know this tip, but sometimes it’s the most forgotten step in make up application. There are tons of primer options out there, I personally love a mattifying primer, select one that suits your skin best and keep it on deck every time you apply makeup. It will be the difference between you having a flawless application and just an ok final look.

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Tip #3 Set Makeup with Mac Fix Plus Spray

I might be a bit bias here, as Mac Fix Plus is the only setting spray I’ve ever tried but it makes a world of difference. The spray sets your face instantly and creates a beautiful dewy finish. If you’re tired of seeing your makeup vanish by the end of a long day try to this and let me know if it makes a difference.

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Tip #4 Use a Brown Brow Pencil instead of Powder or Gel

I don’t know about you, but unless you’re on the pro or expert level of using a powder or gel brow liner can be a bit daunting. I’ve recently discovered Mac brow pencil spiked and it makes doing brows super easy and fast! The thin pencil is perfect for exact precision and application.



Tip #5 Use Nude or White Eyeliner Along Water Line For A More Wide Awake Look

Black eyeliner was my jam! That was the only product I would use on my water line because I actually didn’t know that white or nude was a thing. I’ve recently been using Macs eye kohl in the color fascinating and again, huge game changer. It instantly pops open your eyes for a natural wide awake look. It’s not an every day look but if you’re looking for something different then this is one to try!

That’s it, beauties! Do you have any game changing beauty tips?Please share them with me below!

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